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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Daily Paul community

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now entering a very important election season. During the intervals between elections we find ways to continue researching, questioning, self-educating, and enlightening those who are curious about our particular views and the general atmosphere of politics generally. During these 'down-times' we find ways to stay involved and up to date on the various movements of politics and the general direction of the societal landscape. Also, during these times, we here at the Daily Paul debate and hash-out that which shines light on the different opinions/values/beliefs/ principals within this tight knit community. And surely this activity of debate is a tool for sharpening our abilities to articulate our positions, and strengthening the foundation of our particular principals. I believe we have used this time well.

'Down-time' is now over, we are entering into a very important election season. Those of us that have been here since the beginning know how and with whom this current 'power to the People' movement began. In 2007 I woke up...I was awakened, by Ron Paul. It is time to reclaim the energy, it is time solidify our movement, it is time to find that which we can agree on and pursue the further development of this liberty movement. It is time to get the word out about elected officials that we feel are restricting the individual Rights of the People they represent. It too is the time to get the word out about elected officials that we feel are defending the individual Rights of the People they represent. It is time to find out who is running in your state, and share what you have found, with us online and others in your local environment. It is time to begin supporting the liberty candidates with word of mouth, passing out literature, donations etc.

Although we debate, and some might say argue, we are not splintered, we are not divided. Remind yourself that this is not a game, not a form of entertainment. For all my life, up to 2007, I had believed that the government and the People were separate things. This, I have come to see, is false. We see that the government has a drastic effect of the well being of the People, that is, if it is not kept in check.

And so I ask that we re-group, I ask that we stand once again, together as a force, as a movement of unity. Let us reignite our creativity, let us propose new ideas to advance the movement of liberty, and let us support each other in this endeavor. Bring your projects into the light, propose the Money Bombs with time to spread the word, hone your particular skills and use them to expose the truth of the dysfunctional authoritarian political reality of our society. Let us stand again, together. We need the Senate and House, but it won't mean much if we fill them with chumps, we need leaders, we need true representatives, we need defenders of the Constitution. We were the spark, the flame was lit and has been spreading... that was round one. Round two has begun, get to your feet, take a deep breath, lift your hands, and get ready to fight with every ounce of energy you have for all that is still good and right in this world.

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Come on Guys!

Show the anti voting people that some of us would rather DO things, than just whine about 'The State' violating our rights!

Vote this thread up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(please) :)

Big Bump

...that was round one. Round two has begun, get to your feet, take a deep breath, lift your hands, and get ready to fight with every ounce of energy you have for all that is still good and right in this world.

I'm reminded of that scene at the end of Lord of the Rings Two Towers...(para) "the battle for Helm's Deep is over, the battle for Middle Earth is about to begin..."

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Response to comment below:

Granger: 'You're saying that you are willing to fight the Liberty GOP than join us?

You want to go up against us and undermine us? Whoa'

Hahahahahaha! What on God's green earth does that mean? Either that is a pathetic form of sarcasm, or you have totally lost your mind.



Excellent post. Agree wholeheartedly.

Don't vote

As a Canadian who follows geo politics more than I should bother, I've come to the conclusion as many libertarians have to not vote. One, it legitimizes the State, which is the antithesis of most of our beliefs. Two, no matter who is elected in the US or my country, nothing changes. While I applaud the liberty movement for its efforts, I say let the beast collapse and in the mean time educate as many people as you can on Americas founding ideals and the ideas of liberty. The Titanic of Statism is in it's death throws, let it die and let's pick up the pieces.

We have a Constitution here...

Some of us are trying to restore it. Whining about 'the state' does not increase liberty.

We are getting good people elected now, Canada is still pathetic.


I know of ten tops that are worthwhile in congress/senate. It's a minority position to have constitutional views in the US government. Power to ya for fighting the good fight, if Rand were to win the Nomination I'd donate to his campaign myself. But The United States isn't what it was, it's a bought and paid for fascist state at this point. You can hate on Canada my government is just as corrupt.

I know what you mean.

I know what you mean. But when it comes to local politics, the youngest State Representatives in Texas are Paul supporters, or fellow travelers.

They are the future Congressmen.

President is a distraction, it is important, but it is a hard race for the little guy to have an impact on.

I believe in supporting Rand, but I know I do not have enough influence to change the outcome of the race.

My point is, that we have been fighting this fight for so long, and we are just know gaining ground. Giving up makes no sense to me.

I wish you and your countrymen all the best.

Spread two links

far and wide, it is NEVER too soon:



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I stand 100% with you on this Enonesoch!

Most important of all,(in my opinion) we must organize locally. A lot of the old meetup groups have shut down. They cost money, but talking in person, and online is free. We must get together with people locally, network and tell each other when a new candidate announces, Etc.
A lot of us know people in our local areas from the last Liberty campaigns, we need to use those contacts, along with the internet to our advantage.

The time has come to get involved with as many freedom candidates campaigns locally as we can.

We need to use our spheres of influence, in order to restore the Constitution. Time to win for a change!


You're saying that you are willing to fight the Liberty GOP than join us?

You want to go up against us and undermine us? Whoa.

I didn't know what you were saying

I only knew that you were not saying, "Hey let's take over the GOP locally."

I was talking about restoring the Constitution....

