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Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Erupts into Anti-Political Machine Revolt

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Affixing "black" or "white"

Affixing "black" or "white" labels is not only insulting, it's collectivism no one needs.


I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

They are eager and want to follow the example that Ron Paul started and even mention the Tea Party by name multiple times by multiple people.

They want disruption, they want the crooks out, they want the corruption to end, and they want to end the political careers of these lying politicians.

They have had enough, and aren't going to take it anymore. Sounds familiar.

at least they are figuring out

that democrats dont have their backs.

But if they are waiting for government to help them, or are planning to make government help them then they still got a ways to go. Right now one of the biggest problems in the black community is faithlessness. Every problem the black community has as a community is cause 70% of them are growing up with out a father. Statistically you are far more likely to be poor, uneducated, and be part of a gang if you grow up with out a father. That is something that government can not help with and that is something that doesnt change with color. Take personal responsibility for your own kids and watch your community change.

Yes, government can help....

If government wasn't replacing dads with a welfare check, more dads would stick around, and women would be less likely to pump out babies if they knew they needed a dad to feed them.

If I recall correctly, the illegitimacy rate was 30+ percent in blacks before the "war on poverty". Now it is over 70%.

One more government program with the opposite effect of its intention.

"opposite effect of its intention"

...oh really?

I'd disagree. I'd say welfare has been a smashing success from the point of view of its progenitors. Government likes to create problems so that it can "solve" them, since each "solution" means more power for government. This progresses unto socialism, which is the goal.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

It's not only black people.

It's not only black people. 67% of American familes are dysfunctional. People today are so irresponsible we have lost the traditional family.

I agree

Consider this 40% of kids are born out of wed lock and then you have a 50% divorce rate. The amound of fatherlessness in this country is really affecting this country.

Question how can you have an economic recovery when you have so many wrecked families? How can you have freedom when you have so many people going to the government to fix the problem?

It's about time...

It's about time the people stop allowing themselves to be blinded and understand who their real enemies are.

Elbert Guillory is making head waves

I'm SURE that he is inspiring the beautiful Black communities of America with this YouTube. I heard it.. and why they mention the tea party.

Pretty Libertarian for a

Pretty Libertarian for a republican. I like the guy but he should have added a few quid pro quos to his endorsement of the republican party. There ain't no difference! but then Dr Paul had to pretend to be a republican too.

Thank you Granger for this video! I wonder if Rand Paul would

consider him as VP. On the campaign trail with Rand & Ron, his message could wake up a lot of black Americans and others in America.


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Wow, that was inspiring.

Wow, that was inspiring. Thanks for posting.

Mr. and Ms. Black Democrat and Republican American.....

The Libertarian Party welcomes you with open arms. You will not change government by replacing liars with more liars. You will only be their house-slave.

You have to limit government and become free before YOU can improve your lives.

Now, to do so you will put yourself at risk because once you try to leave the plantation, they will consider you a threat to their power. Don't worry, your black and white libertarian brothers have your back and we, together, will set us ALL free.

in case you didn't know

Many of the Ron Paul REPUBLICANS, including myself, were LP members for decades (17 years for me).

How many elections does it take of LP nominating REPUBLICANS for president, is it going to take to wake up, that the LP is CONTROLLED by the GOP?

When will the LP ever promote from within?

Are you on a LP committee? (I doubt it) and if you are.. tell us about that.

Are you a LP delegate? Tell us about that.

I'm NOT worried in the LEAST, about the defunct LP. What the LP is good for is vetting REPUBLICANS as spoilers.

This is why the LP was designed in the first place.

Finally.. RON PAUL invited us into the GOP. He did not say, "Hey this is going to be easy because they want us." They don't want us. It's a fight, a good fight. I have NO regrets. I see what we are doing.

What I don't see is what the LP is doing besides offering delusion of FALSE HOPE.

Whatcha wanna bet that the LP will nominate REPUBLICAN GJ again????

What Libertarian Republican are you going to support in...


I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries. I'm registered as unaffiliated so I could choose any party in the primaries.

