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NSA case. Larry Klayman was representing Charles Strange, father of slain Seal Team Six member Michael Strange.

This case is even bigger than I thought.

A federal judge has given a ruling in favor of attorney Larry Klayman, ruling the dragnet spying of the NSA unconstitutional. Larry Klayman is a contributor at This was a case where Verizon was the defendant. More cases against the other media providers have already been filed by Klayman.

Klayman claims that shortly after filing the lawsuit, he began being electronically harassed. Likely from the government. This is expected from anyone with half a brain.

This ruling is a big victory for liberty. If it holds through appeal, then NSA and NRO spying will have to stop. (The NRO, National Reconnaissance Office, is the real government agency behind the dragnet spying. The NSA, though powerful, is the public front distraction. If Snowden's whistleblowing doesn't eventually expose the NRO, then I think his credibility will become questionable). The NSA collects by threatening companies. The NRO collects everything outside of company cooperation (though certain encryptions may be unreadable to them). *at least as far as I can tell*

Anyway, the big twist to the story in our favor, Larry Klayman was representing plaintiff Charles Strange, father of Michael Strange, a slain Seal Team 6 member. Michael Stange was killed after protocol was not followed and about 20-30 DEVGRU personnel were ordered to board a Chinook (Seal team six would never use such a sitting duck normally). Then, at the last minute, the Afgan flight crew was switched out for new, unknown Afgans. Both black boxes of the airship were claimed by US Generals to have "washed away in a flash flood" when asked by the grieving families. The bodies of the US service members were cremated immediately without family consent. This day, August 6, 2011, was the deadliest day in the Afgan war, and the majority of deaths were members of Seal Team Six, not even 6 months after the mysterious, unverified claims of Osama Bin Laden's death. (As if a dude on dialysis in 2001 would survive 10 years on the lam).

Charles Strange, the plaintiff in this NSA/NRO case, has not been silent on his accusations that the Federal Government played a role in the murder, and coverup of his son's death, Michael, and 20+ other DEVGRU operatives. Other family members of the slain seals have come out publicly stating the same.

This ruling is two truth birds with one stone. This case is huge, a shocker straight from left field. No one expected or knew that a federal judge would give a ruling essentially outlawing dragnet spying (pending appeal). Publicity on this case is guaranteed. This will raise the profile and credibility of Charles Strange. Bringing light to his heartache, and could possibly bring the answers he seeks in his son's murder. Let's make sure that when people hear about this case, they also know about the coverup of the Chinook disaster that killed dozens of Seal Team Six members.

Here is what the NRO thinks about us, this is an actual logo used on a top secret NRO satellite:

WND on the case:

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Larry Klayman also represented FBI Special Agent Robert Wright

Robert Wright came forward in 2002 as a whistleblower who exposed that top level FBI protected the 9/11 hijackers in the US, halting good FBI counterterrorism agents, including Robert Wright, from disrupting the conspiracy and halting the 9/11 attack. Robert Wright was retaliated against by top level FBI.

Robert Wright with lawyers from Judicial Watch, including Larry Klayman, 2002 National Press Club news conference. At 6:00 Robert Wright breaks down and almost cries when he apologizes to the families & victims.

4x8 9-11 FBI Whistleblower Robert Wright Testimony

Here is part of the story after regarding FBI retaliation.


That's awesome info.

Man every clip from TV about this case is nothing but ad Hominim attacks on Larry Klayman. They can't have this guy having any credibility.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

You're welcome.

Robert Wright, during a mainstream media news interview / program a decade ago, has also said with the most serious intonation (paraphrasing) "there is so much more, there is just so much more."

He hasn't been able to publicly tell anybody that other information. The fraction of information he has told, had to be cleared and pre-approved by FBI. They forced most of his information withheld.

I believe Robert Wright was also one of the whistleblowers who was supposed to testify to the 9/11 cover-up commission, who then wasn't subpoenaed to testify as Chair Thomas Keane had promised 9/11 families the whistleblowers would be.

9/11 widow Patricia Cassaza in 2007, regarding what whistleblowers privately told 9/11 families

The [Bush] government knew - other than the exact moment - they knew the date and the method of which the attacks were supposed to come. And none of this made it to mainstream media; none of it made it into the 9/11 commission report. And yet, again, all of your Representatives on the day that the commission book came out were on their pulpits saying 'what a fabulous job this commission has done, a real service to this nation.' And it was anything but a service, it was a complete fabrication. [Bush knew] other than the exact perhaps time - you know, because planes don't always go off on time - they knew the date, they knew the method - that it was going to be with airplanes. They knew that it was that day [9/11] and they were going to happen. They knew the targets.

Interesting ...

... I was watching FOX and they mentioned the court saying NSA spying is unconstitutional.

BUT ... they said NOTHING about who the defendant was.

For a network that gets a hard-on every time the word "military" is uttered ... and has an orgasm every time the term "Navy Seal" is mentioned, it speaks VOLUMES that they do NOT want people associating a spying court case with spying on Navy Seal families.

Just another way they use propaganda.

Why all the dead bodies with ObamHolderBush?

Cool pic

That whole thing broke my heart. I hate that no one knows about this. Yet I remember when it happened, it was big news, and a big propaganda piece. Everyone was aware, but now people have forgotten the whole thing.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

the MSM