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Daily Paul Radio: Let's Broadcast!

I first want to thank Michael Nystrom, BigMikeDude, and the other admins that have made Daily Paul Radio possible. This has been something I wanted to see added to Daily Paul for the past year and I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to be part of Daily Paul Radio.

Second, I want to thank the Daily Paul users for all of their contributions to the show. We have spent many unforgettable hours on the air talking about many topics. Thank you: Bayou (hope you're well), Zero Signal, Smudge Pot, Firefox, YG364, Chrome, PINOY, John Jay, Jb.kibs, Hort, Mathew, Mohammad Mosaddegh, Lissa, Repo Our Republic, Woodman, Metal, Rafael, KAT, Bill3, Charleswood, ThereIsNoSpoon, Smaulgld.com, Sophron, and others (yell at me if I forgot your name).

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Treubig and I am a broadcaster on Daily Paul Radio. I have been broadcasting over the internet for the past 5 years now. I had been a reader of Daily Paul for a long time and registered on the site in early 2013. I entered the Daily Paul Liberty Chat and asked some people to listen to my radio show. Well, for the last year we have had a blast broadcasting on my website and on a post I put on Daily Paul. The Daily Paul Liberty Chat users have been calling and we get into some interesting conversations. We have not broke our record of 10 hours on the air for one show without any breaks. Challenge accepted!

Allison Bricker, from The Allison Bricker Show, started to do her radio show here on Daily Paul. I want to thank Allison for not only being a supporter of my show, but taking the time and effort to help make Daily Paul Radio possible. We have worked together many sleepless nights to put together a talk radio station with many great hosts.

Now we have have Daily Paul Radio! I say "we" because it is ours to embrace. I could sit here ranting about what I think we should do or what I think is wrong with the world, which I have no problem doing. That is not what I want to do. I want to answer calls non-stop! I want YOU to co-host the show with me. I want YOU to call in and bring a topic that is important to you. I want to hear about any and every topic that can be thought up by mankind. I don't claim to know everything, so I want to learn something from you. I want to debate an issue or laugh at a joke. I want to hear from all political or religious beliefs or non-beliefs. If you respect me and my point of view, I will show the same respect for you and your point of view. We have the right to disagree and debating these topics helps us learn new ideas. The free flow of ideas from everyone teaches us more than we can imagine.

With all that being said, I hope to hear from you. I broadcast live Monday through Friday starting at 9:00pm eastern time. All the show details are below. Thanks for your support.

My Website: http://www.treubigshow.com

Daily Paul Radio: http://www.dailypaulradio.com

Call in phone number: 855-873-8244 press 2

Listen to Daily Paul Radio and my show broadcast live by phone: 855-873-8244 press 1

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I had no idea this was going on. Read it today and rushed off to iTunes podcasts and voila, there the Daily Paul Radio was - and now I am a subscriber. Come on guys, don't be shy - ANNOUNCE IT LOUDLY so we Paul'ers can know.

And keep up the good work ;-)

And it stopped in November 2012!!! ..... so what is this?

The iTunes

Thank you for expressing such enthusiasm. As such, I hate to rain on your parade, but the iTunes feed is from when Kurt was posting interviews circa 2012.

Currently iTunes and iTunes radio does not allow LIVE streaming of talk or political discussion, which went into effect upon release of iTunes radio in September.

Apple does indicate that they are considering adding LIVE streaming and/or political talk, but as of right now we are unable to submit the stream to Apple.

Nevertheless, you can click the button at the top of the right-hand column, or visit us over at http://DailyPaulRadio.com

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!

iTunes? Wow that's like....fashionable

i'm just too old to be hip and with it. But then if I had an iPod it would be nothing if not ironic.

Which would be totally hip and with it.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

bigmikedude's picture

Evening crowd bump

for Jeff Treubig and Allison Bricker, and the new DP Radio.

Click player top right to listen. Listen while you browse DP. You can find the program schedule at Daily Paul Radio.

Bump Jeff & Allison

for their talents and tireless effort in broadcasting!

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

Unfortunately, I still don't

Unfortunately, I still don't see any real effort to indicate which broadcasts are encumbered and those broadcasts which aren't so rebroadcasting can occur on local stations. Without such effort, these broadcasts are primarily aimed at the choir instead of the appropriate audience, the non-believers. Consequently, the impact on the state of this country will be negligible and primarily serve to fund the interests of those behind Daily Paul Radio. Earning money isn't a problem, but placing profit before purpose is totally counterproductive IF the effort is to promote the message to non-believers.

