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Cop gives homeless man sweatshirt off his back

We see a lot of negative posts about the police state on the DP. I'm not in any way saying those posts are not justified. However, I'm posting this article as a reminder that there are some "human beings" in the police force as well:


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Cops aren't so bad after all

Y'know what, after reading this article, cops aren't so bad after all. Sure they murder and maim innocent people every day, but this 1 cop gave his sweater to a homeless person, so its ok people.

Photo Op

And even if it wasn't a Photo Op, which it clearly is, it means nothing because that same cop will help confiscate your gun when told to, jail you for possession if you have an ounce of harmless plant, kick in your door on a warrant for someone elses house, take your kids by court order or anything else his puppet masters tell him to do.

There are no "good" cops. They will all do what they have to do to you in order to keep their jobs and their power.

Who was the camera man. This

Who was the camera man. This looks like a staged public relations event to me.

My thoughts precisely.

I will see if I can find out any additional info.

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His Captain made him do it

From the article:

"The gift comes a year NYPD Officer Larry De¬Primo bought a pair of $100 Skechers boots for a shoeless homeless man on a frigid night in Times Square."

I'm sure this cop just happened to have "more than one" sweatshirt just lying around on the anniversary of this other staged event.

Here's my impression of the Captain:

"Hey Ramos! I just got off the phone with the NY post and they agreed to help us with some 'community outreach'. Grab one of those spare sweaters that the people of New York paid for and go down to 37th and Chelsea. A photographer goes by the name of William Farrington will meet you down there. Now, normally you would just beat/shoot/arrest the homeless right? Not today. Today you pose for a picture with them...and no, you don't have to touch them"

Give some credit to the

Give some credit to the taxpayers. He almost certainly purchased the sweater with money that was stolen from tax victims.

Aren't we supposed to value

Aren't we supposed to value treating people as individuals? Let's call out the bad cops, but it doesn't make sense to lump them all together. Many of them are cops because they actually believe in protecting people.

Exactly Right

That was my main point in posting this. It's disappointing that someone down-voted your post. Your post is at -1 at the time I'm posting this. I could up-vote but then it would go to 0 and it would seem like nobody had any issues w/ what you wrote.

But, in short, I fully agree with what you wrote. I say that despite being very concerned about the growing police state in this country.

That's a bold statement

Can you back it up in any way?

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Those who can

performing a single act of kindness. Well done.

Maybe we should consider

Maybe we should consider disarming police officers and make them officers of the peace?

I am sure this same cop takes

I am sure this same cop takes part in the illegal stop and frisk program. He also turns a blind eye when other cops are beating the hell out of people or shooting people, false arrest etc. Kudos he did 1 nice act.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Looks staged to me.

I will give Officer Ramos the benefit of the doubt though. It was a kind gesture. The homeless guy was probably expecting the cop to kick him in the face and then unload his clip, typical protocol.

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