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The Congressman Who Says ‘No’

How many enemies does Rep. Justin Amash really have?

"Tables turn on the Michigan tea party”; “Business to tea party: Get out of our way”; “Donors Plot Against GOP Rebel”: Judging by the headlines, next year’s Republican primary in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District is shaping up as a referendum on the conservative incumbent’s dogged adherence to his limited-government principles—and a sign of gathering mainstream mobilization against the Tea Party.
But according to Brian Ellis, the business-backed financial consultant who is challenging two-term incumbent Justin Amash, the headlines have it all wrong: His campaign is not directed against the Tea Party. In fact, while he doesn’t go so far as to claim the label for himself, Ellis is trying to capture the Tea Party vote from Amash. “Let me put it this way,” he says, “I’ve talked to Tea Party folks in this district, and they’re not happy.”
Amash, the son of a wealthy Palestinian-American businessman of Christian background, is often likened to former congressman Ron Paul, another staunch House libertarian with national appeal among Tea Party voters. But, Ellis insists, the Grand Rapids area “is not a libertarian district, and I’m willing to stake my campaign on that.” Amash’s critics in the business community are also exasperated by his repeated defiance of the House GOP majority.
Born and raised in Michigan, Ellis once owned a Grand Rapids food processing company, and then founded an investment advisory firm. He was until recently a member of the East Grand Rapids Board of Education but has never run for national office. Influential Michigan business leaders donating to his candidacy include J.C. Huizenga and Mike Jandernoa—both former Amash donors. Seven such Amash defectors signed a letter supporting Ellis’s candidacy and denouncing Amash and his congressional allies for having “effectively nullified the Republican majority in the U.S. House.”
The role of these big-name Amash deserters has drawn media attention to Ellis’s campaign. At first the coverage suggested that the donors had conspired to replace Amash and had chosen Ellis for the job. But Ellis says that’s not quite right: He decided on his own to run and then went out seeking support. He seems surprised by the media’s misinterpretation of his campaign so far.
Bill Ballenger, a veteran political analyst who publishes “Inside Michigan Politics,” agrees that the coverage of Ellis is off base—but for a different reason. He’s skeptical of Ellis’s chances, because Ellis has had “no presence as a political entity” and hasn’t disclosed how much money he’s raising. He notes that Amash has crushed challengers in the past. He calls Ellis’s attempts to distance himself from the “establishment” label “ridiculous” and “clearly not true.” According to Ballenger, the media are wrong to make such a fuss about Ellis’s challenge. “Amash has always had his enemies, there’s always been this feeling that he’s out of step, that he’s a freak, but it’s just not proven to be true.”

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What Republican majority in the House??

Where is the Republican majority in the House?? They vote more often as Democrats. The key to the whole Michigan campaign is that the Establishment Republican money bag men are backing the challenger against Amash, and it is all about the Tea Party legislators and their votes against Establishment power broker's money legislation.

The Michigan state Republican legislature also votes with the Democrats too often to be called Republicans. RINOs are in control in Michigan. Our governor tried to jam through Barry's Care Exchange last spring. He was successful in the House but he ran into a grass root's buzz saw in the Senate and it wasn't passed.

Later in the spring he tried to jam through the Medicaid Expansion. Again he was successful in the House but again ran into a grass root's buzz saw in the Senate. This time the Majority Leader, Richardville, got smart and tabled it for later consideration, It was rewritten with cosmetic changes and when it was reconsidered in August it passed by one RINO vote against overwhelming grass roots legislation. The Republican Party is dominated by moderates and liberals nationwide and brother does it show.

Mr. Amash is more a Ron Paul Republican than Tea Party. That makes him even more dangerous to the Establishment power broker's tax and spend policies. They want him out.

The Ron Paul Revolution threatened more than Obama. Both parties are dominated by the Establishment power broker war profiteers of the military-industrial-Wall Street-banking-MSM-complex. Both parties are controlled by the same crony mercantilists who knew that the gravy train would end if the RP Revolution was successful. They made certain that anybody but RP got the nomination by cheating at all state primaries and Tampa.

Their chicanery cost the Republicans the presidency because the Ron Paul people stayed home as did the conservative base. The Romney loss didn't cost the power brokers a dime. Regardless of who is the president or who is in Congress they still control the money legislation and especially their budget busting wartime profits.

The Republican Party has to become the opposition party to the Democrats. If the party doesn't get away from its centrist to liberal politics it will go the way of the Whig. The big question is what will replace it? The Libertarians haven't got the political savvy or electorate support to do it. If it happens it will be whole new party. As a start Boehner has absolutely got to go as Speaker.

Napolitano exposed the reality of American politics on his show Freedom Watch. It is a good time to revisit the presentation that got him fired from FOX.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.



Because Amash has the election wrapped up, there is no contest.

I bet Ellis is racist too...

Given that Brian Ellis is dealing with a Palestinian now. That sort of courageous stand just won't fly with the establishment shills and their ilk. God forbid we get honest government for once.

Ellis: Establishment paid shill, much ado about nothing.

Is "racist" the best you can do?

Seriously, this is the twenty-first century. There must be some other concrete, ideological objection to make. Aren't we beyond "racist" by now? I haven't even heard of Ellis, but damn, is it just because he's White? I'm just assuming he's White, BTW. Like I said, I've never heard of this person [Ellis], but you know; how many non-Whites are called racist? Even if he is veritably an "establishment paid shill", is labeling him "racist" your best argument? SMH... "racist, dishonest, establishment shill" <===That means NOTHING substantial. They are just labels, SimpleSam.

Who knows? I may even agree with you on principle, if the principle is non-discriminatory and fair.

"...how many non-Whites are called racist?"

I know of many commentators, even some on the "left", who are honest and label Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson as racists, even though they aren't pure white. Racism is real, Anonymous, and it comes in all forms: anti-white, anti-black, anti-Semitic, or, the favorite kind of our own federal government -- anti-human.

I see in all your writings some kind of persecution complex, as if whites are somehow the most persecuted race in the world, and anyone who tries to point out persecution of non whites is somehow "anti-white." That is exactly what the powers that be wish, that different groups in society see other groups as the enemy, always trying to foment conflict. There need be no heated conflict between any groups of people, religious, racial, ethnic, lingual, etc. as long as the government leaves us alone to live in peace and harmony.

Incidentally, it seems pretty obvious to me that the suggestion of "racism" had nothing to do with Ellis being white, but, rather because Amash is of Palestinian origin, and most politicians (such as Ellis) are officially Zionist and tend to look the other way when Palestinians are persecuted.