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Chapter 3 of my book is available for reading

As you all may or may not know I'm working on starting a writing career and as such I'm slowly working out the kinks on my debut book. Its for younger audiences and its designed to gently promote the idea of individualism and decentralization.

you can check out Chapter 3 here:

or catch up from the beginning here:

Let me know what you think.

A new Chapter will be out every other week. Up to 10 Chapters in total (out of 30)

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I really like your three chapters Percy ;))

You're got talent. I love how you have threaded your story.. It's captivating.. I like the short chapters.. I like the composition... I like your picturesques discriptions. I like your charactors.

I like your three chapters.. I'm happy to have clicked on your link.. I will be thinking of passages of your book, perhaps over a lifetime, because of the pictures you painted with words.

I hope you are able to fund a publisher.. Hope you are sending out what you've got now to publishers..

You write exceptionally well and I enjoyed every word I read.

Kudos and GOOD LUCK (Lucky Bone, great name for a boat!!).

Thank you! Its not over

Thank you!

Its not over though, I plan to release more chapters over time (every other week or so), and I'll most likely self publish b/c its one of those, "you have to know someone" industries to get in and as someone with blue collar roots I truly don't know anyone.

After 50+ rejections you start to take things into your own hands.


HVACT has been teasing me aboout being a bad girl.. so I searched and found a YT by Joan Jett, "(I don't care about my) Bad Reputation". Your post reminded me of the story line in the vid..

they seek a record company.. I think it's what's going to happen to you.. don't stop.. this darkness is going to give.. and the light may be so bright, you'll have to wear shades (I hope so).

I hope so, plus I love the

I hope so, plus I love the song :-)

Honestly though my people are reknowned for two things hospitality and spite... so I will spitefully press on ad infinatum... or until literally prevented.

I'm not too worried, just a bit tired.

Bump 1 of 3

Bump 1 of 3

Bump 2 of 3 for LOVE and

Bump 2 of 3 for LOVE and PEACE ;-)

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Final Bump for Eyes and umm... Thighs? Pies? Sighs? Ah whatever...

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Unofficial Christmas bump ;-)

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thats a running bug... still

thats a running bug... still haven't tracked it down... seems to happen randomly... can u give me your provider/state or country?

I see others viewing it, ...

... so I might be resolving to a wrong host. At any rate, I get the 404 for any path component under the top level domain, and get "Welcome to nginx!" there. Nslookup yields non-authoritatively. Comcast/CA.