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And Obama doesn't?

And Obama doesn't?

Oh no, I agree Obama sucks donkey balls

Very little difference between Romney, Bush, Obama, McCain, Kerry

It would depend how anti-war you are

I seem to recall Romney ran on a more hawkish platform. So I could conceive of voting for Obama on those grounds, if you dont vote for third parties. I usually vote third party but I didnt vote last time.

Ok, sorry about the trailer

Ok, sorry about the trailer park comment. Pretty doltish of me too. This place is kind of an embarrasment though. Reckon my pwt roots keep me coming here. Ur ugh engaging with stupid is just to much for my stupid self to resist:)

Absolutely! We should thin the herd down to the ideologically


Ostracize those who disagree or don't fall into lockstep!

We don't want their money, their votes or themselves. We can do it on our own! Same way we have for the last 50 years! Don't change a thing baby, our track record is 100% so far.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

I don't think you can change

I don't think you can change a socialist's mind. Once they are used to getting something for free, it's almost impossible for them to give it up. People today are too dependent to accept free-markets. It's useless.

As long as they are repentant...

Holy cow, I voted for Bush twice. I have fully repented of those ways.

Defend Liberty!

Some still are not as you can

Some still are not as you can see in this post. There are people on here cussing me out for it. I don't waste my time with those people if they can't debate me without using swear words and talk like an educated civilized human being.

You can blame 100% people in

You can blame 100% people in Wood County, Ohio.

Stop Assuming

I did not vote for Obama as that would be voting for everything that is bad for our government. I did not vote for Romney as that would be voting for everything that is bad for our government. I wrote Ron Paul in as a vote for him was a vote for everything that was good for our government, and I feel good for doing so!

You are not the ones I'm

You are not the ones I'm talking about. Read my post more carefully. Never mind, I'm done talking about it.

Never a Dull moment around here…

and never a way to escape doltish posts. Any supporter of Ron Paul who voted for Obama in the last go-around did so as a protest to the subterfuge, lying, deceit and fraud that was perpetrated on us by the RNC. We did it as a statement of disgust for the RNC and in the sure understanding that the emperors skin may be burned by the sun, or frozen by the cold…but no matter what the color of his skin is…he is still the same naked emperor. That you would even think to chastise from so "knowing" a position is absolutely laughable. By your logic, we are supposed to believe that something would be different about a Romney presidency and that our best protest would be to vote for our rapists. Jeeez-us! Go away.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Protest? HA!

Nice protest! You chose a dictator over a dictator. You are such a smart guy.

Are you going to do the same thing with Hilary?


I'm seriously considering leaving the country to the smart guys who know how to pull a red lever…you can have whoever they run against Hillary…or Hillary…rest assured, it'll be one of the two…smart guy. People like you…the lesser of two evils voters are the complete problem and exactly why nothing will ever change for as long as you draw breath enough to convince anyone that your way of thinking is somehow "righter".

My only voting strategy now is to lessen the chances of the RNC of continuing to shit on us. They will never get my vote again…just as the DNC will never get my vote again…and truth be told…didn't in the last go around. But I hoped Obama would win for reasons I've already stated numerous times below so I took up the gauntlet in defending the strategy that I whole-heartedly agreed with. I live in Maryland and Obama was a sweep from day one and never needed my support to take the state. It might have been different of Dr. Paul wasn't robbed by the very people who have you bent over the couch.

My views haven't changed since I wrote this…


But people like you shake my confidence in any meaningful awakening…every time you loosen your belt and bend over for the RNC…smart guy. It's funny how it took all you "smart guys" five years to find this blog.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

That's why I like LRC they

That's why I like LRC they don't publish feedback from the trailer park

A protest vote?? Why didn't

A protest vote?? Why didn't you just stay home and not vote at all or just vote for Bob Barr or whoever was third party then? It would of been a lot better than throwing your vote away to a tyrant that is 10 times worse than Romney.


Prove it…know it all…

That you would even make such a statement shows that you are part of the problem and in a boat on a tack heading well away from the solution.

Romney would have us doing the exact same things as neither Obama, nor Romney call the shots. Or haven't you been paying attention to what's been going on over the last 100 years? Wake up.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Only Nixon could go to China. Only Clinton could pass NAFTA

and GATT. Only Romney could (have) taken our guns.

