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Before You Say Something 'Smart', I Challenge You To Mine This Gold Vein of Intel.

Memorandum 0f Understanding to The American People: Beware of Career Opportunist Stanley Fischer!

To: Congress and Mr Stanley Fischer, Former Governor Of The Bank of Israel, Native Of Rhodesia and Citizen Of Israel. Former Professor Of Economics at M.I.T.
From: Dr Steve Pieczenik M.D., PhD, Former DAS for four American Presidents and Someone Who Granted Top Secret Clearances.
Problem: Janet Yellen, Chairperson of The American Federal Reserve Bank, is about to appoint Stanley Fischer, a distinguished Economist as Vice Chairman of The US Federal Reserve Board.
Solution: ASAP-- Dr Stanley Fischer should resign on his own for any position in the USG.
Reason: Fischer decided to serve Israel with the full plenipotentiary powers accrued to the Governor Of Israel Bank that means a full Top Secret Mossad, Shin Bet Clearances as well as access to Israeli industries –particularly those affiliated with industrial/ military organizations.


Stanley Fischer is a National Security Risk to the USG!
Mr Fischer has had a history of extremely successful opportunism. He was born in Rhodesia. He grew up on an extremely Zionist Kibbutz. He then served as Governor of Israel Bank. There is no reason to consider this particular candidate, Stanley Fischer more loyal to the financial and political interests of America in light of his tenure in a major Israelis national security and financial position. In other words, Mr Fischer, like most immigrants who have never served our military or any other intelligence organizations in a formal way, is not qualified to receive any clearances from the USG or any other financial organizations associated with the USG.
On a more professional psychiatric basis, I wonder how it is that Ms Yellen and Mr Bernanke would consider one more clearly Jewish, clearly Zionist individual to join the Federal Reserve in light of the fact that at present our tenuous financial system is replete with Jews who have, at best, posed a great disservice to this great country of America.

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This blogspot will be considered hate speech by the UN. Hate speech is a vehicle of the UN, and is one of the ways the UN is using to take control of the internet.
Political Zionism has no love for its fellow "Jews", and will use them at every opportunity to achieve its own ends.