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Big Oil Corrupts Governments; Courts Protect Big Oil; Will Chevron Escape Paying Ecuador?


This Chevron / Ecuador case is getting worse.

Even Amy Goodman brings up a good point, why didn't the Ecuadorian government do more to clean up the Amazon? After all, Texaco was a subcontractor to the Ecuadorian state ran oil company.
Chevron then bought Texaco and the liabilities.
One would think Chevron is liable, but the fact remains, Texaco was a subcontractor to the state.
This is a good example of where Big Oil corrupts governments and gets what it wants. Then they use the courts to their advantage every step of the way.
Of course this is not justice.
But Big Oil has gone around the globe bribing officials and exploiting the planet, the people, the cultures, and I'm starting to sound a lot like a liberal.
And then the International Bar Trespassers protect them all.

I don't care if it is Chevron, Texaco, BP, or ExxonMobil. They all do it. They all lack a shred of integrity. They all lack a shred of integrity like the judges and lawyers that protect it all. They all lack a shred of integrity like the government officials that took the bribes and sold out their nations sovereignty and damaged the ecosystem, for what $3.71 / per gallon of gas?

Ecuador is no different than the United States. Our officials have been bribed and have sold out our natural resources and our wealth of this nation. Look at the BP oil spill for example. Look at the Exxon Valdez. Look how Exxon and the Courts have handled that class action lawsuit since what, 1989?

They can play the blame game all they want. It's all of them. They are all corrupt. Maybe when the world realizes this, the good thing is these people have to sleep at night.

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legalize competition

Other than these companies having their "charters" not much will be accomplished imo unless there are more competitiors.

Can you imagine the NFL, MLB, NBA, only having about 4 teams or members lol


Maybe Amy

and NPR can start a BOYCOTT on oil?

You don't like oil? Stop using it.

I promise you, if the oil companies said NO OIL FOR YOU AMERICA.. Amy and NPR would be the head of the line demanding oil, but not from private companies.. they would want it from the government, as if that would stop the wars.. it won't.

I never drove a car until I was 30. I bought a car in 1987 and it has 120K miles (Over 4K miles were put on the odometor for Ron Paul's campaigns BTW).

Amy isn't going to kill the oil industry, she'll kill America, which has been her goal from day one. I bet not one person who heard her program decided to sell their cars and live oil free.

Jeeze Granger,

you're abit aggressive today.
You should kick back and relax for a while.

What fun is that?

Kind of an ignorant statement

Kind of an ignorant statement or response, but at least I provoked that much.

Amy Goodman has nothing to do with this other than she is one of the few people that reported on it. That right there should be telling to you. It reminds me of the BP Oil Spill and how the media covered that one too.

Take off your left wing right wing blinders. Big Oil played you like a fool.And then they will build a pipeline, export it, and jack up the price per gallon like what killed the economy in 2007 leading up to 2008, in their perfect storm, their hit on our economy for profit.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Do you drive?

Why not boycott wars and oil and stop using it? Talk about HYPOCRITES

That is irrelevant. The issue

That is irrelevant. The issue is liability and a corrupt international Bar Association.I have no idea what your stuck on dude.

Be Your Own Media!!!

It's quite relevant

It makes you a big bloody hypocrite. So start your car engine and know, you are participating in what you (and the communist Goodman, who uses more oil than most Americans) say you hate.

Boycott oil or be a HYPOCRITE

No, it makes arguing with you

No, it makes arguing with you like arguing with a moron.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Wait a minute. You're saying there is no oil in Amerika


"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I'm all for drilling, pipelines, refineries

Drill the oceans, drill the seas, drill the deserts, drill everywhere.. I would love nothing more than a big oil rig on my property. I would LOVE to see a pipelines and oil rigs all along the coast of CA, OR, WA, Alaska.. I would LOVE it.