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First Politician Bought With Bitcoin

In another historic first for the emerging crypto-currency, including the sale of a mansion and another of a Tesla automobile, the first U.S. politician sold his vote for bitcoin late Wednesday afternoon.

Senator Herb S. Perb, Undecided, DC announced today that he had received the bribe, delivered under a table at La Pueblo! on E. Hamilton Street in Washington D.C., earlier this afternoon.

"It was pretty easy, and no fees!" The senator announced in a press conference "I just got the wallet address and boom! I've got the money. No more slender bulging briefcases. No more checking for nonsequential bills. My bribe is there where I want it. Damn the banks. Damn them to hell."

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Good one.

Overstock is gonna be sold out of all golf paraphernalia.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

do they sell ratchet covers? I also need some calipers.

ratchet calipers.

It was probably the pandas

"Damn them to hell." Fun piece! Here are my digits...

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I had to fire up the reverse text tool to finish reading this...


It could happen - thanks.

It was probably the pandas

You might be on to something there...

gimme your digits...

It was probably the pandas