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Jim Grant CNBC Tuesday Morning

Fed is exercising 'price control': Expert

Robert Heller, former Federal Reserve governor, explains why the chances of a Fed taper this week are better than ever. And James Grant, Grant's Interest Rate Observer, provides insight on how the Fed's QE policy is impacting the economy. We are in a regime of price administration, rather than price discovery, adds Grant.
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Jim Grant

was Ron Paul's choice for FED Chairman when he was asked a while back.

Anyone remember that?

Ron Paul is My President

Goldman Sachs commercial before video plays, lol.

The first guy says industrial production is at an all time high? How could that statement be remotely true in a deindustrialized nation?

They can't stop printing money, they have to keep the bubble going. It won't stop until it pops, and it will pop.

Grant was on for 90 minutes

but I don't know how to put all the segments together.