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Block-It Pocket cell phone blocker.. 40-45$

Cell phones can operate with as little as 1-millionth of a normal signal! A minimum of 80 dB attenuation material is required to achieve blocking, as well as a complete (no leak) seal. The Block-it Pocket works by incorporating pure silver onto a high quality nylon ripstop fabric equaling 100+ dB attenuation. Which is then hand sewn into the inner pocket, extending beyond the cover flap to create a complete faraday enclosure.

Our entire product line incorporates this technology to maximize the protection each product is intended to provide. Extensive testing has proven that the Block-it Pocket products work!

Many people also do not know that virtually all new devices can be accessed remotely, even with the device powered off and the battery removed! It’s true! Just read this article we found recently to illustrate the remote accessing of computers.

Availalbe now at


Or Ben Swann has them on his website with his logo if you would like to support him at the same time..


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delete me

mods please delete my post.


> mods please delete my post.


It's not the price, it's the BS

> First of all - Faraday cage is nothing but a container made out of conductor, asking 40-45$ for this is just plain theft.

There are plain t-shirts retailing in this price range, in spite of the fact that plain t-shirts as a commodity aren't worth that much. It's the electronics-work-without-power claim that really bugs me.

If any of you guys are offering products I want I'm not even opposed to paying a little more than what I could at Walmart or Amazon. It would be my pleasure to buy from someone with similar political beliefs.

> What you are referring to is the fact that many cell phone motherboards contain separate battery

I have no doubt you know this, but for anyone reading this who might be wondering: No, that little battery that keeps the clock time is absolutely not capable of running the CPU and RAM, both of which are necessary at an absolute minimum to spy on you at all, and even then more peripheral devices requiring even more power need to be running in order to spy on you properly.

For example, listening to you would require power for the microphone, the audio card, the bus the audio card is connected to, main memory and the CPU... plus your choice of either the radio and the bus that's connected to (live transmission scenario) OR the non-volatile storage and its bus (record now, access later scenario)

Also, a lot of these devices have their own CPUs for control which obviously need power. It's not uncommon for a cheap SATA drive to contain 3 separate CPUs within it.

thing looks like an old school game boy

with a shrunken screen.

Stop telling us lies to sell your product

I like Ben Swann, and there's useful applications for blocking traffic in this manner, but I sure don't appreciate your false, self serving claim here:

> Many people also do not know that virtually all new devices can be accessed remotely, even with the device powered off and the battery removed! It’s true!

Power is required. There is not some worldwide conspiracy to fool us all into believing that our portable electronics don't require a power source.

Either you know this claim is false and you're knowingly lying to us, or you actually believe this claim. If the former is true then nobody should buy your product because you're making fraudulent claims. If the latter is true then nobody should buy your product because your competence in this area can't be trusted.

just put it in airplane mode

noticed a sizable increase in battery life when I did that. Wanted to read didnt want to talk.

Reynolds Wrap...

Works too!
Hard drive shielding bags, no.


I thought about making this just after Binney came out and periodically since.
Glad someone did it. That's what I get for being such a lazy bastard.

I wonder why he used silver tho. I thought copper could do the job.

If it contains silver, then

If it contains silver, then it must be for liberty!!!

Copper can do the job. The difference is negligible.

Don't have time to look at this,,looks interesitng tho

but,,,i'm not sure what it is supposed to do? Is this to block tracking by the government?


It creates a Faraday cage which isolates your cell phone so it can neither send nor receive a signal.

No signal means no spying, tracking, metadata collection, etc.. so long as it's in the case.

Take it out of the case and you're back on the map.

To show how detailed even meta-data is, see this post.

But we all know it ain't just meta-data ;)
google william binney, russ tice, mark klein or just see this.