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Lawmaker Withdraws “Worst Homeschool Bill in U.S. History”


Lawmaker Withdraws “Worst Homeschool Bill in U.S. History”
UPDATE: Lawmaker backs down on “worst Homeschool bill in history”. State Sen. Capri Cafaro released this statement Friday:

“SB 248 was never meant to be a policy debate about educating children in the home. It was meant to address weaknesses in the law pertaining to child protection. Unfortunately, the true intent of the bill to curtail child abuse has been eclipsed the by the issue of homeschooling.

After consultation with Teddy’s family, we have collectively decided the best course of action is for me to withdraw SB 248, and instead pursue a more comprehensive approach to address the current challenges in the state’s social service and criminal justice system.”

“It is our hope that this new focus will bring the discussion back to where it was always intended to be: protecting children. I am requesting field hearings to address the impact of current law, government agencies and nonprofit organizations on child welfare in Ohio. I will not include any content related to education in the home in a new bill, or in any other bill.”

According to station WKBN She said she will make a formal motion on the Senate floor when they return after Jan. 1.

To see our video about Teddy’s Law, watch:

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This chic literally had her

This chic literally had her dad buy her the position after she couldn't win the Senate.
She is clueless and is the epitome of RINO

Thank God!

Homeschooling is our only hope.

Well thats some good news

Its rare that I read an article that pisses me off earlier in the day

.. because its more statist, authoritarian, collectivist bad news ...

And then be pleasantly surprised by a happy turn of events on that same story before the end of the day :)

pleasantly surprised

before the end of the day :)