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Interview with Jim Morrison's father (Admiral Morrison) and sister talking about Jim

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Yes Gulf of Tonkin


everytime I hear about these two I think about this article. Its very long but very interesting!

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Not to be

Not to be disrespectful...
And I speak as a father and grand father
But Admiral Morrison sounds like a typical father who failed to bond with his kid and they both went to their graves with Dad in denial and Son in pain.

I think every young man, at

I think every young man, at some point, wanted to be Morrison when they were growing up. He was the very definition of a rock god.

Jim Morrison: His Final Hours - "Final 24"

Gulf of Tonkin

Interesting enough, Jim Morrison's father commanded the fleet involved in the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident that started the Vietnam War.

George S. Morrison, Admiral and Singer’s Father, Dies at 89

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Thank you.

That was interesting. I loved Jim Morrison's singing voice.



I really liked this. When was it conducted. I was a huge Jim Morrison and the Doors fan.