Although, I voted for GJ when RP was railroaded at the convention. Who did you vote for? Romney? Didn't vote?

GJ wasn't the perfect candidate but I thought if he got high enough numbers, the GOP would be forced to recognize they're bleeding members and recognize they need to compromise on their Neoconic, crony capitalistic, theocratic philosophy. I mean really, my choices were Romneycare, Obamacare, I don't care or Gary Johnson.

Who did you say you voted for?

Obviously, that didn't happen because Libertarian Republicans thought it better to not vote when Paul wasn't on the ballots. So the real numbers of dis-satisfaction were never officially recorded and the media had no story to light a fire and the GOP kings got the impression they need to change nothing but figure out how to motivate lazy Republicans to drive to the polls.

Honestly, 2016, the GOP kings will figure Obama was so bad that many who skipped last election will certainly rush to the polls to vote for whatever Neocon, fiscal-moderate, big government, pro-NSA, corporate-crony candidate THEY decide to be the nominee over Benghazi-lying Hillary and Bill.

I've chosen my political philosophy and you and I agree. Where we disagree is how to change the sleeping majority. You feel it's best from within the Republican party. I feel it's best by leaving the party. I was a Republican for 8 years before switching to Libertarian.

Change comes like everything in life. Only after you lose something you value. As long as the GOP knows you're Republican, they figure whoever they decide to force upon you, they'll have your support over the Democrat nominee.

If the awaken could muster the courage to vote Libertarian one or two elections, the numbers would be high enough to send a message LOUD AND CLEAR otherwise the GOP kings view you the same as Log Cabin Republicans, they detest you but as long as they have your vote, they ain't changin'.

To each their own, that's liberty. More power to your efforts but will you vote for Newt, Huckabee, Guliani, Santorum, Ryan or Christie if one of them is anointed to be the Republican nominee?

Yeah, you're hoping it will be Rand Paul and I'll vote for him in the primaries but the GOP kings will use him as a honey-trap for Libertarian Republicans until the last minute, then expect your vote while Libertarian Republicans sit it out, again.

The Libertarian candidate will be ignored and nothing will change.

Besides, how is converting the insignificant, minuscule, small-flocked libertarians going to change the GOP?

Honestly, I don't know

I joined the GOP in 2011 and got on a committee, which I had to petition for signatures for ballot access, and earn my seat. I was the district leader for Ron Paul's campaign in Mendo, Humbolt, Trinity and Del Norte counties, and we placed third of 58 counties, so I was happy with how well we did, but Romney won CA. So even though I was a Ron Paul national delegate, the Romney delegates went to the convention.

Immediately after the primary, the SOS named Romney as THE GOP nominee. I took this up with the Sec of State because the RNC had not happened, but the CA SOS refused to answer my questions.

Our By-Laws state that I, as a committee person, who is mailed a ballot I must sign the envelope, so there is no privacy.. that I must vote for THE nominee. I had to make a decision. Drop everything to write-in for Ron Paul, or hold onto my seat and vote Romney,, not for Romney, just Romney. I decided to vote Romney because I had petitioned as a Ron Paul Republican and figured the people of my district had me seated because they wanted a Ron Paul Republican on the committee.

Now we have a liberty committee as others have come and I've been able to get them appointed, so it was worth it, because while Ron Paul didn't win (that was my loss- all of ours who worked so hard, made so many sacrifices) the fact that now my county is a Liberty committee, with a solid four of us, and tea party that swings for us.. it worked out locally, which is very important.

Meanwhile, here in CA, the GOP has changed too. The last convention had LIBERTY everywhere, tee shirts, pins, buttons, stickers, books about the constitution. The floor was phat with Ron Paul Republicans, and the regulars (neocons, conservative) were the minority. So they are worried, and that's why they fight us. It's just a metter of time before they're gone and we're in.

Also, as we learn, robert's rules of order, how to write by-laws, inniatives, resolutions, how to form committees for issues and condidates, how to work the floor, suites,, a lot to learn, we continue to advance. I met many former Libertarians. So for me and I think many of us.. we are advancing Libertarian principles in the GOP.

