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So when will the music stop? Basic preparation advice, let's hear it.

The good Dr. has indicated that its all about to come crashing down on us. Said he's surprised it's lasted this long. Is this the calm before the storm? Stock market at record highs today, gold drops, Bitcoin drops, big media side show distraction.... Eerily similar feeling to 2008. Anyone else???

Basic preparation advice?

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I have a feeling it's all going to crash, very soon...

And the only difference is I don't think there will be hyperinflation.

Not even Wall Street themselves is that insane or reckless.

However, I'm saying be prepared for any contingency. I don't feel it is going to be too positive or negative.

But no matter what, with the Mad Max life going on outside lately be prepared for anything. I have heard a news article about a nuke almost going off, killing 50 million people. Maybe this will all result in a net positive, however I'd prepare today.

I get a very odd feeling about the Federal Reserve currently...

You must live as if the crash

You must live as if the crash has already happened! Water harvesting, solar power, natural building, permaculture, community defense, etc. Their music is lame anyway, more fun to make your own. Voluntarily stop their music and put on something that is more your style. Lots of people doing this at Permies.com

A lesson from the past...

and hidden in plain sight...right in the movies! Martin Landau explains that "an event" will happen over a national holiday...when people are away from their homes, and the feds will declare a national emergency...and FEMA takes over.


This "event", whatever it is, could be used to cause a bank holiday...and while the people are out of touch and unable to do anything, TPTB will rape and pillage any and all profits, then when the banks finally open again, the average folks will have been sucked dry. No safe deposit box belongings, no account balances. Game over. Remember the recent videos of all the folks fighting over a pair of sneakers? You ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

When this monster bubble bursts everyone will

feel it. I look for the stock market to go even higher and Gold and Silver to stay about the same for the next year. This is all part of the plan, get everyone into the stock market and away from safe assets like precious metals. In the 1930's depression money still had value, but only the very rich had it. This time hyperinflation will wipe out the value of money only people holding gold and silver will be the rich ones.

There will still be commerce going on, but only barter or precious metals will be used. The more self sufficient you become the more likely you survive the financial crash that is coming.

I don't see how any fiat currency including bitcoin survive what is coming.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Bitcoin is NOT

"fiat currency." It may not be commodity backed, but it is certainly not mandated for use as money by the state.

If the economy crashes from hyperinflation who is going

to keep the internet going, when your starving who cares about the internet. Without the internet there is no Bitcoin.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

There won't be hyperinflation

I guarantee it will be a real crash though.


I agree.

I was not plugging BitCoin as a perfect currency. In fact, I do not own any. I was simply correcting your erroneous implication that BitCoin is "fiat currency."

I realize that Bitcoin is just a way of making payments

through your computer. If you think about it, if all fiat currencies around the world crash to zero. What chance has Bitcoin to survive? Probably zero, because we all have to use all other currencies for on off ramps.

Also when the American dollar dies other currencies will die also. What chance does the internet have to keep running as it is now?

This makes Bitcoin worse than fiat currencies. I'll stick with my silver stash.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

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I know gold and silver

I know gold and silver markets are heavily manipulated but I don't see how the stock market could go even higher after the bubble bursts. Care to elaborate a little more?

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The stock market will climb much higher in 2014

Just look how fast it has climbed in the past year, it's gained approximately 3,500 points. It's all because of the FED handing out free money to the banks. Obamacare is going to stall the economy so the FED will increase it's free money supply which will cause a very fast increase in the stock market. Increasing the money supply is the only card they have left to play.

I think we will see things change very fast in the year 2014. I believe hyperinflation will hit before any crash. When hyperinflation hits things will change so fast no one will have much chance to prepare for anything. Once money is worthless then comes the real crash. Obamacare and oil are going to be the triggers IMO.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

I have lived out of the uS for several years....

I compare (regularly) the goings on here and neighboring countries to what is happening in the uS...I can tell you that something big is coming down. Banks are regulating like never before, the police have (suddenly) been acting the same way they do in the states, my tiny island has the highest tax rate in the world (no kidding) and we are now being ran as a tyranny. The courts are legislating from the bench and I have yet to see one defendant prevail in the courts. Its always the judicial complex who wins. Atms' are a joke. One day open the next closed. The banks could care less if you complain or not. Its a mess and getting worse by the day. Savings is at 1.5% while inflation is at least 15%. It isn't just here. I visit other islands too and they are just as bad. A big change over the utopia I once had. Its like the last days of civilization. The problem is truly global!

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Maybe the Duck Dynasty deal

Maybe the Duck Dynasty deal was just a distraction for NDAA to pass unnoticed.

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Think of any situation that suddenly violently came upon you.

How did you react? If you have not practiced and practiced chances you will react to this danger the same way as you previously have reacted to other dangers you have experienced.

Its fight or flight. Thats the first judgement. If its fight thats one plan. If its excape and evade to fight another day thats another plan.

Your chances of excape are greatest at the first point of contact. Every minute, hour, day makes excape more difficult.

Have a plan and work your plan. Expect what you inspect.



If the TPP goes ahead, the stock market will charge ahead, after all the TPP will allow Global Companies to make laws in foreign countries.
If "We the People" stop the TPP…..who knows?
Between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

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