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Why Did God Create Gay Men?

Because not all woman have good taste?

Because the goddess of fashion needed a helping hand by her fellow man?

Because men would never stop killing their fellow man unless they were attracted to them?

Some people still think being gay is not, "natural," even though we were all conceived and made in the same flesh.

I don't think slurping diet Pepsi is, "natural," but that's a different subject altogether.

I swear to God Almighty I did not have a choice in the matter. If I could flip a switch and be straight, I'd do it in a heartbeat because being heterosexual is a hell of a lot easier than being gay.

I could get married, have kids, meet people in a normal way...and have a family of my own. I've known I was gay since I was 4 years old. When I meet an attractive guy, I can't simply hit on him and ask for his number in public. It's a far different world than anyone who has not lived in my shoes would ever know.

For every man who comes out of the closet, at least 3 stay in it because life's a lot easier today living a lie as many have shown, but I digress.

Why did God create gay men?

Why did God want men to be attracted to other men?

I think God did it to help preserve and foster life.

How is that so, when gay men don't procreate?

Because if one man is attracted to another, they are less likely to kill one another.

Simple preservation of life.

If a man thinks another man is beautiful and is attracted to him, he's a lot less likely to kill him.

And life goes on.

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The prejudice is the same?

Some call on emotion as a replacement for logic.


Those who bash gays, call them sexual deviants, and support unequal rights are the same as the people who bashed African-Americans, called them sexual deviants, and supported unequal rights.



Are you still doing an MP skit?

First they laugh....

You know the rest.


First they ignore you .... then they laugh.

Since you bypassed the first step, you get only laughter.



First of all

There are no "races" that you are speaking of. There's only ONE race, and that is the human race!

Second of all, homosexuality is a choice, it's a sin!

Nowhere in the Bible, it says that skin color is caused by sin or by choice! In fact, it says the exact opposite, that we cannot change our skin color, but we can choose to repent and turn away from sin! So your so called "racism" or more properly, unreasonable unjustified prejudices against people of a different skin hue, is not the same as declaring the truth that homosexuality is sin.

You know what it's like to be gay?

You must have been gay by choice and then assumed everyone else was the same. Do you feel stupid that it wasn't a choice for actual gay people?

Wheres all the evidence for

Wheres all the evidence for being created? Seems people just want to be gay, maybe even genetically gay. Homosexuality is more natural than the belief in god is.

It's not genetic it is a congenital defect.

Studies of fraternal twins (genetically identical) but one has certain defects the other doesn't.

Free includes debt-free!

A defect?

Maybe a bad choice on that word?

No, that is the technically correct term

In twins, the fully nourished is missing the defect the malnourished fetus has.

When tastes and preferences are at odds with physical reality that is a problem.

The one twin was blessed with the nutrition needed to fully express their genetic potential.

It is the individual that chooses their spiritual defects.

Each congenital defect presents the individual with challenges.

Scorn, ridicule and prejudice are commonly experienced by most of us, whatever defects we have.

Follower or wayfinder. WAHOR.

Free includes debt-free!


I don't think you have any idea what your talking about.

What if ...

there is no god?

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

If there is no God, You and I

If there is no God, You and I are both safe. It makes no difference what either of us believe. We both go back being dust. If I am right and there is God, You go back to being dust, I go to where he promised me I would be after my earthly body dies. I live on you do not. That is the difference.

1000's of religons exist

What makes you think you picked the right one? I don't support any god, so I assume god would be much more sympathetic to me considering I have no chance of worshipping the wrong god. Probability suggest you worship a god that doesn't exist.

Therefore, by your own logic, you will probably turn to dust or burn in hell. The rest of us agnostics will go to the afterlife for not being presumptuous assholes.

You assume your logic is

You assume your logic is correct. You assume you are smarter than me. You assume you are right and I am wrong. What you miss is the experience. What your problem is as with most people, is if they study and read the bible they come to know truth. Knowing the truth brings accountability. Accountability must bring a change in lifestyle. People do not want to change. They get comfortable in their sin. Now what makes you so sure your "logic" is right and mi9ne is wrong? Who is the presumptuous asshole?

All I am saying is you better know for sure. You better understand that there is an adversary who hates you and does not want you to find God. He has lied to humanity for thousands of years. He wants to take from God what God loves most and that is you. Study your bible..... Do it with an open mind. Once you take the time, God will reveal himself. Then you will know. You will know the truth.

I didn't say you're wrong...

I said you're probably wrong based on the amount of religions in existence. I'm not out there condemning people to dust. That's you. What I did, is use you're logic to show why you should be the one who's afraid.

Furthermore, thinking you know the truth doesn't mean you actually know the truth. It just makes you presumptuous.

All I'm saying is YOU better know for sure. You're the one forsaking everyone else that doesn't believe the exact same thing you do.

What if ....

there is God?

What if...

you are both right?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Then he

has done a Terrible job and should resign.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?



This is what I find so funny!

This is what I find so funny! We are on a Liberty website. God gave man the ultimate Liberty of FREEWILL. The freewill to choose and make our own decisions. Mankind screws up, chooses wrong, and brings death, wars, decease, and sin into the world and everyone wants to blame God and not be held accountable for their own actions or take responsibility for the bad decisions and consequences they bring. Go back to the very first example of this when Adam blames God for giving him Eve. So you wanted God to create us all like cookie cutter copies as slaves? Think about what you are saying? This is why this is going on. The Angels were created in that way. And yes then Angels were given freewill and some chose to rebel. So is that God's fault also?

I move to impeach!

Who made you a god,

that you should judge God?

You judge EVERYDAY. Is murder

delete.... reading comprehension sucks!

anyone can judge your concept of god

you know it's just a concept, right? Or have you met god personally and had a chat with god?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Not a concept.

And yes, I chat with Him every day. I'll pray for your depraved soul.


I thought God was supposed to be beyond gender restriction. Or does God have a female partner?

Thanks for the prayers, but I don't need a spiritual bailout. I can do my own soul saving.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

I believe there is a God and

I believe there is a God and Goddess that represent the masculine/feminine archetypes of nature and our reality. There may be a God above that and the God/Goddess is the first archetypal fractal down but at the end of the day who really knows?

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.