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"A senator now is just a big Rep, and for six years." Mark Bircher Get's It!

My litmus test for any candidate who professes anything about the constitution is to ask them about the 16th and 17th amendments. Mark Bircher passed with flying colors. Our conversation:

I wrote:
> My jaw dropped when I read your comments on taxation at http://www.dailypaul.com/308298/us-marine-brigadier-general-...
> Finally! A political candidate has read and understood the Constitution!!!
> I hope you likewise grasp the significance of the 17th Amendment. The 16th and 17th work together, and once eliminated, will correct the profligate spending in DC. God bless you sir. I will send some $ soon. Wish you were my rep!

His response:

Thank you for your comments. As you correctly stated, the 17th might even be more pernicious than the 16th. Some scholars believe the 17th is unconstitutional on its face because it changed the very structure of the government. Similar to a proposed 28th Amendment that said, "President Obama is president for life." Removing the Senate from election by the State legislatures (a totally different demographic from the "mob") was the very foundation of the Republic. Even the Romans rejected the Greek notion of "democracy". The Framers forbade even the word "democracy" from being in the US Const. John Adams vociferously rejected democracy, "Concerning taxation, the Tyranny of the Majority can be worse than the Tyranny of any King."

Madison observed, "The corruption of the mob in the Lower House, will be checked at the door of the Senate." Well, not so any more. A senator now is just a big Rep, and for six years. Senators were supposed to act more like ambassadors to the Fed Govt, thinking more of the interests of their States. Of course the State Legislature was usually full of people that knew the proper function of government, and that their really is no free lunch.

As you probably are familiar with, Alexis deTocqueville opined, "The American Democracy will last until the American People discover they can vote themselves benefits." How he knew that in the 1830s, a century before any entitlements were given, is a point of amazement for me.

The Fed Reserve Bank, 16th and 17th amend, were all around the same time. I do not think that was a coincidence.

Sorry for the long rambling, but you can tell how important this is to me.

VR, Mark Bircher

His site: http://www.bircherforcongress.com/

This man needs some energy from us!
The local newspaper is http://www.tampabay.com/news/politics/elections/five-in-race...
This is a primary scheduled for Jan. 14,2014. We can help by donating, and by making comments at tampabay.com and at http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/news-tags/mark-bircher
We need more people like Bircher in the House!

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Vote for Bircher today!!!


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

Mark Bircher now in second place and close to taking the lead!

Mark Bircher is gaining ground fast in his goal to be the Congressional Representative for District 13 (Pinellas County) Florida. The election is Tuesday, January 14. Mark is now in second place and is close to taking the lead.

Registered Republican voters - 170,037
Absentee ballots sent - 78,527
Absentee ballots received - 28,820
Early voters - 191
Total votes - 29,011

Estimated Votes cast based on poll percentage:
Jolly 36.5 = 10,589
Bircher 26.3 = 7,629
Peters 23.9 = 6,933
Undecided 13.9 = 4,032

Estimated remaining votes available:
170,037 - 29,011 = ABOUT 140,000

Estimated votes Bircher needs to lead = ABOUT 3,000
BOTTOM LINE: Of the outstanding 140,000 votes still available, he is less than 2 1/2% of those votes behind. With his momentum, powered by our support, he can win this election.

Wonderful post!

Enough bickering. Restore the Constitution! (please)

Mark Bircher is a true patriot, worthy of his last name.


Do you have full list of his prior positions?

Thanks- Keeping this at top..

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His primary goal is to get all the BS out of Washington, and

return it to the States, knowing that with no ability to print money, the States will be much better stewards, and the money will be closer to home, which is always better.
His reasoning is the Federal government would then be able to focus it's attention on it's legitimate and constitutional functions.
He also understands Senators are supposed to be ambassadors from the States, representing the interests of the States, including how much State money is sent to Washington.
He believes the Congress would thus return to a sober debate among peers of where to set the value of money and when to utilize armed forces, two of the primary functions of Congress.
His emphasis of these issues tells me all I really need to know. He grasps the big picture and what needs to be done to fix so many of our problems.

Undo what Wilson did

Good to hear. Lets get him media coverage.

Good to hear he's not in favor of federal regulations of food supplies and employment mandates. Those have always been state issues so I can't see why anyone would want the Federal involved. Lets get him all the media coverage we can go and find on the coast.

What is his stance on the 16th amendment?

Thanks ..

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He wants the 16th and 17th repealed.

That's really all that has to happen to get this buggy turned around.

Undo what Wilson did

I'll have to study closely

Sounds good so far...

Here Sam,

Here Sam, I don't know if you saw this thread I made.
I hope this answers your question. He also has some youtube videos on his facebook page that explain his views.
He has been answering questions on facebook and through Email.


He is the clear choice for his district. Thanks for asking Sam!