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Google Aims to be Skynet!

This is scary. Why buy robots, Google? What does an internet company need with military equipment?

From the Guardian:

"Google’s recent acquisition of Boston Dynamics marks its eighth robotics purchase in the past six months, showing Google’s “moonshot” robotics vision is more than just a pet project.

Boston Dynamics is the most high-profile acquisition, however, instantly adding world-leading robotics capability, including robots that can walk all on their own, to Google’s arsenal – as well as significant links to the US military – conjuring images of Skynet and the artificial intelligence-led robot uprising straight out of the 1984 film The Terminator."


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As a national security idea its bad

We should be working on robot defense mechanisms. Its cheaper and probably way easier. Besides the only people that we rely on to build these things are engineers from russia, China or india. Then they go home and build them there. Its enough to think its a giant plan by a robot master mind to take over the world... Ray Kurzweil's doing? I think he said he wanted to be Skynet or maybe just one of Skynets personalities. I think the difference between Cameron's vision and Google's vision is that Google is Borg and aims to incorporate humans so they can do no evil.

Its about cars

Google has been working for years to automate cars.

I am pretty sure this purchase is less threatening than your making it out to be. My best guess is that google REALLY wants to finish this project and with the help of the research at Boston Dynamics im betting they will get there. Honestly even if Google went into the world of Boston Dynamics with the eye to up the military game, im not sure how much more menacing it would really be. They already built the robot pack mule aka: the big dog which is one of the most scarry things I could imagine chasing me down a dark alley. They also have basically done everything but build the first automaton warrior. I mean, Besides being really amazing and scarry inventions what good do they server? Personally an automated car in everyones driveway is probably a MUCH larger financial win than arming the us soldier with a loud, obnoxious pack mule and a robot soldier. Besides, a f22 raptor is nastier, more effective, and much deadlier in the hands of a tyrant than any automaton robot would ever be.

Big Dog (throwing a cynderblock): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jvLalY6ubc

Big Dog (Field Overview) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYYrcg2jOd4

PetMan (automaton Robot) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFrjrgBV8K0

Dont be naive

All research money in this area is from the military. From exoskeletons for injured soldiers to Boston Dynamics there is only one client ( for now). You can say there is money from iRobot or GOogle flowing into university labs like Stanford, etc. But the clients for iRobot and google are military.
There are limited numbers of people (now) who can do this research, and the military is monopolizing their time. Its easier to engineer a marketable product than to hope to pull one out of a government DARPA project that has almost no cost controls. DARPA rules are simple: pilot study has budget, accepted study has no budget or time limit, except as leadership changes, cost controls are arbitrary, there is no market discipline and the rule is dont take contractors who bid too high or too low. The government is not looking to build a model T its looking to build a model B-2, and doesnt care if a smart contractor can rescue some portion of the research and design something that has a price tag under a million dollars.

If Google is interested in cars,

Why buy into Robots???
If you want a big screen TV, do you go to a doughnut shop?
Google is a part of the Military Industrial Banking cabal.

If I'm not mistaken,

Google has actually expressed interest in asteroid mining.

Robot does not necessarily equal evil, you know. Amazon drones, for instance. The guys at Google, say what you will about the company, are very much science-oriented and in favor of all kinds of near-future technology.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually run by the Space Core. Wanna go to space gotta go to space SPAAAAAACE! Space space space space...

Google plans to honor

Google plans to honor existing contracts, but they will not extend or offer new military contracts, so I wouldn't be overly concerned about that angle. Andy Rubin has been into robots since forever and I believe his work is just part of fulfilling the vision of the future as laid out by futurist Ray Kurzweil, who now also works at Google. Both of these guys have the intellectual firepower to make these things happen.

whats your source?

For Google saying no to future military contracts? Lets put that claim to the test as your prediction for 2014.



"Google executives said the company would honor existing military contracts, but that it did not plan to move toward becoming a military contractor on its own."

Sure, if you parse what was said or are suspicious of their goals you will certainly reach a different conclusion.

i guess only people i trust

are the engineering students making home helper robots like from jetsons rosie.

Well The owner of Boston Dynamics says that too.

from same article:

"Dr. Raibert [founder of Boston Dynamics] has said in the past that he does not consider his company to be a military contractor — it is merely trying to advance robotics technology."

But (from same article):

"Boston Dynamics was founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert, a former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has not sold robots commercially, but has pushed the limits of mobile and off-road robotics technology, mostly for Pentagon clients like the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa. "

Translation: Boston Dynamics is a DARPA company. Dr. Raibert is a military contractor. Google is a military contractor.

Just because you can,

should you?
Imagine the horror when these bots are turned on citizens of ANY country, Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen,
Detroit, New York.
Just because you can, should you?

This is like saying just

This is like saying just because the camera could be developed, should it be? It might be used to watch people and spy on them.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

In some ways you are correct,

anything that can be used for good can be used for evil, everything has it's equal and opposite.
But somehow I think that these bots (especially that "cat") has been developed solely for warfare or crowd control. Just a hunch, and am prepared to be wrong, but just can't see it being used, (in the long term) for humanitarian purposes.

Read the history of

Read the history of this:

This demonstrates that technologies used against people can also be used against those who unleashed it.