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BTCoin on a 4 Hr. Chart

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Volatility = Opportunity


volatility = gamble

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There is no reward without

There is no reward without risk. Otherwise, stuff your mattress with your savings.

Well from what I hear overwhelmingly...

stuffing your mattress or stuffing your safe is more risky than gambling it in the digital abyss.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Two red flags

against this post.

First: The tools used to analyze today's computer rigged stock market are probably not as accurate in analyzing the first completely open, 24 hour, global market where literally EVERYONE can participate equally.

Second: No one is advocating cautioun - just abstinence.

Yup, don't reccommend you

Yup, don't reccommend you step into this market if you don't know what you are doing.

I posted..

the chart because it took awhile to find one.
For those of us who use technical analysis and trade...
the above shows violence in the marketplace.
Some volatility is good... it's why and how you can trade profitably.
This chart shows extreme volatility...
and I would definitely NOT choose this commodity/currency to trade.

Not for Nothin'

but if money is, as has almost always been the case and is generally accepted, a stable store of value, bitcoin = fail.