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US scholars endorse academic boycott of Israel

Only 5,000 members, but its a start.

NEW YORK (AP) — The American Studies Association has become the largest U.S. group of scholars to approve a boycott of Israeli universities.

The scholars' group announced the boycott Monday, saying the action won support from 66 percent of members who voted. Last April, the much smaller Association for Asian-American Studies also approved an academic boycott.

The boycotts are in protest of Israeli policy toward Palestinians. The American Studies Association says their action aims to ban American academic groups and schools from working with Israeli universities and not a ban on work between individual Israeli and U.S. scholars.


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Israel is being bombed daily

The wall protects the homosexula popualtion in Israel from being wiped off the map by Sharia law that demands execution of honmosexuals.

Your defense of Islam is suicidal.

Tele Aviv is the most gay friendly nation in the world.

Israel is bombing itself daily. They are supporting Islam!

Israel, thanks to the total corruption of Jerusalem is allowing Islam to invade all their affairs. And all of their laws.


Jerusalem is annexing its own land, so it can get all the citizens removed and build up a tower. Even if there is a sacrifice they can't build that real estate without evicting everyone out of the house.

Are you a zionist?

No. You are not a zionist and you do not stand for Israel's right to exist, so can the crap.

As a post Zionist

I easily stand for Israel not to do something incredibly foolish, which allows the country to commit suicide. That is certain.

And you are somehow okay with them not only supporting but coddling Islam within their own city walls!??

Good god. If you were genuine and not brainwashed, you would demand they outlaw Islam and Scottish religion from all borders. You would demand the Israelis retake their own sovereignty, ban the Talmud and return to following the Torah.

How can you make excuses for Jerusalem's drunken stupor?

I stand with Israel

I do not believe banning the Quron is a solution to peace.

My experience in banning is that it actually encourages people to embrace the what is banned, as banning alcohol or cannabis has not stopped the consumption of either, but rather strengthened desire for it.

The point you are making, not intentionally, is that Israel is NOT apartide. Israel is not apartide and one reason I love Israel.

Nah, Israel is all the way Apartheid

Jerusalem is the city melting pot. They allow every sort of religion under the sky there, even Sun Crescents. Corrupt and flammable.

Nah, facts are Islam is apartide

Edit: I want to add, I LOVE this man. Men like him are the diamonds in this world. I wish there were more men like him. He is a real man.. I genuininly LOVE this man very much.

a post-zionist? wow i never met one before.

Shem-u-el. Your name means (i think) "son of Shem". There were 3 sons of Noah, Shem, Ham and Jappeth. Ham laughed at his father's nakedness and was cursed by the great God "I AM". And thence inspired Dr. Seuss:

I am Sam, Sam I am, do you like green eggs and ham?

So what does it mean to be a post-zionist? Does this mean you have put God into perspective? Is that even possible?

If you can do that you are second only to King David who found no other way to express himself but to write endless love notes to God. And his father Solomon who commissioned songs.

Now this question: we are men and we are in love with God. Does that make us cosmologically gay?

And does being a post-zionist imply a divorce?

I say this with some trepidation. You jews have a very unique relationship with Y~h. Brother/sister I wouldn't give that up for all this world.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

I too did what Ron Paul asked us to do

then his son crapped all over our faces. Didn't feel too good to me, especially after sinking lots of money and time into it. Since you never had any skin in the game and came here panhandling for donations it doesn't feel the same to you. Enjoy your future face craps!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Rand has done far more than Ron in the GOP

When it comes to waking the GOP up.. Rand has made stand after stand. Ron ate lunch by himself, they called him "crazy uncle".. he was stealth.. and closed minds in the GOP.

Rand.. I don't know a Republican who does not like Rand.. Rand is waking the GOP up.. Rand is on MSM waking America up.

Ron, according to the campaign committee forms HE signs, HE is responsible 100% for his campaign. Did he fire Benton? He could have. But you blame Benton, and now.. Rand.. well Rand did Ron a HUGE favor with his endorsement, because there were many of us, like me, NEW to the GOP, klearning the ropes..

I had NO clue that I was going to be held to a loyalty oath.. when Rand endorsed Romney.. I was "WTF!!!!" It floored me. WHY? WHY?

The loyalty oath.. the GOP was planning on outting us for not keeping our oaths, and that would have stopped many who wanted to run for government offices.

So Rand woke us up.. he knew, Ron had no intentions of winning.. it was all about THE MESSAGE.

Now many of us are in the GOP and the GOP is changing because we're chaning it, county by county, state by state.. some better than others, but we don't quit despite losers like YOU who Karl Rove LOVES YOU.. You make Karl's day glorious!

I'll enjoy what losses I have the misfortune of experiencing because I'll learn from them.

Run away COWARD you deserve Obama and Hillary.

Of course I am running away from you

you've got crap all over your face and you are trying to tell me how beautiful and bold you are and wanting to french kiss me. This doesn't make me a coward, just smart!

Keep talking.... you make the anarchists argument for them!

P.S. Peter King doesn't like Rand! Need more examples, how about Miss Lindsey Graham?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

You keep cowering to Islamand communists

Thank you for running away from me.. RUN to Iran BOOM!

No, he being Rand doesn't agree with you

Rand Paul is great at what he does, however he is not silly enough to believe MEMRI's own propaganda or believe any of these leaders of Israel, AIPAC or Egypt.

Because you see unlike you, Rand Paul and the rest see these leaders are a pitiful joke and mistake! He also knows they secretly love Islam, or there would be utterly no reason for Turkey & Israel to share literally every resource with each other.

That isn't harmless at all. This is why their position is the only correct one, cut off ALL FOREIGN AID. All foreign aid Granger includes anything associated with the Bolsheviks in AIPAC, Syria PAC, Egypt PAC and the rest who clearly do study Islam. Makes sense to me.



Rand is supported by AIPAC.. he accepts their donations, and why many here don't stand with Rand.

Rand stands with Israel

Rand only stands with people

He never stands with nations or military PACs. Not at all our business.

Rand stands with the People of Israel

It is our business. But then you don't have investments so you wouldn't have a clue.

You buy 100% USA? No you don't.

Mitary Aid and the MIC including Boeing aren't our business

And that is why they have never voted for those military PACs and will not do so. It is not our business.

AIPAC and especially Egypt PAC, are not our business and neither is being a member of NATO and the UNICEF government. Triple underline emphasized.

Notice how none of them ever vote for it. Why?
Easy answer. None of it is the USA's business.

You think Netanyahu is not Islamic?

Seriously, can you be this blind and silly?


He never cares much when an Israeli hospital accidentally explodes, ho hum. But if it's a Mosque he literally flies off the deep-end.

Knesset votes to annex entire Jordan Valley

Don't keep trying to tell yourself things that aren't true, it really isn't healthy. That was all Netanyahu on every vote.


Robert Parry has documented and proven a public partnership between Bandar, Saad, and Netanyahu with his Israeli Knesset. That isn't made up news. The Saudis are in cahoots with every leader of Israel.