Now what we have to do is vet. My favorite vetter (and I wish we lived near each other and were committee members together) is Proud American First.. he's very good and people should be watching him and taking cues from him, because some folks are now claiming to be "Liberty", but when you vet them.. they are not.

We have much vetting to do. The best part for me is that having worked on two Ron Paul cmapigns, in 08 I was an Indy, I have met many people who worked with me.. so we know each other for a few years now. And it's like being on DP. We don't agree on every issue. We don't all gree with Ron Paul on every issue, but we do agree with the principles that attracted us to the LP in the first place.

I don't know who I will support in the primary because no one has swept me off my feet like Ron Paul. I like Rand, but I don't think he will run. If he does, of course I will support him. If not.. I'll be looking to see who he endorses, and who we vet.

I hope I answered your questions. Committee work is fun when you've got a Liberty committee. It's better than meet-up.


Well you certainly have the drive to make a difference...

and that is great. There's no reason libertarian republicans (that's what I label Ron Paul supporters) and libertarians can't work together to bring about change that we both mostly agree on. You agree with libertarians more than you do GOP neo-cons.

The libertarian party could give a libertarian republican a platform to be on every ballot of every state if he/she isn't elected as the republican nominee.

The republican party could give a libertarian/republican an opportunity to be heard in national debates.

We need to work together in a way to have our cake and eat it too.

You say the libertarian party is defunct but had Ron Paul ran as the libertarian party candidate after not receiving the republican nominee, you would have voted for him.

Even if he didn't win, I'm sure the libertarian party would've had enough votes to get on every state ballot and receive federal funding for 2016 like the republican and democrat party receives and very possible been invited to 2016 national debates.

Since that didn't happen, libertarians have to spend tons of money and collect petitions just to qualify to be on 2016 ballots in every state.

The republican or democratic party never has to worry about this.

Bottom-line, we need to work together and be smart about it. If we don't break the duopoly, nothing changes.

The problem with trying to work within the republican party is their dirty tactics to change party rules on a whim if they see a libertarian republican gaining momentum. Nothing wrong with pushing them as far as we can but once they shut them out, they need to pop-up somewhere that has national recognition.

Can you imagine a libertarian republican that had great momentum and was shut-down by the GOP coming back as the libertarian candidate invited to national debates and neither the republican or democratic party can do anything about it?

We have to play smart, we both know the GOP and Democrats will stoop low as they have to keep a third-party out.

Ron Paul had many independents and democrats that would have voted for him had he been an electable candidate. The republicans made sure that was never going to happen.

Just so you know, I supported Ron Paul in 2012. If he had won the republican nomination, I would have camped-out the night before to be in line to vote for him. In 2008, I wasn't awake as I should have been. I didn't pay anyone attention but when I heard the republicans banned him from a debate, that caught my attention because as libertarian something told me I needed to listen to what they didn't want me to hear and I've been awake since, wide awake.

I had to swallow hard to vote for GJ because for just once in my life, I wanted to vote for an honest man that I knew couldn't be bought and I know I may never have that opportunity again in my lifetime.

Truth be told

I was a Libertarian in 1988 and I did NOT vote fro Ron Paul. Ron Paul was a REPUBLICAN, and as a Libertarian since 1976, I felt that as a party, we had excellent members who needed to be supported and advanced, not pushed over for some REPUBLICAN who adopted and gave OUR message. It was a low blow to MY party to nominate a REPUBLICAN. I was a HUGE Harry Browne fan at the time and as you say what you would have done for Ron Paul, I would have done for Harry Browne in 88. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Browne

Ron Paul's nomination busted the LP, as far as I was concerned, and many other Libertarians.. and they knew it. It was like the handlers of the LP didn't think we actually read Harry's books.

Enter Ralph Nader.. who many of us did not agree with politially, but what we did agree with, in a HUGE way, was "More voices and choices, open ballots and debates". Another thing that was likable about Nader was no one sued the government more. Nader has probably sued every government department.

