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Thank you Michael Nystrom!

I express genuine appreciation this night for being allowed to continue my expressions here at the Daily Paul. Many have been banned for expressing less than I and it is not unnoticed that just maybe my views are seen for what they truly represent: the languishment of a man in his quest to beseech amends for mankind and to strike some new dawn with words of inspiration and truth.

And my thanks is owed ad infinitum to all who present themselves here as well and offer their voice in agreement or dispute.

Thank you Michael.

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Thank you. Many have stood up, and you provided a forum for those that did so to come together.

It has also provided the opportunity for it to be discussed. Tough job.

And as this gained momentum, it became a target for those that don't respect the truth and want to LOVE the government with their hope to control it.

Education is what it is all about, and this site has certainly done a good job.

It really comes down to what people do after they look into the mirror tomorrow morning.


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A big thanks to Mr. Nystrom

A big thanks to Mr. Nystrom for one of the all around best sites on the Net today, hands down. Also thank you for keeping the chat, I like to talk to some of the hooligans there :)

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

purpose of the community...

Isn't the 1st Amendment to limit the government from violating free speech? When did free speech become allowing anyone to say anything regardless of facts or common respect?

If the /r/science forum on reddit bans users posting jokes, are they violating free speech or maintaining the purpose of the community?

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.


If there was no 'public' government, would there be a 'freedom of speech'? If the whole world is subdivided into private lands and internet domains, each of which is privately governed by the dictates of its owner, does that mean anyone who doesn't own land or a website has no real freedom of speech? Actually, no real Liberty at all, since they will be subject to the whims of whichever lord's land they happen to be visiting or renting or trespassing on?

Is the ownership of land or a website the only way for an individual to have a right to Liberty, under natural law?

The threat is the government

The threat is the government shutting down free speech, especially free speech against the government or the ruling authority (eg a monarchy, the church). Of course, that natural right precedes any government.

When you add anonymity and an online proxy of opinions to a discussion forum, the problem of bad behavior becomes exacerbated. Is Hacker News ran by libertarians? Yes, it seems so. But they have a strict policy to maintain standards of their community and it still has declined in quality and/or increased in negativity. Even the nicest guy anonymously playing a game on the Internet will say stupid and means things. Human nature.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Yeah Michael thanks for

Yeah Michael thanks for putting up with us. And thanks for keeping up the neighborhood. If mere disagreement were enough to get banned I probably wouldn't be here.

As long as you use common sense and are reasonably cautious in expressing yourself, you can say pretty much anything we want here.

Of course, there are some things which you just shouldn't say, and if you do, you don't necessarily deserve indulgence.

If you find yourself alienating everyone by telling your "truth" maybe you need to examine your motivations and reevaluate your tactics.

Having your head in the sand is bad but so is throwing sand in everyone's face. Pick your battles, guys. DP can't be the answer to every problem and the cure for all ills. And not every Truth you think you have is true just because its unpopular.

Thanks Mike for a great site and place to enjoy good company, to read good original posts and see some intellectual heavy weights fight it out. You manage to keep a pretty good community going with your leadership and active participation.

It might not be all you wish it was yet but never stop trying to make go in the right direction. Your words have weight... Ron Paul got people to move and act and others can too.

Bump for appreciation!


Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Thank you for the forum Mr.

Thank you for the forum Mr. Nystrom. I appreciate the ability to exercise my free speech, one of the few things left, although we saw what they did to those misguided OWS protesters....and Adam Kokesh.

Be Your Own Media!!!


The pen is mightier than the sword.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

Proper Gander vs F R E E-DUMB

Now Are You're Just Being Impertinent and Improper ?
(better duck)

... or at least saucy.

DUCK DUCK sauce (served hot and spicey, sweet and sour ... Never chilled) ... You know, slather both sides ... Sauce for the GOOSE, sauce for the gander.


1. Proper Gander

When you take a good look at something.

Mikey: Hey man, did you see the new poster?
Bob: I had a quick look.
Mikey: What? I need your OK on it by Wednesday!
Bob: Alright, alright I'll take a look at it.
Mikey: By When?
Bob: By Wednesday Morning.
Mikey: Promise?
Bob: Yea, man.
Mikey: Ok.

Later that day...

Mikey: Hey Bob, have you had a look yet?
Bob: No not yet.
Mikey: Come on, man!
Bob: You're really becoming annoying.
Mikey: Dude, I just need you to look at the poster.
Bob: Ok, I'll take a proper gander at it right now, and get back to you.
Mikey: You'll what? Propaganda?

Bob: No, I said I'd take a PROPER... GANDER... at it and get back to you.
Mikey: WTF does that mean?
Bob: It means I'll take a good look at it.
Mikey: Why didn't you just say that?
Bob: Cause we were making an example for Urban Dictionary, and we had to use the word in it.
Mikey: Makes sense


Hey Mikey, take a good look at the old poster, and make sense and sensibility, not chilled sensitivity, with the special sauce on your plate.


Thank You !



Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness


'Pump me up'. Is that the point of this exercise? No. Liberty is about restraint of power and is best promoted by self-government.

When I want clarification I often turn to Urban Dictionary. The more obscure definitions are usually most insightful.

The 7th definition for the phrase explains:

#7. the pen is mightier than the sword

looks really funny if you type it without using spaces


[ So basically, you see, it's a dick thing ]

Definition #4 sort of makes the same point:

4. The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

An idiom that means; those who control information have far more power than those with military force. It is actually a fallacy - Patton himself proved this. The idiom assumes the people are smart to begin with, an assumption that has been proven wrong countless times in history. And whoever said that has obviously never encountered automatic weapons anyway.

Somebody thinking he's smart:
I control information! I control the people! The pen is mightier than the sword!

A realist:
I control the weapons! Might makes right!


I remember the dick thing as it played out in our own early Flag Wars when the dick-tatorship was more democratic but just as domineering in its draconian content-based value judgments:


My point has consistently been that controlling pens can be more aggressive than the wielding of swords. Ultimately, I prefer ploughshares. ( Our parents were right to teach us that when we play in the sandbox, sharing is a good thing ... And it's proper to take our hand out of our pants... Might lead to blindness. )

Try to play well with others, even when you're feeling grumpy. Don't be a bully. Taking your bat and ball and storming off is being a dick.

Play Pens are mighty small compared to the open field of an airy playground.

Sword play may likewise lead to blindness, if you get the point ?

Play nice.