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Wichita Airport Car Bomb Plotter "Was Under Constant FBI Surveillance" - MSNBC via MoxNews

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Spotted the new coined prase, yet?

It's "self radicalized". Much like the term "insurgence" or "insurgency" was used to make boogie men abroad, we can now look forward to hearing this new buzz word in all our media narratives bring the wars closer to home.

Self Radicalized.

Let's examine that phrase for a moment, shall we?

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Definitely Spotted It

The thing that occurred to me is that they previously had always pushed the idea that there's some "evil group" whose job it is to "radicalize" people. One would think that that group would be the "enemy" in the "war on terror". Now we're hearing the term "self-radicalized", almost used in the sense that it's a mutant and more insidious strain of terrorism (since it's less "concentrated" than the "evil groups"). And maybe they're trying to convey to us that if we don't submit to all the NSA spying, our lives are in grave danger at this very moment!

(dun dun DUN!)

In short, "beware the boogey man!"

I think your right.

The term they were pushing before was "home grown", as if it was like the mob or something

Some of the rest of the story:


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.