Leges sine moribus vanae

Which begs the question,

Which begs the question, since Romney was so bad, why was Obama better??? Obviously you thought he was since you voted for him. What good policies has Obama done that made you want to vote for him?? Was his personality? He was black and cool? If so, than you are no different than the other Obama sheep that voted for him.

The only thing that makes Obama "better"…

Is the chance to try once again to upset the apple cart in 4 years…not 8. He was "better" because the enemy of my enemy…can serve a useful purpose. There are no "good" policies that have emanated from Washington in Decades and "Obama" had nothing to do with why I would vote for him over Romney.

What would the political landscape look like after 4 years of Romney? Most likely Romney vs. Clinton. Would the RNC allow a primary season looking to toss Romney off the ticket? Would there be any chance to run something/someone else up the flag pole? Perhaps you think that the Liberty caucus would find a new home and support within the DNC?

If that is your feeling then you should have voted for Romney. I'm not that drunk.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

You are just assuming that's

You are just assuming that's how it would of turned out. You don't know for sure so you don't have an alternative crystal ball that would tell you Romney would of done this or that. With Obama, you knew the outcome that would of been. By voting for Obama, you endorsed all of his policies. You should of written in Ron Paul or voted 3rd party, than you would probably gotten more respect.


I'm absolutely positive that how it would have "turned out". I don't need a crystal ball. I already understand the power structure that has us in its talons and have no illusion that any trajectory of the last 100 years would have been any different in the long run. The strategies have always been the same and they've emanated out of the collusive boardrooms of the Foundations, those entities that have grown for over 100 years at what amounts to a 5% tax rate. The only thing that changes are the tactics needed given the populac'es present state of gullibility or adherence to propaganda...and the faces of the minions they put forth...that's all.

You on the other hand seem to think the the assholes put in front of you very four years, grow on the backsides of different bodies and that they arrive in the arena of their own accord. Nothing could be further from the truth...or...again...you haven't been paying attention and you have absolutely no idea what happened to Ron Paul in the last go-around. There was absolutely nothing on the up and up from the RNC to the DNC to the media acronyms that keep you mesmerized and lulled into doltish thoughts about truth and the American Way and that Obama is more than a mere sock puppet for the very bodies that placed him in existence.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Obama did a lot of smear

Obama did a lot of smear campaign tactics of his own during the general election. He broke the rules many times and cheated his way to his second term. If you thought Romney was arrogant at the RNC, that was nothing compared to Obama's arrogance. At least Romney had morals, a good résumé creating jobs and rebuilding businesses. He had more to brag about and done more than Obama ever did with his life. All he can claim to be is a community organizer, which I can't understand why that qualifies him to be president of the US of A.

Obama has done more damage in 4 years to the Consitution

in 4 years than Romney would have done in 12. I'm no fan of Romney but your logic makes absolutely no sense. Withholding your vote would be the only thing that makes sense. Instead, you give Obama 4 more years to build up the Democrat machine and grease the skids for Clinton in 2016. Get real dude!

The Constitution has been in a buzz saw since the 1930's...

...I'd be hard pressed to blame the early stuff on Republicans as much as the Democrats...but not since the 70's. We have seen far more egregious assaults on Liberty, Privacy and the general meanings attached to the Bill of Rights in the name of Republicans since then and far more damaging in my opinion...albeit all of which sit on foundations poured in the early 20th Century by Democratic Administrations.

Obama is just a Bush II and National Healthcare is an artifice of the collusive and well known Foundations, propped up by their acronym media and mandated by the eugenicist PTB...the same people who gave to the Constitution as a malleable document and rising belief that socialism is a good thing.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

The worst presidents in the

The worst presidents in the 20th century have been Democrats. Namely Wilson, FDR, Johnson, and Carter. Clinton and JFK have been exceptions though they had their faults as well.

"Get real dude"

republicans would have went home thrilled that the letter R won. romney would have continued the same policies of bush/obama, America would become once again disgruntled which would have led to another 8 years D beginning in 2020.

As it stands now, many republicans, though misguided, are furious, and there is a chance at 2014, possibly 2016. If at least not to a win, to wake more up out their stupor.

I wrote Ron Paul in, and would without hesitation do it again.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

ostracized from what?

the Daily Paul? society at large? this post? your house?

? "who has created more division in this country" -ryno.t1985

They need a good education

They need a good education and expierence life before they vote for an idiot.


from where will they get that good education if they are ostracized?