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Ugh... The Chinese Did Not Land On the Moon

I know that's what they're saying on the MSM to scare people, but I saw the pictures and the footage, and it is clearly not the moon.

For one thing, you can see an American flag in the background not blowing at all in the wind, and it wasn't windy today.

If you notice the ground looks conspicuously like an earthen desert with rocks and sand, and you can even see discarded shiny rubbish like old soda cans. They didn't even bother to clean up the set, there is a soda machine partially visible in the back left.

The so called rover is one of the flimsiest mock ups I've ever seen. It is clearly a Roomba with some solar panels affixed to it at convex angles and fitted out with old office chair wheels.

There's a good chance this is actually just pirated footage from NASA tweaked to make the moon a darker and less hopeful orb for modern audiences.

Finally, the moon is thousands of miles away. It is an unknown orb with dangerous potentialities. No one would or could go there. This is just patriotic propaganda to make the Chinese feel better about living in a communist police state.

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did we.

Ron Paul is My President

So it's a hollywood movie set then?


I have to ask, just what is

I have to ask, just what is scary about China landing on the moon?

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everythings scary

everythings scary

Pretty sure they landed on the moon.....

In one of the pics you can see a cat in the background playing a fiddle. Another has a cow jumping really, really high. Another pic has, although it's really blurry, looks like a dish with legs running while carrying a spoon.

If you listen to the audio of the landing, I swear it sounds like a dog laughing in the background.

This is proof positive they landed on the moon and not some studio mock-landing.

Know what you're talking about before you post.

will you defend the truth of

will you defend the truth of those claims with your body?

SteveMT's picture

Here is what I see in these photos.

Original source photos:

There are some stars near the horizon. There is also a horizontal line in the sky of unknown significance.
No blast crater from the decent engine. The foot pads are clean of dust/debris.
The soil looks thick and wet appearing.
The thread marks made on the surface are deep and thread pattern is very distinct. Is there a lot of moisture there?

Check-out Jarrah White's hundreds of youtube videos. Apollo is a hoax.

Hey Bill let me give you a reading list :

" Dark Moon" by Mary Bennett and David Percy , It`s great whistle blower fiction.

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All government cheese comes

All government cheese comes from the moon.

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