So, with many Libertarian activists, we took to the streets and the states with ballot access petitions. Ron Paul's campaigns were cake walks by comparison. All we won with Nader was dozens of law suits in dozen of states and the ones that were heard, we lost.. The LP didn't expect many of us to leave, after all tptb had designed the LP for my generation, to marginalize and trap us. We had no where to go politically.. until Nader's run.. which the truth be told, the LP needed Nader because we were not on all the ballots and there was fighting between states.. So Nader's run helped the LP because many of us, did double duty.. petition for Nader and the LP ballot access. The LP put up Harry Browne to attract us back into our place. And it was so obvious, I resented it. I voted NADER, 96, Y2K, 04, 08. Yep.

In 08, Ron Paul put up a little debate of third parties (LP nominee REPUBLICAN Bob barf Barr didn't show) So, I gave Nader my vote in 08. I had worked on Ron Paul's campaign as an Indy, which means the campaign FOUGHT with me (Jeff Greenberg and me clashed, because Ron's campaign and this includes Kent Snyder (RIP) were: "Join the GOP".. "Join the GOP or do what you want".. "Join the GOP or move on". There was NO WAY they would go LP or Indy. So I didn't feel bad for not voting for REPUBLICAN Ron Paul. I wanted NOTHING to do with the GOP.

Now.. maybe with this small bit of info you can see, I was a LP (third party) and Indy my entire voting life until 2011. From 1976 - 2011 I had never voted for a Republican or Demcrat. No one I voted for ever won.

When Ron Paul entered the presidential race in 2011 for 2012. It was very hard for me to check that REPUBLICAN box. It made me sick. Really.. I very much understand how folks feel about the GOP.. I have felt the same way for decades, so I don't knock folks for their feelings about it. I can admit to you that I was afraid to go to my first committee meeting. I had visions of Bush, Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld at a table sizing me up for breakfast. That's not what I found. What I found was a huge MSM LIE. The GOP was nothing but a BIG MSM LIE. It was like being in "The Wizard of Oz" when everything goes from black and white to living color. BOOM

Now that I'm on a committee. I really don't care who votes for who. Voting is BS.. being on these committees is where it's at. That's where the power to make a difference is, that how you get a candiate nominated. That's how you get funding for issues.. that's how you get grandfathered into permission to do things grassroots works and pays a premium price to have. GOP/Dems can take that for granted.

Why waste time spending massive amounts of money on ballots when you can get far more BANG for your buck reforming the GOP?

To me, it's as if Ron Paul invited us into the GOP to see it for what it is and take it. The Neocons have no heirs. There's no up and coming Neocons.. WE Are The Future. And we have fun, because we focus on the Neocons not each other.

So, I'm grateful to Ron Paul who I have never voted for. I'm a huge Rand fan, and don't expect him to run for president, of course that's who I will support if he does.

I do not feel any need to think anything about the LP except it was a farce from the beginning, created for my generation as a trap, that tptb find useful. If that's what you want to work on.. more power to you.

I'd rather be working on my local and state issues, I really don't care who is president.. hasn't Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama shown us how relevant that office is? It's having power on the local level and I love all my friends in the GOP who were libertarians, who get the picture.. we have a great time.. and now.. some of us have figured out politics is BUSINESS. It's a racket, so why not our racket? Why not make money? Sure tptb are doing what that can to cut us off from making money as the neocons did.. but political jobs pay in the hundreds of thosands.. people here get on Benton's case, Benton was paid peanuts by comparison to most campaign managers. Obama's campaign treasurer in the state of CA took $7 million.

To me, the GOP is where it's at for the rEVOlution. I completely understand why others disagree.. I was there for decades, but now, I'm far better off and I would want that for my friends; but more than anything, I want my friends to do what they want.. you can't stomach the GOP.. that's ok by me.. I can.. I'm a fighter and this is a good fight.. so stand back. I'd rather you out of the way in the LP or not voting.. let's all be happy. You fighting the paper tiger of ballot access and me fighting the Neocrap in the GOP. We all have our roles. :D

I'm curious....

Where do Libertarians and Libertarian Republicans differ on issues?

