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A&E's Miscalculation

While I have never watched the show and don't know what it's about, it's funny to me how A&E executives didn't count on and weren't prepared for the possibility of people risking a contract or millions of dollars to stand by family or for their beliefs.

They probably had no conception that such people exist, not knowing any themselves, and don't know what to make of it. Now that they're aware, they must feel confused and disoriented, and I would think it's more likely than not they will cave once the hysteria blows over and the shrieking subsides to keep the show going, regardless of who is whining about it.

Not because they aren't committed in a hollow way to their own religion of political correctness, or don't fear its enforcers, but because their greed outweighs their fear and commitment. They're not committed enough to give up tens of millions of dollars in order to engage in a witch hunt, as much as they enjoy it.

Their greed will undermine their resolve and be the undoing of their other evil impulses. Vice will devour vice, and money will probably win out of over its adversaries. The moral anchor of political correctness will prove weaker in the long run than its object of hate, which is real faith, and that's how it should be.

Every good story has a moral.

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my opinion

just a thought:
it's a publicity stunt- New season to start in January.
Can you about imagine the new viewers just because of this stunt?
They all knew what was going on, Phil was their guinea pig.

In the meantime it took merakans attention off Obamacare.
Omama is behind this guaranteed

i think they are smarter than you think

1) they took a chance on an idea that is not their demographic
2) they made boatloads of money
3) that chance blew up as they knew it could have both not being the demographic, and actually having opinions counter to it. true, they probably thought it would be less of a winner and therefore more controlable, but they win in either scenario.
4) if they lose the show they win major points with their base audience for supporting them

so, while you see a miscalculation, i highly doubt that is the actual case. in either case and whatever the outcome they made tons of money, likely hooked non-base watchers to other shows, and solidified their base.

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If they have to abide by their contract in the upcoming season, what are the odds they will underperform and get cancelled.Would this free them from the commitment and enable them to pick another network?

Cracker Barrel caves to pressure

They took everything off their shelves that had Phil Robertson on them. Customers let them know that was unacceptable. Cracker Barrel put everything back.

Bottom line they picked the wrong side just like those loud mouths that attacked Chik-fil-A. A&E will cave to the pressure soon enough. They offended way more people than Phil never did.

Fans of the show and

Fans of the show and supporters of the family should still hold Cracker Barrel accountable for removing merchandise in the first place. They shouldn't get off that easily. Same goes for A&E...when they ultimately try to "make nice", DD viewers shouldn't just accept it. Be vocal and stop supporting their advertisers.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Yep, they've been chik fil a'd


1.7 million and counting say FU A&E

Duck Dynasty viewership down 71% in one week.

yep, they f'd up big time.

DD viewership was down 71% in one week

but only if you compare the ratings for a Duck Dynasty Christmas special one week, which was a brand new episode and the top cable program of that day, with a re-run on a different night of the week the following week.

The Duck Dynasty Christmas special on Wednesday 12/11 was a new episode but the Wednesday before and the Wednesday after were both reruns. What does it look like if we compare a rerun episode ratings from before Robertson was canned, and the rerun episode after he was canned, both from the same Wednesday time slot?

Up 32%.


What ever happened to editing a film?

My guess about all this....the film was not edited for a reason.

Have you guys actually heard

Have you guys actually heard or read the full comments he made? He didn't just say that homosexuality was a sin or against the wishes of God. He called homosexuals murders, full of hate and greed, among other things. That's why he was fired. It's the difference between politely saying something, and screaming at someone.

When things like this happen, advertisers pull funding often before they fire someone or cancel a show. It's likely that the show would have lost profitability, realtive to alternatives if they'd kept him.

I think they probably made the right decision and I might have done the same in their position. Honestly, after his comments I personally wouldn't watch the show anymore anyway, even if they'd kept it.

I can't say I went over every

I can't say I went over every word with a fine toothed comb but I don't remember anything like that. Please quote.