You know, like Ron Paul said. Of course that includes taking back the GOP locally. But I want to do more than that, and actually get good guys elected to office in state, local, and national government. as well as to GOP committees.

It is happening in Texas, not so much in California, unless I am mistaken.

I want to live in a Repulic, NOT a Democracy.

therefore, I MUST join the republican party even if the creeps there do not understand what a Republic is.
my point is,
people THINK they know what a "republican" and a "democrat" is..
but if these same people, cannot tell you off the top of their head and in one or two sentences,
the difference between a Democracy and a Republic... (most people cannot)
then you, we, I are not going to get anywhere.
we need to define our terms.

NOW, is the time to get active, voting in the general is stupid.
this is still a republic. NOW is when the selection process starts.


Ok.. why not 7 years ago? Why not two years ago? Why now?

Let's not forget that the People's Republic of Communist China is not a Democracy, but a Republic.. and it is my belief, that the USA Republic will remain, but Democracy may not.. with the UN majority communist and Islamic (because Sharia is law and the constitution is the Koran) where does that leave us?

Democracy is failing in the ME..

As for voting... If I was running for an office, or if I was being paid as a campaign staffer.. election votes would be imporant to me.. but now.. I see that long before voting day for the general public, candidates are vetted, and issues, and this takes insider votes to get the candidate / issues on the ballot.

So I am more concerned at this point, in the GOP, with how issues and candidates shape up for the ballot box..

Let's face it.. as we can see on DP, we all don't agree.. Liberty does not agree on all the issues, and there is that facade element.. like Ted Cruz.. built by MSM public feed back.. "Hey Ted, check this out.. these Tea party people can bring in a lot of money, pull a few of these lines and let's work on getting their support".. That is what we are dealing with (as you know).

Actually, I find committee work very satisfying.

There's a lot of work to be done before voting day.. and to me.. that is where the action is. I hope that if you begin showing up to your GOP committee meetings to at least back the guys there, you have as much fun as I do.. It's like DP, just face to face.

I have been involved

With getting good local GOP candidates. I vote in all the primarys, etc. I don't know what you are trying to say.


I responded to HVACT above.. and said it better (maybe).

I'm all for more voices and choices.. but I'm not for seeing Liberty GOP spoiled by LP who has no chance in winning (because I'm not going to help.. I would hate to undo the guy.. but I would. There it is).


You would hate to undo what guy?

As I stated above: 'surely this activity of debate is a tool for sharpening our abilities to articulate our positions, and strengthening the foundation of our particular principals. I believe we have used this time well.'

To understand each other we must be coherent in our articulation



Let's say this election coming up, I have a Ron Paul Republican candidate running for assembly in my district, and there is a Libertarian with the very same message, and a Democrat commie (which in my district would represent a 52% registration of voters).

Dems = 52% GOP = 28% LP = 2% (I'm being generous because Roseanne Barr/GP presidential candiate last election beat the LP by hundreds of votes).. and the Indy vote.. 18%.

The way I see it.. my candidate needs every vote he can get.. and since the LP decided to run against a Ron Paul Republican with the same message.. we are competing .. I am not going to be able to get the GOP to support the LP candidate.. so, I will work very hard to "undo" the Libertarian canidate to get the indy votes, because the libertarian candidate is more a threat to my candidate than the Democratic Party.. the LP candidate and my GOP candidate are fighting for the same Indy votes.

I'm not going to sit back and say.. "Well I like the LP candidate's message and so I really hopes he wins".. Rather, "I really like his message and I can't let him win because my candidate has the same mesage and a better chance."

To me, The LP would be spoiling our chances of winning, not the Democrat's.

Does that help?


That helps me to understand where you are coming from. We must all do what we feel is right and beneficial for ourselves, our families and friends etc. But we all contain a limited amount of energy and time, it is my opinion that our energy is best spend supporting those we wish to vote for instead of trying to strip vote away from those with common views that are running for another party. The current liberty movement happens to be evolving within the Republican party, a party that used to stand for the things we stand for now, we are bring the party back to its roots. Why try to take down a LP candidate you agree with? Just push for the Republican you agree with? We must all do what we feel is the right thing to do, in this case the most beneficial thing for ourselves, I choose to use my energy for promotion of the liberty candidate within the Republican party. I can't agree that we should tear down other candidates because they have 'no chance' to win, we can agree with candidates from any party but we don't need to be involved in supporting or tearing them down. I will focus on who to support and how to support them the best way I can. But to each his own, and I do understand your perspective, and I support you doing whatever you feel is right for the continuation and expansion of the liberty movement.


Well, to me

The LP party candidate, if he's any good, better be swinging at my candidate.. how else could he win votes?

Imagine a Libertarian Canidates saying, "I really like the message of my Republican friend.. we agree on everything but the GOP.. The GOP sucks.. you all know that.. so vote for me."

If I was not a Ron Paul Republican and standing delegate for my county, I would vote for the LP candidate (and we would lose), because he's right.. GOP sucks.

Of course we're workinmg to change that.


hear ya


I said nothing about the LP

I mentioned liberty as an IDEA that Ron Paul supported, not as a code word for something else. And I mentioned the Constitution.

Absolutekly TRUE


Bump for getting involved!!

Screw apathy.

kind people rock