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Apparently, Obama administration attempts to "fast track" TPP bill (plus more recent tpp videos)


Very good explanation in laymans terms of the TPP, well at least for me


heres more recent talk on tpp


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I have a hunch there is a great big pot of gold

in the form of corporate campaign donations at the end of this rainbow.

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Kink In The Armor. BEWARE!!!

Treaties become equal in status to the constitution; supreme law of the land. The statists are exploiting this weakness to establish irrevocable international law in the U.S.
Article VI

Undo what Wilson did

Not if treaties and the Constitution are in conflict.

As far as my understanding, the Constitution's principles and protections still take precedence, so the Constitution cannot be nullified by any treaty. No weakness, as far as my understanding. But perhaps a perceived weakness.

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Isnt supposed to be..

...but they do it anyway.

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Treaties as the constitution outlines their power...

Are actually given far more power than the constitution itself. Here is why. The constitution is "fixed/unchanging", but gives the exact authority to treaties as it does to itself. Treaties are changeable, and yet carry the force of the constitution.

As an example of this, drug laws are SOLELY supported by our treaties. An amendment was required for prohibition. Why wasn't it required for drugs? Simple, we entered into anti-drug treaties.

It's like having a built in living section to a contract. The equivalent in the employment world is having a contract that says, "all employees must follow the employee manual" which can change weekly.

Using treaties, they can do what they please without restraint. And yet, the constitution can't be used to nullify or fix the problem, at least not without significant effort, because it is unchanging.

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As tested in the SCOTUS. Circa 1918 with the Migratory Bird Act (something like that). A case went to the high Court where by the defendant a hunter walked; 2 years later a near exact case went to the same judges and was found this time in the Feds favor because that Act became a North American Treaty. The constraints for treaties are very vague in the Constitution. If I remember short of annexing or partitioning a State against its consent or "drastically" deviating from the spirit of the Constitution, its open game. Look at the debate in what the 2nd amendment means. And we think that a Treaty couldn't be argued to be with in the limits of the spirit?

Further, the President and the Senate are secure from the peoples recourse. The people do not vote on any Treaty and cannot impeach the President or the Senators (the signatories of said treaties). That cooling off period before the vote likely ensures the people will forget how pissed they were about that treaty so many months ago. Treaties are a glaring hole in which to subvert the Constitution.

Hey, just ask Nancy Pelosi

We gotta pass it to find out what's in it. Let me guess: revoke the First Amendment, sue for access to advanced technology, secret Star Chamber courts where Chinese corporations can challenge the sovereignty of the United States.

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Yeah, figured that something like this was going on,

with all the Snowden Greenwald bull going on.
Clever bastards aren't they, distract you with the "news", about the freedoms they have already stolen from you, to cover the ones they have yet to take.
When Americans wake up to the TPP, it will be too late.


the people perish