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This Christmas; Let's Show the Money Junkies. It is Better to Give than Steal From the People.

If we want to know how to get under the money junkie’s skin. It is to have the affect they do not want. They want us selfish and self centered with a take no prisoners attitude of getting what is mine and hell with everyone else. This is the time of the gift of Jubilee to write off the debts of those struggling to make ends meat who make an effort to pay what what owed us what they can and when they can. Giving them a clean slate is the best gift the money junkies are unwilling to do who can more than afford it. Canceling a debt to the debtor is something many of us can not afford to do that Money junkies do not understand. They have no empathy or pity for those affected by their actions.

Christmas is supposed to be about charity not asking in return while counting our blessings of we do still have that we have not lost yet. The oligarchs have no empathy or compassion for what they have done. They have no remorse and what really frustrate them is we care about our fellow man. We take it serious when we feel we wrong someone and try to make it right. We have loyalty to our families and close friends that goes beyond money. Our loyalties are grounded in good ethics, morals and integrity. We rejoice when those close to us are doing well and loyal when we are needed most. The money junkies hate this about us.

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