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Felony Friday: The State Uses the 2nd Amendment to Assault the 4th Amendment

Do you think exercising your Second Amendment right of legal gun ownership could be used by the State as a means to infringe upon privacy rights afforded by the Fourth Amendment?

Absolutely Yes! The State could and already has used their knowledge and databases of legal gun owners in order to justify “No-Knock” police raids on their residences.

For reference, let’s examine the circumstances that led to a SWAT-team style raid on a Collin County, Texas man in 2006. Police obtained a warrant to search John Quinn’s home based on information that his son might be in possession of illicit drugs. The warrant did not authorize the police to enter the home without knocking and announcing their entry.

This did not deter the cops. The police forcibly entered Quinn’s home without knocking or announcing. They did this based on information that there were firearms in the house.

During the raid Quinn reached for his legally owned handgun, not knowing that the invaders in his home were police officers, and was shot. After ransacking the residence, police only found less than a gram of cocaine. Quinn was charged with possession.

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