A new video surfaced from 2010

The comments are from a 2010. Phil Robertson calls gay people "ruthless," "full of murder," "arrogant" and "liable to invent ways of doing evil" among other things. You can watch it and judge for yourself.


I'll watch, thanks.

I'll watch, thanks.

Edit: Watched. He's quoting Paul to the Romans. Neither the homeless vet in fatigues, nor the apostle Paul, was making any general statement about homosexuals in the quote.

The video starts with the costumed gentleman already speaking and it is not clear who he is referring to. It sounds to me he's making a general statement about the moral level of American culture today, and not referring to homosexuals specifically.

Despite considering myself very well read, I had avoided delving into the New Testament until recently, considering it a waste of time and being a committed atheist. So I won't fault you for not recognizing the passage. But I will say that if you cared enough to impugn the bearded fool, you ought to have taken the time to know the context of the passage. Then you would know that both Paul and this cartoon like person were referring to a broad moral landscape, in which sexual morality was one among many supposed sins.

It's just standard Pauline doctrine, common to all major confessions that accept the epistles as canon, and is not at all a statement attributing those other sins to everyone who indulges in homosexuality.

You are simply mistaken.

Miscalculation? I think


I think it's a complete designed farce.

A&E is crying poor but they're really laughing all the way to the bank, along with the Robertson family.

The publicity alone has generating millions upon millions of free advertising and press.

"There's no such thing as bad press."

I think it's contrived manure.

The 1 THING people so often forget is the fact that these people are paid ACTORS.

They're acting...they have a role, and their biggest purpose is to distract you from reality while keeping you entertained with a false sense of reality.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

You took the words out of my mouth.

I don't watch duck dynasty, and this "controversy" has entered my awareness. They have accomplished their mission.

Watch the show because you love it or you hate it, either way you are watching it.

Nope, you're off base here

They were wealthy before A&E contracted with them. They not only made duck calls, but they also have a hunting show with Willie.

And let me tell you, they aren't the best actors. I'm sure they get direction on the set for some of it, just cause they aren't actors. I would need "direction" to help my "reality" show make it run smoother, if I had such a show.

I can see some of it is "staged", but it is actually things they do discuss or do.

Like the boys playing basketball in the warehouse. Yeah, they probably do "goof" around playing in the warehouse, but they are just "replaying" it for TV and need some direction to make it funny and credible. It is staged.

How about the time they blew up a duck blind because of snakes in it, since it hadn't been used for a while?

All staged. They knew they had that old duck blind, checked it out and it had snakes in it. What a perfect opportunity to make a show around it.

And the one with Si getting a poodle for hunting ducks!? Hilarious! Wonder who came up with that idea?

We rarely watch TV, but that is one of the cleanest shows we allow ourselves to watch.

Yeah, they're paid, but they aren't professional actors. They don't need the show, it was just something to do for now. Phil didn't see the show going on forever.

Actually, now that I think about it, it is a pleasant distraction from being serious about all the crap that's going on politically.

Maybe, maybe not. Don't know,

Maybe, maybe not. Don't know, don't care. Just watching the spectacle and how everyone's getting all bent about it.

Cui bono?

Cui bono?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

not everything is a

not everything is a calculated conspiracy. wasn't this already the top rated show? here's one person who isn't going to watch it because the controversy. on top of that, i could be wrong and they might cancel the show. maybe hate will triumph over money. the behavior of our deranged elite is unpredictable. i am predicting they choose their love of money over their love of hate, but it's a toss up.

When the new season premieres

When the new season premieres this January, the ratings are going to eclipse anything in past cable history.

It's pure media hype genius on the part of A&E and their paid for actors.

A&E has just secured another 5 years of the highest rated show on cable television.

Oh sure...they don't know what to do with the 6th season now.

Give me a freaking break. As if people don't have short term memories.

People forgive and forget, they just want to be entertained and live in a fantasy land for 60 minutes or more.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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Yup, Bill.

So many miscalculations by supposedly so many about supposedly so few!