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A Mother Speaks Out: "Police shot kittens in front of my kids!"

From the article:

"Shooting kittens right in front of children is totally fine as long as you are in the North Ridgeville Police Department. According to the NRPD in Ohio, the police did nothing wrong when they discharged their weapons a few feet away from children in order to euthanize 5 kittens.

In what world would this be considered acceptable? Have police become so far detached from reality that firing a weapon several feet from children seems like an okay idea, not to mention the killing of the kittens?"


I'm at a loss for words myself. All I can say is I no longer respect the badge or the costume.

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What's amazing is he was able to

hit all 5 of them at a 15 foot distance, I wonder how many magazines he went through?

old news and yet..

I feel that deeds such as this are part of the general desensitization of the police towards shooting to kill under questionable circumstances. a litter of kittens here.. family pet there.. your child here and maybe the next one could be you, yourself.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

killing feral cats

after they have been reported as a threat by a mother to killing children is a large leap.
Whats next? All hunters are psychopathic baby killers?
Whats more concerning is some Dailypaul reader's lack of ability to discern sensationalized "news" stories from mainstream media and some internet bloggers.
There are real stories about Police abuse. This is not one


often turn a big leap into one not so big and that's what concerns me. I agree tho, the REAL stories about police abuse are more important.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists


prove it. If your theory had any biases in reality then hunters and farmers would be homicidal maniacs because they kill animals all the time. Their is no evidence this is the case. The only issue here is that people are suckers to sensationalized bullshit news stories. The title "COP Shoots 5 Baby Kittens In front of Children" is not only a lie but its designed to catch your attention, appeal to your emotions and gets you to read or watch a video that is nothing out of the ordinary. People have jobs where the butcher or euthanize animals. They don't turn around and kill innocent people. This only made the news because a COP did it and the reporter could spruce it up with it being kittens and a woman willing to lie for attention and say it happened in front of her children. (as the person below me pointed out. Her story changed between the first "news" story and when the video was made.)

I guess

I'm thinking along the lines of it being normal and natural behavior for a hunter to shoot an animal or a butcher to butcher an animal because that is what hunters and farmers and butchers etc do.. (there are instances of cruelty there also but that's another story.) I wouldn't think that shooting kittens would be a justified reason for a cop to discharge his weapon just like I wouldn't think that shooting family pets or shooting unarmed people would be justified activity.

As for the story being about a cop shooting kittens.. I would object if ANYONE did it. Which is probably why I have rescued so many feral kittens in the past.

As for as desensitization towards killing.. www.killology.com/art_trained_methods.htm‎

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Old News and Not News

This Story was already posted here back in June

Feral cats are euthanized. What is the difference if they are killed with a bullet or an injection? Police will shoot an animal if they pose a threat or are injured. When I was a kid a rabid raccoon was in our backyard. My mom was alone so she called 911 and a police officer came out shot it and took it away. When I was 17 a deer ran into the side of my car and broke its leg. I called 911 and a cop came out and shot it.
Feral cats carry and transmit diseases, and can bite or attack children. The cats were living just 10 feet from the house in the backyard. The woman call 911 because she was afraid for her kids safety as the original story reported. The cop came out and handled the problem.

The original story, the woman reported that she shielded her kids inside the house. Now she is saying the were watching upstairs?
drumming up attention and making this non news story more sensational????


Only the most depraved individual I recall from public school did something similar and was arrested as I remember...and that was only one guy out of all the people I knew!



know i'm not gonna make any friends with this one. you can look at my history here and see that i'm no fan of the police. but..

-she called animal control. complained she was afraid for her children's safety.. from a cat.

-he explained the shelters are filled to capacity and said they are going to "kitty heaven."

-at which point they went inside and the officer killed the cats.

-so.. where the kids just sitting at the door? was she just allowing them to watch the officer do his unfortunate duty?

at most the officer could have been a tad more tactful.

seriously, people. are we that removed from reality that we can cook ground beef and eat chicken but we're terrified of cats and shocked as if witnessing the murder of an human being when the officer obliges the home owners wish?

there is plenty of legitimate cases of police brutality and misconduct. this ain't one of em.

well in this case

They could of drove them out into the forest and released them imo. It is done with other animals.

But alas they were probably feeling 'manly' that day. ;)



I completely agree.

**missed the "and release them" part. i'm not sure if that's necessarily better.

With Bambi and Thumper?

this is not a Disney movie. Taking cats into the woods would be far more cruel than then euthanizing them on the spot. Either way the result would be the same. These city cats are most likely living from eating trash since most hunting skills are learned from parents something house cats never learn. Taking them out into the woods would cause them to die from lack of food or shelter or be eaten by a larger predator.

Taking them out to the woods only makes you feel better because you can fool yourself into thinking they are living happily ever after. Feral cats need to be euthanized because they carry diseases and can bite children. You just don't want to hear about it or see it. Too bad

I've done feral kitten rescue

for over 20 years and one time had 18 on the bottle. (My hands still shake when I think about that particular year) My kittens were hand-raised, sometimes from before they even had their eyes open and would stalk and pounce as viciously as any mama taught kitten. Cats will do much better than most dogs when left to their own devices especially in rural areas as any birder will tell you.

Those kittens didn't look particularly feral in the photos I remember seeing and would likely have made someone a nice pet. Even tiny kittens will hiss and spit when something moves towards them that they are unfamiliar with so that is really no indication of temperament.

Finally.. I think the woman was a stupid tool for turning them in. Nice lesson she taught her kids.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Where is PETA when dogs and kittens are being shot by cops?

Just curious.

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Probably Busy

euthanizing Dogs and Cats (Even though they lead protests against Humane Societies for doing the same thing)


and funding domestic terrorist groups


being spied on by the

being spied on by the alphabet soup gang

Be Your Own Media!!!

confused by the word "euthanize" here

what is going on that kittens aren't being put up for adoption?

Contact Info..


Tis the season to lay into these psychopaths.