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The Final American Revolution - Adam Kokesh Debates Stefan Molyneux


Adam Kokesh and Stefan Molyneux debate the best way to advance the cause of freedom, increase human liberty and end the tyranny of the state. Political Action, Civil Disobedience, Peaceful Parenting or something else: What is the best method?

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How can i subscribe to

How can i subscribe to Stefan's podcast? All I can pull up on my phones podcast app is 8 year old stuff.

Edit: i found it. you have to get the volume 6 link for the latest casts.


very good discussion, but...

I womped on my 14 year old son at a rest stop in the middle of a 1000 mile road trip for mouthing off to his mother for the 4th time in a row after doing my best job at reasoning with the little fellow.

He's now 22 and just graduated college with a dual major in Elementary and Special Education, with honors.

My son and I have reflected on the "rest stop womping" on several occasions, and looking back, my son admits that I took the necessary action. Perhaps the combination of the very rare "wompings", combined with our family constantly reinforcing the idea of the golden rule, prevented my son from evolving into a selfish, self-centered wise-ass, which seems far to common of a trait in kids these days.

In any case, I think Adam is right in that we need to work at the individual and local level by setting concrete examples of how voluntary exchange makes life better for us all. That's how you wean folks off the welfare state.

I'll have to come back to this

and finish watching, but it's quite a good interview. Thanks
for the post.

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Great discussion.

I would call this more of a discussion than a debate. But it is one of the best I've heard from Adam in a long time. Great topics, and great points. I really enjoyed it!

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