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Heat Your Home With 240 Recycled Aluminum Cans

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I've Been Wanting One

I've even designed some on paper. Basically, it'd be nice to strap a parked car on the side of one's house!

I entered a solar envelope house back in 1979 or so. Can't beat the sun for free heat and cooling!

The units are getting prettier, and my house is only 1,121 square feet, so one would do a great job.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

One big problem with this

One big problem with this heater. It depends on available sun. Around here it is often overcast in the winter. On the days the sun is out my forced air heater will often go the better part of the day without running because I have the house very well insulated.

On those sunny days if I open the window shades I can gain a huge amount of thermal heat through the windows. Facing windows to the south has much of the same effect. Maybe you could stack cans in your southern facing windows.

One big problem...

One big problem with anything is that someone is always looking for some negative factor to jump on to show their intellectual superiority. You could bring up the brilliant observation that this "solar" heater doesn't work at night. I switch mine to lunar mode at night.
This type of heater is never meant to replace standard types of heating. They are only meant to supplement your existing heating system and only when weather permits. This is a given that a lot of people let go in one ear and out the other.
I encourage people to find ways to be less dependent on utilities and government and more dependent on themselves. This is not an area to promote the negative but an area to encourage the positive participation.


I think my point went right

I think my point went right over your head. This thing depends on the sun.... When the sun is out you have heat to supplement your home heat without the need for a string of beer cans.. All you need is south facing windows....

You miss the point...

You miss the point. The purpose of the solar heater is to collect heat in ADDITION to your south facing windows. The popcan solar heater also has a fan that draws room temp air into it and pushes heated air into the house. This circulates the heated air thru stratification unlike a south facing window. A little bit of research into the basics of solar air heaters would help you before making such statements.


Go to Youtube...

Go to Youtube and check out Solar air heater or Solar Popcan heater there are many DIY videos.

Check out http://simplysolar.supporttopics.com/ for a nice forum of friendly and helpful people from all over the world that build and design solar heaters.


Interesting. Checking the

Interesting. Checking the price for a unit, it seems cheaper than I expected compared to other systems(although I havent looked recently)
I will say this is likely a good investment, however, you will still need to take into account your location and its weather.

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a few thoughts came to mind while watching the video

If the air is sucked from the house, at 1 inch above the floor, a filter is definately needed.
The system is dependent on sunny days in winter. How many sunny days do we have in winter? ...I'm more familiar with overcast being the winter norm.
As stated in the video, the aluminum cans will heat up quickly, but will chill just as quick.


thank you--

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