Competition Breeds Success

I appreciate your feedback, but if you are unhappy with what seven months of nights with little to no sleep, have accomplished, then I would welcome your effort as competition.

As for "primarily serving to fund the interests" at this point I am approximately (-$1,800.00) for equipment, software, and broadcast services. So please, save the "evil profiteering" speech for when we are a multimillion dollar revenue generating station.

However if the DP community would like a line item accounting of the general ledger to date for the sake of transparency, I am happy to oblige.

WGRR DB - rEVOLutionary talk for revolutionary times. Listen LIVE!

Please, STOP pawning YOUR

Please, STOP pawning YOUR words as my own. I can easily post losses of multiple factors of $1800 and minimal sleep for more than a year as a result of my local work, but I accept these temporal losses because I know that my effort is primarily constructive in reaching those people who actually need to hear the message. If only 1000 people were broadcasting locally on LPAM, the audience would EASILY be a minimum of 12000 daily listeners with the vast majority of those daily listeners being NEW to the message of constitutional liberty. Everything that I said in my previous post remains valid.

Even IF the DP Radio is preaching to the choir

it serves an invaluable function- esp if the Daily Paul one day closes down.
Thanks to Allison, Jeff and Michael for providing platforms for expression

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

State run radio should be outlawed

I ask:

What part of the fairness doctrine has helped this country at any point?

Who wrote the doctrine?

To force everyone to be fair and balanced through legal threat, is the definition of unconstitutional. Likewise, the fairness doctrine is unconstitutional.

We should transparently see who pays for any type of news. All media should be funded by whoever wishes to finance, that way the wheat is cut off from the chaff. That way favoritism from State run media does permanently cease.

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Trying to be the size

of FOX News out of the gate without revenue to fund it and a listening base is also counter-productive.

Know that there are opportunities being discussed/negotiated, just that it would be foolish to disclose them before they become settled agreements.

I'm impressed at the ambition and determination behind this, and the multitude of successes so far in such a short while.

DP Radio

Only relaunched last month, and will likely evolve as it goes...I would say, if you think the content needs changing...then help contribute! This can be whatever the DP'ers make of it, as the organizers of this project are very open to involvement from anyone and everyone here.

As for "preaching to the choir", it's a valid point, but we shouldn't forget, this "choir" doesn't always sing in harmony, and even the choir needs to flex their vocal chords constantly, so I feel "preaching to the choir" is one of the most important groups to preach to...we should constantly be discussing our ideas, new ways to look at things, etc.

That being said, I agree that a strong effort should be made to express viewpoints from the "other side" - what better way to try to refute them?

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Totally agree

absolutely 100%. It's been talked about, we're all eager to feature people from the "other side". If I do a show that's pretty much what I'd want it to be about. Where can we find common ground and actually work together? Otherwise, as you know, it's just another patriot podcast. Plenty of those already.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Bump for Treubig!


Truly a dream come true Treu! REQUEST FOR EQUIPMENT!

Ron Paul oriented broadcasts have a long and bumpy history. A road full of potholes and in fact a road that seems to have all these cliffs every few hundred yards. RonPaulRadio and RevolutionBroadcasting were two. I was in on RevolutionBroadcasting. Those both went off cliffs.

Just like the gazillion Ron Paul sites that flowered, withered and died. As a web technologist I built some of the first iterations of sites you knew and then suffered a thousand requests for more (at the time I refused to build or deploy redundant software) and the only survivor I can recall now is RTR,org, Gary Franchi's banner site. There was this whole Darwinian process that to take place and since then it's truly been survival of the fittest.

But the idea of a "Daily Paul Radio" has come up regularly through the years and DP is a survivor. And we have the right mix for radio. We're not just information, we're heavy on the community aspect, we're real big on support, we have humor, we have long and deep friendships, tons of businesses to talk about, hordes of qualified experts, every single campaign where one of us is involved, any kooky idea we come up with......


And I think this crew is a winning combo. This one is gonna work. It's another blimp. It floats.

So allow me without further ado to PLEAD FOR EQUIPMENT!

I know there's tons of the pricey stuff we need sitting on shelves out there. Remember the Darwinian process? In addition to many fine broadcasters you know and love, there can be a Smudge Pot Show with a decent mic, some kind of mixing thingie and eventually something called a "limiter compressor" but really just a good broadcast mic would get me started. If you are those people or you know those people who have this stuff and no longer use it PUH-LEASE get in touch.

The R3VOLUTION! Continues!

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.


I would love to tune in to a "Smudge Pot Show"!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

The Smudge Pot Show!

This must happen.