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Who’s really in charge of the NSA When Director Alexander Has to Ask Permission to Answer a Question (VIDEO)

Who’s really in charge of the NSA When Director Alexander Has to Ask Permission to Answer a Question (VIDEO)

Paul Joseph Watson
December 16, 2013

One of the more jaw-dropping moments to emerge out of 60 Minutes’ profile piece on the National Security Agency yesterday was when NSA Director Keith Alexander had to ask permission from his superiors on whether or not he could answer a question.

The report, headed up by John Miller, himself a former FBI and National Intelligence official, was basically a soapbox for the NSA to downplay its malfeasance in light of the Edward Snowden revelations.

“Did the NSA actually find a foreign power that had identified this capability and discussed using it offensively,” Miller asks Alexander at the 2:45 mark in the clip above.

Alexander is about to speak but then turns his head towards what Miller describes as a “crowd of people in the dark,” and states, “I need time out on that.”

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If this were a real war, the

If this were a real war, the question would never arise. Here the commander must defer to civilian direction, and rather than making a tactical or strategic decision to win, a commander follows the civilian lead. A commander holds sway over established policy, and that policy applies to the degree of success against "a foreign power." Answering that would require real policy change, since it would advertise a success which upon revelation, destroys its value. This is not an American-slanted question, like the "Do you collect telephone data on Americans?" to which a Mr. Clapper intones, "No." Never expect a commander of the intelligence gathering agency of the United States to do anything but say, "That is of war fighting value and if we did, we would never give such an advantage away." In my opinion, the anxiousness around collecting data on Americans clouds this straightforward answer, and draws a "time out" response, instead.

The power to spy on the POPE AND Obama AND countless other

world leaders lies in the hand of? (Hint: it's the same ones who control the CIA, Mossad, MI6 etc.)

Who is in charge ...

Is the worst people of all, idolators and sinners full of scorn and hate.

Who is in charge on Earth however, is the eternal God.