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The world doesn't want to be saved, it wants to be subsidized.

I got an email in response to the post I made earlier, based on another email: Please close my account.


I have enjoyed stopping by the site, but it saddened me to see you repeating what I had just gone through myself a few years ago so I never got involved.

I had a large audience/ vocal community on ning.com from 2008-2011 for my niche in energy/freedom/prepping. I spent 30-40 hours a week and 10's of thousands per year on free events, shop space and blog posts. I answered phone calls personally and I rarely placed ads or asked for money. When I did, little came. I fought hackers and spam and catfights.

I read thousands of emails telling me that I was great and I should give them free shit or I was an asshole. And slowly it took my enthusiasm and twisted it into something that was sometimes dark.

I had a belief that faced with a challenge people would come together to take massive action, just like in WW2. Unfortunately my utopia in my head didn't match reality. TV has trained people to think that watching is doing. Everything is entertainment.

I dreaded quitting because there were some good people, but mostly my ego was tied into it and my ego didn't want to end. I finally sat down one night and wrote what is called a therapeutic metaphor. I didn't say I quit, you are all assholes. I told a story about an old man who died waiting for one of my products. He ran out of time. Then I talked about how fast my kids were growing and again time was passing quickly. By the end of a long letter I gently let this tribe know that my time was more valuable to me than their needs. I left a forwarding website that people could look at if it made them feel better.

There were a few days of frantic emails and confusion, but within a week it was peaceful and I began to smile. My life, MY LIFE was back in my control and they just found a new place to hang out. The world didn't end. I didn't answer emails for two years after that, it was awesome.

I focused on high end clients and their positive energy lifted me. Their state of mind made them successful and the state of mind of many on the DP makes then poor.

Choose your friends wisely. The world doesn't want to be saved it wants to be subsidized.

Hard work is a feedback loop telling us that we are slightly out of alignment. Work should be gauged on its ease and joy and value.

Good times are ahead for you as soon as you take that last step toward them.

Food for thought (not that I wasn't thinking it already).

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You did not claim that I am a kind person. If it was kind of me, that was not my intention. I don't care what you think of me. I care what I think of myself.

Happy New Year.


I don't care what you think of me either. But I AM a kind person, and proud of it.

And being so, I don't think you ever had chickens. You are farce from day one that Michael kept alive. Thanks Michael.

Every looked into Cover Crops Granger? Do they do that in Isreal, with the governments help?

Gonna take your chickens to Israel Granger?

Carry on and Happy New Year. And send my regards to your friends.


Exactly Granger

This is all Biblical. I've never been a bible thumper, and don't claim myself as any kind of a bible scholar.

But I've always respected the truth. And watching what is/has been happening has caused me to research history. REAL HISTORY.

I don't have to find a 'religion', I just see all of the efforts to distort the truth. America came about because of hundreds of years (after the printing press) people started questioning their slavery to whomever.

We are in a new reformation today, and it's all about the same battle between good and evil.

And there aren't that many people that are TRULY EVIL but SO MANY that will go to the bread and circus of the day and never THINK, but they will follow.

Ring a Bell?

It's changing, and the same respect for the truth that has won from time to time, is happening again.

The bastards are losing control because of people like yourself waking up. I hope you don't leave the US. This is the foundation of Liberty, and why we are under such attack.


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Yup, that is what stood out for me, too

The world doesn't want to be saved it wants to be subsidized.

That's almost what I titled this post.

Thank you for your prayers, Granger, and Merry Christmas.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Merry Christmas Michael.

I live on a street of OLD People. And I just had a birthday yesterday that would probably qualify me 'old' as well.

My street isn't filled with bad people, but they were vicious or laughing at me when I drove around the country in 2007 with a poorly hand painted lovelution logo on my truck camper. I met Ernest Hancock because of doing so in Iowa at the straw poll.

Hell, I don't even KNOW why it was so important to me at the time, but I HAD TO DO IT!

Now, I don't even think it's worth going to the ballot box! Not because we are defeated, but because we have won.

The 'system' that infiltrated the American idea has been tried over an over. It only survives with TOTAL CONTROL.

Look what they have done by taking over the system this time. LOL

I haven't allowed cable TV into my home since Sept. 2007, but I'm glad to see Duck going viral.

You did what you had to do when you started this site. I love you for doing it, but don't EVER feel like you owe me ANYTHING.

You've become a target for the 'uninformed' to take your energy.

Don't let them have it. It's not about a movement, it's about each of us respecting the truth.

God Bless you Michael

The site might move on,

The site might move on, but the "spirit" that brought us all together will stay with us.

Thankyou micheal for giving us a place, your proverbial home, so that we were able to find our likeminded brothers and sister, crossing the boundries of geography giving thanks to the internet for giving a new generation the capability to find one another, and not feeling like one voice out in the cold and darkness of the night.

Thankyou micheal, and thankyou fellow friends of liberty, for just being you

I wish you all a happy holiday, and if i dont get the chance to say it, a genuine happy new year.

Thankyou DP