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He bought a Jeep...!

He bought a Jeep...!


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Somewhere an irs agent planning to audit and charge the driver with tax evasion since he hasn't drawn any income in 10 years and just made a cash purchase of a new vehicle.

that was fun



for the chuckle

If it was a border collie he

If it was a border collie he wouldnt need a secret driver in the back.

Southern Agrarian

Struck gold

Couldn't stop watching the other 'you-know-what's.'


belly laugh. Thnx.


Thanks for the laugh. My days have been sukking lately, needed that.

I Know That These Times Are Deeply Trying...BUT....

Stand tall and remember, you are not alone in this. We are in this together.
"Never let it be said that we did nothing" ~ Ron Paul

The rEVOLution continues..