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I Think Rand Paul Has A Serious Chance To Win The Republican Nomination In 2016

Many here at the Daily Paul think it's an impossible dream, only a fantasy at best based upon previous results from his father's past.

The inner negative in all of us says that the GOP would never let Rand Paul be the face of their party, and if he does win, they're just throwing us a bone to choke on after he loses to Hillary Clinton because presidents are selected, not elected in Amerika.

To counter the supreme negative, Rand Paul's biggest challenger is Chris Christie. Ted Cruz was an early contender, but too many people have found out how he worked as a lawyer representing the communist Chinese government, and has ties to the Council on Foreign Relations with a wife who works for Goldman Sachs.

The GOP has even floated the idea of John McCain running again.

That's how desperate they are. It's like a Washington D.C. conference on Global Warming in the middle of a snow storm for the GOP.

Rand's biggest political opposition as of today is the human reincarnation of Humpty Dumpty.

Hillary Clinton has a huge Benghazi problem, the likes of which no presidential candidate has ever seen before.

Sometimes the political weather can't be controlled and manipulated. No matter how hard evil people try to hold on to something so tight, they've already lost it.

If every good comes to an end, then everything bad must come to an end too.

Their time is due, as is ours. Timing is everything.

An idea whose time has come is closer than we think.

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Michael Nystrom's picture

I agree with the first part...

Not the second.

We are NOT fucked. Lay off the drama, will ya?

The only thing we can do is keep stacking food and ammo and educating our neighbors about the cause of liberty. We will need them when the armored vehicles are roaming the streets and the police are going door to door.


This is a strain of fearmongering that has been with us for a long, long time. It never comes true.

Educate your neighbors, yes. But scaring the hell out of them will only turn them away.

He's the man.

Training is not fear

Training is not fear mongering. Educating about liberty issues is not moral limiting.

You saw just as I did on live TV how they changed the rules to fit the script.

No liberty candidate will ever get in the white house or even on the main two ballot while the establishment has control of the masses. There is nothing we can do to stop what is coming, but we can prepare. We can train, educate, and mentally prepare for the fight that is coming.

Ignoring it and hoping for the best will not stop it.

The only thing that will stop it, is blood. Blood of patriots standing up to tyranny and blood of the tyrants who think they are untouchable.

God help us

I'm Rooting for Rand, but...

I'm rooting for Rand, but I don't think the GOP will allow him to win. I wrote one of the most extensive articles (which someone later ripped off and made a book out of) outlining the fraud used to prevent his father from winning the nomination. We all watched it go down in 2008 and 2012. Even though Rand is much more pro-Israel (which seems to be the #1 decider in who wins), the GOP won't select him.

Texas is hosting a 2016-Prez

Texas is hosting a 2016-Prez straw poll at it's 2014 convention in June. 7,600 people showed up in 2012.

Southern Agrarian

I can't see a scenario

where Christie creme wins a single primary.

Ron Swanson

oh come on ...

He would likely win the New Jersey primary. He's already accomplished a roughly equivalent by gaining the Republican spot on the ballot for New Jersey governor.

Christie Creme


Christie Creme


The pollsters are not taking him seriously

I heard a report on the local conservative radio station, just two days ago, that the Republican leaders in Iowa were Christie, Santorum, and Huckabee (!), according to the poll they were reading.

I know that's BS, but this is how the marginalizing starts.

Unless Rand pledges support for an illegal war, I'll probably support him. I'm just never quite sure where he stands on foreign policy. Seems a bit more of a hawk than I care for.

I'm a market anarchist and I

I'm a market anarchist and I have all but given up hope in Rand. I supported Ron Paul and did everything I could to support his candidacy. I just wish there was someone worthy of taking the baton for the movement for the next decade or two. Rand has certainly done some good things. And I'll consider him an ally to our movement.

But if he actually has any legitimate chance of winning, it will mean one of two things. Either he has compromised his principles to the point where the GOP powers that be feel they can control him and prevent him from implementing any genuine fundamental libertarian reforms or he has actually sold out and struck a deal with the power brokers in D.C.

I want someone who is intractable. I don't want someone who panders to Israel. I don't want someone who shies away from controversial positions. And I certainly don't want anyone who dumbs down the message of liberty.

I might end up voting for Rand depending on how he runs his campaign. But pay very close attention to how the neocons treat him. If they don't attack him once he becomes a threat to win, and even praise him and get behind him you know he has been compromised.

If Rand looks like a lock to win Iowa and New Hampshire and Bill Krystol and Charles Krauthammer are not attacking him mercilessly, then Rand Paul's campaign will be no longer worth supporting.

"If they don't attack him

"If they don't attack him once he becomes a threat to win, and even praise him and get behind him you know he has been compromised."

