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Judge Napolitano calls Bill O'Reilly a "character" during a discussion on gay marriage and polygamy

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what a fool

liberty is about failure, loss etc as much as success

o'reilly wants the heavy hand of gov't when he agrees with it,,, if in his view "it's good for America"

does he realize than he should be in total agreement with Obama and liberals,,,, as all their policies are , based on,-supposedly "what's best for america"

so obamacare,healthcare for all, is ok, Obama thinks it's what's best for America,
nsa spying-what's best for America
welfare- what's best for America
drones- what's best for America
gun control- what's best for America
and on and on

O'Reilly: You libertarians!

O'Reilly: You libertarians! Stossel is just as bad!

Napolitano: Oh no, I'm much worse!

I literally laughed out loud at that. The Judge knows he is much more libertarian then Stossel (who I like, but is a libertarian not because of philosophical reasons, but because of personal experiences in the marketplace. He calls bs where he sees it, but is weak in areas that he has no experience in)

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

O'Reilly was correct

On this one and for one of the first times made the judge look insecure.

The Judge is a Pre-Vatican II Catholic. Marital deviations are sinful according to Catholicism. Western civilization has thrived because of heterosexual one man one woman marriage. It is legitimate for government, acting in accordance with the reality and the conscience of the people to reinforce important norms via laws.


My Christian church has every right to say who can and cannot get married inside the church. My evil immoral government has no right to say who can and cannot be married. This is a religion issue and it should be separated from the state as guaranteed by the constitution.

Why are you on the DP again?

So you believe government should regulate morality? Nice

NO Why r u on the DP?

You think the government should be able to tell the Christian Church who they have to marry ... and then you say the government shouldn't legislate morality . WTF???? you make no sense

I never said that

The government should stay out of marriage, period! If a gay couple wants to get married, then they'll have to find someone who will do it. You are replying to something that I never said, which I find strange.

Looks like you replied to sublimed

So why would you reply like you did to the comment .. Ok my mistake for some reason the first comment was hidden .. thru me for a loop

This is why I don't like O'Reilly.

Fundamentally speaking, I have massive problems with polygamy going on when laws are determined via force of numbers (ergo democracy). However, Bill O'Reilly is so arrogant and abrasive that he makes anyone else who sees a problem with this look like a gobshite, which is precisely what he is by the way.

This problem could easily be solved by doing away with the "democracy" elements of our current society. When you start setting up qualifications for voting the way there were when this country was founded, it doesn't matter how many kids a person has, they won't be able to milk the taxpayers or take over the country with force of numbers.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

Bill O'Reilly's definition of

Bill O'Reilly's definition of an interview: (n) A time where I ask someone a question, proceed to answer for them, tell them why they are wrong and I am right, and then claim I am just looking out for the country.

What a joke.


He doesn't explain why they're wrong and he's right. He literally just says he's right.

Thanks For reminding me

Why I don't watch him .

LOL, you took the words outta

LOL, you took the words outta my mouth!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

I'm far above you


O'Reilly is taken seriously by his audience? Seriously?

Just to make a note on the right-wing chatter, he does offend some die-hard Fox Newsers, just that he rubs people the wrong way. His rudeness comes through even to people who go out of their way to think people who disagree with him deserve it.

Defend Liberty!


What Bill is proposing.. is social engineering...

Who died and made him god?

Bill. Another thing. It's not allowing gay marriage, it's asking churches and the state to forcefully accept gay marriage.

You volunteer to get married at your church, mosk, synagogue etc.

You don't need government to make a peaceful, voluntary contract of marriage.

Government has no part in marriage - its a cultural practice. A practice by those who volunteer to their chosen church.

I'm against government forcing churches to accept something which is normally voluntary. The church is allowed to practice the faith and make the rules and the people that follow that church volunteer to follow those rules.

That is the difference.

I don't know about you guys but the Judge

Sure is starting to resemble the elder Bilbo Baggins from LOR....
Just an observation.

Nice job Judge

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.


Here come da Judge!

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

SteveMT's picture

A bully-pulpit for a bully.

However, the Judge does get some good bashes in. Thanks.

a "character"

That was said about the time the discussion got ambiguous. In the first half of the clip issues were quite clear as they volleyed the terms "State's rights" and "federal government". Later on they ambiguously referred to "government" and "the state".

Upon viewing it a second time it was clear, despite the ambiguity, that O'Reilly was building an argument to use federal law to ban gay marriage via the need to enact federal law to ban polygamy.

Damn Yankee!

I would love to be alone in a

I would love to be alone in a locked room for 5 minutes with O'Reilly. Neocon, statist douchebag that he is. The asshole is a liberal and doesn't even know it.


Just sometimes...I find myself hoping to see a Napolitano administration in my lifetime almost more than I'd like to see RP as president.

And that laugh! Love it!

Napolitano is my pick for

Napolitano is my pick for POTUS. I do not see anyone else. Especially since Rand sent out that Mandela blessing.


"Mandela blessing" lol, i missed that, what was that about?

i still like rand for pres because we need the judge on the scotus. if rand doesn't run then judge would be my next pick hands down.

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Rand Paul 2016

There is Amash

And Thomas Massie, both better than Rand, IMHO

I agree.

I agree.

I nominate

Kenneth O'Keefe






The Judge rules!

He isn't intimidated by O'Reilly and he makes it obvious. lol