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Duck Whistles

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Rep. Paul Broun staffer responds to letters about this: Read Here.

If I read it correctly, he states that the indefinite detention provision was actually in the original AUMF/Afghanistan.

This was apparently corroborated by Rand & Amash last year.

In all fairness, if that GQ interview hadn't happened they would have just talked about something equally unimportant. It's not as if they aren't filled with vapid nonsense every other day of the year.

Lost some of yours

I didn't lose any duck whistles, I don't even have a duck whistle

plus 1 for the point..

Keep us fighting amongst ourselves - Rep vs Dem - Team vs Team - color vs color - belief vs belief ... with the media throwing gasoline on the fire everyday..

all the while railroading through legislation that takes away our rights to choose.

When will everyone wake up?


They are calls, not whistles.

Yes, but 'whistles' made it sound more frivolous


Thank you OP. These threads about this show are so base.

They have nothing to do with liberty and have everything to do with the drivel spouted out by the mainstream media and their self created "culture war".

I'm glad someone is calling these posters on their frivolousness.


"NDAA on Steroids" was rolling through no matter what.
The timing was Standard Operating Procedure for all anti-American legislation. i.e. "The Federal Reserve Act" December 1913.

Duck Dynasty has served as a Diagnostic Test, with average Americans saying, "Enough with the political correctness, one-way tolerance, and collectivism."
political-correctness.jpg (JPEG Image, 317 × 310 pixels)http://theredphoenix.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/political-correctness.jpg?w=700

I think we lost our rights

I think we lost our rights because we're spineless cowards who believe in nothing, don't stand together and don't fight.

The public lynching of a Christian before Christmas was just adding insult to injury.

But keep up w the cool memes, that's progress.

arguing both sides or ... ?

I noticed you started some threads that seemingly defend gay people, and then in other threads/comments you are defending "religious freedom". I'm not sure what to make of all that.

But I'd like to leave you with some quotes from HL Menchken-

"The church, as a church, like any other ecclesiastical organization, is highly unintelligent. It is forever making thumping errors, both in psychology and in politics."

"By what route do otherwise sane men come to believe such palpable nonsense?....What is there in religion that completely flabbergasts the wits of those who believe in it."

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merry christmas bud

merry christmas bud

Sorry but gay bashing is an

Sorry but gay bashing is an issue. You can choose to ignore it if you want but you'll be on the wrong side of history.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

fear not for being in the minority here

They are certainly on the wrong side of history. And the Bible is full of extreme "rules" that most Christians conveniently ignore.

Just because you are downvoted and I'll be downvoted does not negate the fact that LIBERTARIANISM and thus CLASSICAL LIBERALISM was largely driven by a notion of SECULAR THOUGHT.

Reason is to be to cherished even if the overly religious outnumber us here.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

When we disagree

we are, 'haters' and 'bashers'?

New definition of "bashing" -

Ah, you must be using that new definition of "bashing" here - disagreement.

Yeah, it was offensive, but like I said, it was what he thinks

as fact because he goes by the scriptures. The media chose to go after his religion instead of the racially offensive comment he made. Probably because they knew it would get more play at Christmas time.

I think the Happy Black folk comment was more offensive

But the media chose to go with the gay thing. Phil was just commenting on his interpretation of the scriptures. Something millions around the world agree with, and not only the Christian faith. Muslims think that too, but I don't think MSNBC will bring that up.

The Happy Black Folk comment just showed his ignorance and not based on any kind of facts.

Please explain why it was offensive, I'd like to know.

If a person is speaking from his personal experience, which was clearly stated, then what is offensive about it? Were you in the fields working side by side with the very black folks he was speaking of? Sounds to me that you are judging him on what the networks are saying he said, rather than what he actually said. You know the network version right? Goes a little something like this. "black folks were working hard....nobody was singing the blues" Perhaps you, and everyone else who trust the rantings of race baiting networks, should put a little thought into just why those four little dots are there instead of the words he actually spoke. He was speaking from his own personal experience, and I'm pretty sure you weren't there.

So, in other words, I think you could reword your last statement and apply it to yourself. You are in fact 'showing your ignorance because your judgment is not based on any kind of fact'. It's instead based on four little dots, no personal experience, and the words of networks looking to stir an invisible pot that only exist in your mind.

It's hard to explain these things to people lacking pigmentation

POC (people of color) can understand what I mean and I don't want to turn this into some long drawn out diatribe.

I guess what I mean is I really don't even expect you to get it, but not because of any faults you have. It would be like a woman not ever knowing what it's like to be a man or vice versa.

Oh and by the way..

I have plenty of friends with lots of pigment. I have a couple that are 'blacker than a struck match', which I'm sure will offend you. But I can't even go in to what they would say back, and then we'd laugh and go about our fun. They raise pigs, break horses, some work in factories, and they are all great great people. However they are more offended by the way the PC and NAACP crowd acts, than anything said by Mr. Robertson. In fact they don't find anything offensive about it. Of course these are people that don't live life thinking they are owed something, and certainly don't waste their lives looking for something to offend them. They are not race baiters, they have no chips on their shoulder, and they are not 'African' Americans. They are just good, hard working Americans, and they have never seen Africa, and neither have their parents or grand parents. It's probably just a rural thing, where hard work pays off, and we take care of our own without the governments help, no matter the color.

please try..

He was speaking as what he called young 'white trash', who worked side by side with blacks in the cotton fields. He said that those particular people worked hard, sang while doing their work, and were very Godly and happy people. Now, I'm not used to going through life looking for things to offend me, and cry victim or racism at every chance, BUT wouldn't the way he described them make you proud? They were working hard, at the bottom of the food chain, and yet their faith in God, hard work, and non materialistic lives were enough for them. Don't know about you, but I am proud of my Irish ancestry, and many many of them were slaves. But that doesn't really matter because we don't have any racist groups fighting to make sure we aren't 'defamed' in any way, and we don't have any racist groups fighting for only our advancement, while ignoring all others.

To me it's like all the people who are 'outraged' at the Washington Redskins or the Florida State Seminoles. It isn't the natives who are 'offended', it's the people who worship the god of political correctness, and spend their lives being offended and looking to be victims of something.

If you read his actual quote, and don't attach anything else to it, there is absolutely nothing offensive. Unless of course you are looking to be offended by hard working black folks who sing, whistle, and go about their day of hard work. Why isn't anyone bitching and moaning because of his 'white trash' comment? hmmmmm

I agree with you.

My dad was raise and worked with people that had little money in rural Ga. in the thirty's and forty's It was called survival. There were no handouts .My grandfather lost his farm in the thirty's for not being able to afford the taxes. I have relative's today in Serbia were the average wage is 650 dollars a year. Probably every poor person in America makes more than they from our government freebies . When you and your family are hungry. You wont care what anybody is doing. I am like Phil. I hunt, and farm. When I get hungry something's gonna have to die .I love small animals squirrel, and rabbits. They taste delicious.

Money talks and dogs bark

Squirrel stew on the stove

What a great time of year.