Also, was listening to Rush today, someone filled in for him, can't remember his name but I heard him say that he was a Conservative Libertarian and I thought to myself that it sounded like an oxymoron.

Since Ron Paul, many want to attach the word "Libertarian" to their political philosophy description.

If Libertarians have been successful doing anything, it's spreading an ideology that is becoming popular.

If people would be honest I think they would realize they're more Libertarian than they first thought as they become more educated on what true Libertarianism means.

Earlier on, the corporate media carried out a great smear campaign to paint Libertarians as unbathed, pot-smoking anarchist hippies.

I'm interested on your thoughts where we differ in political philosophy as Libertarian compared to Libertarian Republican.

Where we differ in action

Libertarian Republicans join the GOP, work to take committee seats, offices, go to conventions, face the GOP top to bottom, and work within the party to change it.. and IMO we are winning, because we are winners.

Libertarians, refuse to join the GOP, swing progressive, speak like progressives who they don't want to offend being they depend on progressives for support, act like progressives, they can not be counted on, and are the first to stand up against Libertarian Republicans because they are motivated by hate, fear and conspiracy theory. They are losers.

I feel like screaming at you

I feel like screaming at you in disagreement,

but you really kinda nailed it. :D

I so very much look forward

to watching REPUBLICAN GJ take the LP nomination in 2016, because we all know what the definition of insanity is.

I can hardly wait for the long diatribes of why GJ is the guy who is going to change the world, win the presidency, because somehow, some sort of LP magic.. a REPUBLICAN who snaps on a LP button is absolved of all "crimes" formally attributed to guilt by association.

Maybe someone should send a memo out to Bush/Cheney/Obama/Clinton. and let them know the magic of the LP button?

Don’t you just love civil dis-obeisance?

If you don’t know what they want……. you were not paying attention.

They want a stop to crony capitalism. They see the destruction of the government business as usual mentality. I don’t think they want special privilege as much is they want the game to be “fair” (as if that can exist with government). They have lived all these years with their leaders preying upon them to just put “us” in charge and we will change it so that you are no longer shut out. Little did they know, they were never going to be allowed to participate? What they are saying is that we understood why we were shut out when the local government was controled by the other race…..and they probably thought every person of the other race had privilege that was beyond their attainment…..little did they know that this was a myth promulgated by their leaders in order to get elected so their leaders would have “their” day at the trough of the public purse.
What we should do as Liberty minded individuals is appeal to them and help them expose the sins of government. What needs to happen is Ron Paul should have a Town Hall Meeting and invite them into our tent.

Man I hope Ron Paul see this…..this is how to build a movement.


I hope RP can speak to these folks too.


noun: disobedience

failure or refusal to obey rules or someone in authority.
"he made no allowances for neglect or disobedience of orders"

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

So who voted for their mayor?

(Assuming the vote is not rigged). Chicago will go the way of Detroit...corruption is boundless..

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

just how all elections are won that have huge wealth at stake

They were bought, purchased, sold. Nothing changes. It's the same as the political corruption in the 20s. It's all BS.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Don't even say a WORD about "This is just divide and conquer."
This is an awakening!
This is the cry for FREEDOM! Ron Paul was right.
It's not perfect. Yet. But it's real.
God is movin' in Chi Town! The PEOPLE are RISIN' UP!
I KNEW that Black, American, Christians had it in them!
Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY.
2 Corinthians 3:17
King James Version (KJV)


That's right.

This is what needs to happen in every community in this country. Direct, purposeful upheaval.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

What is it they want the politicians to do?

I understand that they are upset with a city government that has not delivered on its' promises. So are they looking to vote out the current crop of failures so they can vote in a new crop of politicians to try to deliver the undeliverable?

I don't get a sense of any policy preferences by the speakers. I suspect they want what they were promised. Will they vote for a person who says "What you wanted, you really don't want. I don't intend to give you stuff, I intend to make you free to get your own stuff."?

I don't know if they are the expression of a new attitude toward government, or if they are just looking for the next "ONE" who will promise to make their fantasies come true.

Will they embrace the ideas of freedom?