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Wow my girl really clarified what many seem to be missing

The comments in zooamerica's post had me shaking my head. My wife noticed, and asked what was wrong. I handed her the iPad. "Read this."

She read for a few minutes and handed it back. "Some hateful stuff in there, huh?" I said.

"Hateful? More like profoundly ignorant, and fairly insensitive." She replied. "Do you remember when you first met my brother?"

"Sure, right after we started dating. He was about eight."

"Was there any doubt in your mind even then that he was gay?"

"We talked about it at the time." I said.

"It was obvious to me when he was just three or four, putting on dresses and makeup. My Dad would get so angry."

"Yea, then we watched him through his teen years, hoping for his sake that we were wrong. I remember just shaking my head at the seeming absurdity of his situation. Here he was this great looking kid, athlete, great personality, girls falling all over him."

"I remember his confusion." She said sadly. "How desperately he wanted to be straight. How he struggled with it. It was heartbreaking."

"Then he finally came out, and oh man, your Dad's reaction!"

"Yea, but Dad came around pretty quickly once he got a little education and allowed his empathy to soften his disappointment. That's what I don't get about the commenters in that post. I thought you said the reason why you spend so much time ignoring me and reading DP is because you need your faith in human sanity restored by these enlightened libertarians."

"I thought they were."

"Enlightened, or libertarians?"

"Both, but obviously I was..."

"Well, wrong on enlightened, that's pretty obvious. The bearded fool, Phil, What'd he say? Something about how he preferred vaginas to a man's rear end? Well duh, but he's evidently so ignorant that he thinks gays choose to be sexually attracted to other men."

"Yea, and that when they choose to act on that attraction that - like those who choose to commit sinful acts like rape or murder - they're sinners destined for hell unless they repent." I said.

"Believing that garbage is ignorant and publicly expressing it insensitive, and what struck me about a couple of the commenters in that post wasn't that they were just defending Phil's right to have and express his ignorance, nor debating whether A&E was bending to the PC police - both go without saying - but that they were actually agreeing with the bearded fool."

"That's why I was shaking my head. There were at least a dozen so called Christians, enlightened libertarian posers, taking that stand."

"And you wondered why I left the Catholic Church."

"I thought it was because your choir director was a nazi."

"That was a factor, but the constant 'gays are sinners' garbage from the pulpit was the real reason. How could I sit there and listen to that crap and still love and support my brother? I'm no hypocrite."

"As long as we're generalizing, I could say..."

"Don't be mean!"

"... that ..."

"Don't say it!"

"... the priesthood just doesn't want the competition!" I took the punch in the arm with a smile.

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I don't hate gay people but they're

I don't hate gay people but they're still queer. I do resent the fact that I can't say I am gay anymore when I'm feeling happy

Not a bad riposte. Not

Not a bad riposte. Not accurate, but not bad. So far I've seen nothing from the Duckman that said its a choice or anything about hell.

The truth is for some it is a hardwired thing, how they handle it and live with it is their choice. It shouldn't mean they are forced either to hide it or to conform to the straightjacket of group-identity that the pink mafia imposes.

For others it is not necessarily a hard wired thing, they might just be unsure or on the fence or have competing impulses. There's no shortage of bisexuals and it is largely a cultural thing, there's way more self avowed bisexual young girls than men, and the girls are often pressured into it. Culture plays a big role.

Homosexuals have existed forever. Identity politics and promoting it as an ideology, political agenda, curriculum for 7 year olds, and as a weapon against the beliefs of millions of people is new.

Lots of sexual and other behavior impulses are natural. How people decide to live with them, which to indulge and which to control, is their choice. It is no better to try to force people into a lifestyle they might not otherwise choose than it is to force them to deny it or hide it.

The range of sexual proclivities is huge and the spectrum of masculinity/femininity in any individual varies. Not everyone who ever has a thought, impulse or ambivalence about their sexuality should be encouraged or bullied automatically into adopting a label and lifestyle they might regret, like some rite of passage and gay bar mitzvah.

Some might want to walk and find their own path, some might want to live celibately, some might want to keep their sexuality private, some might want to uphold a lifestyle that doesn't advertise its sexuality and parade around in leather. Some might want to find a mate and helper in life, and father children and have a nuclear family, despite having homosexual impulses.

Do you think their weren't homosexuals all through history and prevalent in the ancient world who also had families did not indulge every passion?

Its not just about promoting tolerance, its about promoting and enforcing a lifestyle of sexual license that not everyone would want to or would adopt otherwise if it wasn't being promoted.

People might have all kinds of sexual appetites which they would choose not to indulge for other reasons, be they religion, moral considerations, discretion, modesty, or desire to have fidelity in marriage with a woman and rear children.

This isn't about tolerance its about an organized, politicized attack on any other lifestyle which recruits everyone who isn't plain vanilla straight into its lifestyle and subculture in a frankly bullying and overbearing way, and leaves them no freedom to find their own way and be individuals. It's just as bad as an enforced closet.

When you want to accuse others, look in the mirror.

Good post

My son is gay. He has no interest in women. I'm hetero, as I have no interest in men. My brother believes it is a choice...which tells me that he has impulses both ways...and he believes the 'right' way is hetero only.

Makes me sad for my brother. What a nasty internal coflict he must feel.

I'm a heterosexual libertarian and not anti-gay...

Only bisexuals can choose to be gay. Only people that can fantasize being with BOTH sexes can choose to be gay.

Anyone that thinks it's a choice are obviously bisexual and believes that everyone is sexually aroused when they sees attractive members of the same sex.

A true heterosexual knows banks don't have enough money or bitcoins in the world to pay them to have sex with someone of the same sex.

The other thing I don't understand is why people cherry-pick the old testament on what is sinful. You don't hear them preaching about the evils of shellfish or barbecue.

Besides, Jesus already paid the price for our sins so let's just make laws that prevent others from hurting one another. By hurt, I mean physically or their property or dog, not words that hurt their pride which God detest. Government has no business being in the marriage business to begin with.

Why do heterosexuals worry about homosexuals? I fantasize of being the only male heterosexual on earth and it is my job to sustain mankind. God, please, my only prayer, I'll never ask for anything else.

Phil has the right to speak his mind and people have the right to disagree but if you think being gay is a choice, you're definitely bisexual...not that there is anything wrong with that, Phil.

Thanks. At least there are

Thanks. At least there are two of us.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Peace Gold Love.

Peace Gold Love.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


My Catholic Church, and the closest one to mine (in case I felt maynbe I needed a change) has very active homosexual parishioners, they work in the choir, they lector, the alter, the administration, all the events, sit in the front rows, usher, and they not put on any acts. They are PROUD to be homosexual. Pope Francis has blessed them and those who bless them. Just so you know.

Well that's nice, but I'm

Well that's nice, but I'm wondering if your church is an exception to the rule.

We both grew up Catholic in Louisville, where there are many wonderful Catholic congregations. When we moved to SE Virginia we looked around for a church to raise our kids in but found them led time and time again by ugly clergies. I'd be shocked if openly gay parishioners were welcomed in any Catholic Church in this area.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

It's not an exception

It could be that your parrish is different. I just wanted you to know what is happening in my parrish, and why I FYI.

Peace be with you and yours.

Sorry, but yes your parish is

Sorry, but yes your parish is an exception. The Catholic Church is as anti gay as any organized religion.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein