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Living Simply for Ron Paul

I have chosen to live more simply than I ever have in my life since I started supporting Ron Paul's campaign. I see that there is so little time and so much to do in order to help get Ron Paul's message of freedom out to the world, and to support him in becoming president. I want to encourage people to think deeply about their choices in how they spend their money, time, and energy during this crucial time. I see it rather like fasting--perhaps I am not going to live this simply always, but for now it is a necessity.

I think that the stories of how people's lives have changed since they became involved in the campaign are inspiring and motivating for me. When I got involved in the newly started Meetup group here in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I was astonished at the dedication of the people attending the meetings. Some people were traveling long distances to support our group in getting started, and they were attending 5 meetings a week. When people shared about why they were involved, I heard impassioned statements about how this might be the last chance we have to vote for a president, or how Ron Paul is our only hope for having a free country.

I was especially inspired by the young people in their late teens and early to late twenties. In fact, even though I knew Ron Paul was running, I had little interest because I thought it was hopeless that he would win. Then a 19 year old shared with me about local students being supportive. This got my attention. I talked to a few older activist friends who told me they were getting on the bandwagon. After my first meetup, I was sold! My focus was going to be on helping Ron Paul win the election.

Right now I am a bit hungry. I didn't eat much yesterday,evening because I was so busy catching up on Ron Paul correspondence. I make these wonderful green smoothies out of raw collards, apple, orange and bananas, and they provide all kinds of nutrition. I had one for dinner--but it doesn't fill me up much. I woke up wanting to first pray and meditate a little bit, then get on the computer. Food wasn't important. A hunger pang doesn't matter. This is my prime time for writing. I am fresh and full of ideas.

My experience has been that my decision to work minimally to make money and instead focus on helping Ron Paul get elected, has been rewarded both by God and by people. My landlords have said I could trade for my rent. I can do organizing work for my dear friend in exchange. I live in an RV because I gave up my house where the rent was higher. But I love the RV and it is even better than the house. Friends have given me permission to pick, salad greens and collards from their fall garden.

I was given a whole bunch of bananas and oranges left over from a fund raising event for Habitat for Humanity. I have been given rides to every single Ron Paul event that I have wanted to attend. People paid me ahead of time for work I will do later so that I could focus on what was important to me rather than make money right now. I have been blessed over and over again, and I feel grateful.

I have worked for money about 10 hours a week, and have been able to live on that. I am getting behind on a few bills which I am concerned about, and I feel a sense of trust that these bills are going to be taken care of when my husband and I sell our motor home.

So I hope that this little testimony might inspire and encourage you to look at how you might simplify your life so that you can work more for Ron Paul's campaign. I pray that this might be helpful in supporting you of faith to trust even more in God's mercy and grace, for I know that testimonies help strengthen my faith. I look forward to hearing how your lives have changed since you have started working for Ron Paul's campaign.

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Blown Head Gasket or Ron Paul

My car was reaching its head gasket was had begun to smoke more and more...loosing power increasingly.
I had saved up some money to purchase another car but hadnt quiet commited to anything becuase I dont want to spend away my emergency savings. So I deceided to fix my head gasket instead; which is like $600.
So I was caught in a limbo...and debated real hard on whether to donate towards the 3Q deadline or fix the Headgasket.

Then one day I had enough of what I saw, I head my breath and send $400 to Ron Paul. My car still blowing fumes in the air.
It was so bad that I refuse to put a Ron Paul Bumper sticker on it so as to not give him any negative conotation. I was so envious of others at meetups who would sport their support.

But I thought to myself..well I can always fix my car....but when it comes to America...this is it...This is our only chance. so I send the money and hoped for the best.
The very next week...after the 3Q reporting....I saw an ad for a car in such a great condition that would normaly go for atleast $2500-3000. He was selling it for $700. I send an email and didnt really think that he would call.
3 hrs later...he calls me. I was estactic. He said he had like a million emails and was only interested if I can get there fast enough or he would call someone else closer to him. I got there as soon as I could. Parked my old car and drove off with my new one.Its is simply amazing that I have this at all.
I cannot tell you how amazing experience this has been. This was just an amazing experience of the hand of God. It was only $100 more than the cost of the head gasket. I could not explain to anybody because, if they thought I gave so much money to the campgain, they will think that I am crazy. Funny thing is that they are kind of envious of my (what they think is) luck. Little do they know what I had done.

The Irish have a saying.......
May the wind be to your back
And the road rise up to meet you

Well there definitly is a storm brewing,
A storm called "The Ron Paul Revolution"
just check my bumper!

thanks for that posting

I'm too busy to say more than that right now. :-)

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.