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Petition to Reinstate D-503

Will someone please explain to me why D -503 was excommunicated?

We're any DP policies violated? If so, can you show me where?

He was very tolerant and liberty minded. I happen to share many of the same views and would hate to be booted from my favorite site.


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I agree with your premise.

I still think Israel, more specifically the regime, wields jingoism like a weapon. I'm not saying that our federal government or Russia's government is any different in this regard. I just see a larger discussion, or lack thereof, on the role Israel plays in influencing international doctrine. Especially, in this country. I couldnt count the times I've been called a 'Jew-Hater' for calling Bibi Netanyahu out on his bullshit.

I have no doubt

I felt exactly like you did for over two decades.. I bet I marched in more protests against Israel than anyone here! Why Ron Paul said, "Israel is our friend", was so far beyond my ability to understand, I began researching for myself.. why is Israel our friend?

By the time I was 35 I had met many Muslims, especially at college which had a oil engineering that provided full scholarships and living expenses to students from Libya, "Persia" (they didn't or wouldn't say Iran), Lebbanon, Iraq, a bunch of the Stans... Saudi Arabia.. but I don't recall ever meeting a Jew.

Though one day in high school we had a new boy who the teacher introduced as being Jewish.. discovered many boys in school were proud members of the KKK (Louisiana 73) and the new boy never came back.. so I never met a Jew until I was 35, though I'm sure I had met them, but they never said, "Shalom, I'm David". I never thought much about Israel or international politics.. my major issue was decriminalizing cannabis, and conserving/ restoring the land that had been military bases and war destruction.. cleaning beaches.. petitioning for candidates and issues..

MY CROWD was anti-Israel, and the arguments against Israel are very easy to empathize. Now I know that was all a lie. I was used. I was gullable. I went with the crowd. I didn't do my homework. Do I expect others to do more or better than me? No.

No one ever called me a Jew hater all those decades of marching and sign waving and cursing Israel Jews.. not one time did anyonew ever do anything but tell me RIGHT ON SISTER!!! FUCK ISRAEL!! Yea!!!!!

But as I said, not that I lead a sheltered life, I don't.. just no one came up and said "I'm a Jew". And then when I did meet Jews.. they were really cool people.. so I smiled.. but

Now I know why Jews don't say, "I'm a Jew".. unless.. it's a, "I'm a Jew and I hate Israel". Because as I have found out on DP.. people don't trust Jews.. you can "like" them.. but never never trust a Jew, and you can be kind, but never never be a true friend.. and feel free to say "Zionist PIG" and and attack any Jew or supporter, because you've got lot's of "friends" when you HATE Israel..

Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qauda.. long list throughout history.. same story.. repeats, cycles

I have a committee seat open BTW.. there's a duel citizen, Israel/US wants that seat. No one from the Liberty movement wants the seat. No one from the Liberty movement wants to be in the GOP.. so what do I do? I'm not going to drop the GOP now that I know how it works.. we could all be making a living wage at this.. but

people have their reasons why they don't. That's fine. That's how the duel citrizens get in. Americans have no one but themselves to blame for not stepping up.


Thanks for the bump

was hoping this would receive more attention.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

I was listening to Glen Beck earlier this week,

Please forgive me for that. He was talking about growing up in a household with out a father and with a mother who drank too much. The reason I'm writing this is because he was telling how difficult it was for him now trying to be a Dad without ever having a role model of a father. 70% of black families are without a father role model, check this out.

Does that mean

That the chances are greater for the African American male to be an unfit father?

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

No, I would say that it's more difficult

for a man to be a good dad without having had the experience and role model of having a father in the household.

So the cycle

Perpetuates itself? I tend to agree with that logic. However, sometimes not having a father figure sets a perfect example of what not to do.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Please watch this video


I really see a potential for you to have a wake up moment. I read the post that you wrote that subtly agrees with this guy who got booted, that maybe Africans could potentially be a different species, but I really dont believe that's who you are.

Please watch the video and see the real cause of these problems.


I watched the video.

Thanks for trying to enlighten me. I never stated that Africans were a different species. That my friend, is absurd.

What exactly are you trying to get me to acknowledge?

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Didnt say you said it.

Just that you subtly agreed.


As far as your position on the matter at hand, it seemed like you had never heard many statistics dealing with fatherless children. I thought you would appreciate some detailed analysis.

So. Did you?

Do you acknowledge that violence, institutionalized and cultural is the cause most of the worlds problems?



Yes. Much appreciated. However, I believe violence is a symptom, the effect rather than the cause.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

Will watch

And report back to you.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

The statistics on the effect of fatherless homes on children


I just looked this up, amazing statistics, I did not know it was this bad.

Holy smokes

Those statistics are alarming. Guess it proves the ol' adage that there's nothing worse than a deadbeat dad... except for a liberal of course.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul