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Colorado School Shooting was Over in 80 seconds because of an armed Security Officer

Didn't hear much about this in the media...wonder why?


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Gun grabbers don't make any

Gun grabbers don't make any sense to me.

Police take 14 minutes to get there. The main reason you call police for this situation is, essentially, because they have a gun.

So more law abiding citizens with a gun, who can end the threat within just a few minutes, is the safest method to combating against psychotics out on a murderous rampage.

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You know, thats a good

You know, thats a good direction to argue things. How can you be against guns yet call for someone with one.

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First I heard about it

The NRA and GOA need to jump all over this.

Underreported, but reported!

"Pierson committed suicide inside the library as an armed deputy stationed at the school cornered him, police said."


"This just in from Colorado, the gunman was shot by a Dep..."

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If they reported it at all, I'm sure it was something quite similar! :)

they cant report on every

they cant report on every story, otherwise the effect would become marginalised overtime, they dont want to risk desensatizing something they are using to attempt to manipulate the public....

sorta like the "boy who cried sheep" syndrom

or wolf rather


The media reported that he was looking for the librarian. This would explain why he'd have given up so quickly. It certainly wasn't that he wasn't willing to hurt anyone else.

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I guess shooting that end quickly aren't a big deal.

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I'm sure it is because

it proves the point that so many of us have been making for so long. The quickest way to stop an armed person intent on killing innocent people is another armed individual intent on stopping him.