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Life of a New York Subway Performer

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that made me smile

that is being human
being happy
as created

Joe is my kind of guy

Props to this guy who took the opportunity to get to know Joe, who most people who never even give a second of their time to, and then letting him move in! The world probably never would have gotten a glimpse into Joe Crow without him. Both of these guys are the type of people that I'd like to be able to call friends. Free spirited, always willing to help others, and putting smiles on all the faces they encounter.

Thanks for sharing!


If Gerald Celente was a street artist...


Where was I on st. pat's '14? better question:

Where wasn't I?

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Skip straight to the part where NYPD raid looking for Occupy

http://youtu.be/EHkby_mnR9A?t=11m40s ...

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.