I think you nailed it right there.... Be even more afraid if he's on a ticket with Ted Cruz or another agent of the bankster mafia.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

Republican Delgation FTW!

The Ron Paul revolution can win if we all work towards republican delegations during the republican primaries and caucuses. Everyone should be vetting candidates or becoming candidates now. If not... then to tell you the truth, you are pretty much useless, including the Libertarians and those too cool to be involved in the primary process.

caucus states

Practice by going to caucus early next year. Get registered R right now so you qualify to attend!


there is no substitute for agile, informed public.
Rand, JudgeNap, Cruz and Mike Lee can make things happen. They all seem to be media savy to attract masses, while being more than a good match for the old neo-con guard. It won't be just during the primaries, but everywhere, all the time: social media, radio, tv, family, friends, etc..

Here is an open geo-poll about GOP field in 2016:

Evolve to ignore to show they are illegitimate

There is no way to have a valid election with the amount of corruption going on in the country. The BEST way to "Vote" is to completely ignore all government and all government workers as a rule. The one thing TPTB absolutly can't stand and also have no answer for...is being dismissed, ignored, and going unnoticed. Remember, they are all parasite psychopaths, and when they think the people no longer fear them or even give a damn about them...they will act out and it will become obvious for even the most asleep sheep that all the people in power want to do is remain in power. They don't give a fcuk about you...not even Rand!

I dont think Ron Paul ever wanted to become president other than to maybe desolve the federal government if he accidently won...Rand is not Ron...and even Ron has some issues I don't agree with him on...but Ron Paul woke me up...no one can ever take credit for that but him.

How can we stop or slow down government tyranny without anyone

keeping our government in check?

kind people rock

Go213mph Sees the Light of Truth, Why Can't Others?

I have written about this several times in the past, most recently here (see: http://www.dailypaul.com/307679/our-fake-congressional-leade... )

and here (see: http://www.dailypaul.com/305021/monsanto-s-friends-in-high-p... ).

We all know there is no difference between the RED (Republicans) political team and the BLUE (Democrats) political team; they are one in the same. They will pick their "champion" thru manipulation and deceit. Dr. Paul secured the delegate vote in IOWA, Maine and Minnesota (see: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/politics/primar... ).

Who did "America's most trusted news" report as the delegate winner in Iowa? The republican party pick, Mitt Romney (see: http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/03/politics/iowa-caucus/ ). What did they say about Dr. Paul? They wrote, "Ron Paul finished a close third, according to the state GOP". The same was reported by the New York Times (see: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/04/us/politics/santorum-and-r... ).

The majority of American voters cannot fathom their electoral system is corrupt but it plainly is and will continue until .... THE PEOPLE STOP PARTICIPATING IN IT!

Write in NOTA (None of The Above) on the ballot for congressional or presidential elections. Stop the madness, do not give this false system of democracy the legitimacy and credibility it doesn't deserve!

Do you think we should ignore our Congress when

issues come up like an executive order against the 2nd Amendment? Do you think it was worth the American people contacting their representatives to show support for the 2nd Amendment when they were trying to ban AR-15s and implement a universal background check at the beginning of the year?

kind people rock

I know this site is dedicated to the Ron Paul

libertarian way of thinking. I'm not an American, but I will back Rand Paul every step of the way.
I meet many American citizens who are on their travels, so will do what I can for your liberty (and ours) from this end of the globe.
The comment I hear the most about my country from older US citizens, is....New Zealand is like America was in the 50's.
Little do they know that we are catching up to where you are now.


even as a filthy, no good anarchist, i completely agree.
and will support him any way i can.

very glad this replaced the 'im not voting' post on the fp, as well.

The DP front page is itself anarchistic.

It cycles indiscriminately throughouts the many pages of our time.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Me too

Me too

Me goo

Me goo



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


brainwaves, matey

What are the unifying messages to the activists?

Problem is Rand Paul will look like Yassir Arafat or Barack Obama if he tells his base (us) one message while going to the general public with another. So help with a list of unifying issues that can make libertarians sit in the cold and protest:
(1) privacy,
(2) budget cuts that include cutting military spending,
(3) letting other nations patrol their own sea/air/land treaties.
(4) transparency/decreased secrecy
(5) ...


Constitutional adherence

Well one thing is for sure.

Well one thing is for sure. The movement has grown since 2012. So if we had some scared RINOs last go-round with only relatively but enthusiastic and sometimes highly organized support for Ron Paul, imagine what it is looking to be like next time. I don't see Rand being able to draw the kinds of crowds Ron did, but who knows what people will come up with. Last cycle was unique, with everything that happened, and this time will be unique again, given the growing discontent.

Gilligan's picture

I sure hope RON campaigns with Rand.

That will surely bring out the crowds.

Google is government.

A Paul-Paul ticket