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Harvard Bomb Threat Thwarted! Tor network used

That Bomb-Hoaxing Harvard Student Was Using Tor, But They Caught Him Anyway

On Monday, Harvard University administrators received an email claiming that bombs had been placed in two buildings on campus. The emails were a hoax, and the FBI quickly identified the person behind it, a 20-year old student named Eldo Kim. Kim told the FBI he was trying to avoid taking a final exam.

CBS Boston posted the FBI's affidavit, and it's actually a story with a privacy lesson embedded in it. (I'm assuming here that people are also taking the other, more obvious lesson, which is that you shouldn't make bomb threats.)

Kim sent the threatening emails using a Tor browser, which anonymizes your web browsing, paired with an anonymous email program called Guerilla Mail. That actually could have been enough to protect his identity, except that he did all of this on Harvard's wireless internet.


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Tor didn't fail.. the stupid kid did

There were only a few people using Tor on the campus. The police interviewed everyone using Tor and this idiot talked. Tor didn't fail.

It seems DP is going through a phase of over-sensationalized news stories again.


He either forgot to spoof his mac address before connecting to the wireless network, or in order to establish a wireless session, he may have had to authenticate himself via his student account, which would give him away regardless of a spoofed mac address.

TOR absolutely did not fail.

How does one spoof their MAC

How does one spoof their MAC address?

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how many instances like these

how many instances like these are knowingly or unknowingly used to make false claims, used to fuel the terror of terrorism........its all just one big self suffieciant ongoing drama, we keep doing things this way, and it'll never end......i dont know if many people in the general public even consider this

Or a smart kid testing

the spying network?

I thought Harvard was for smart people.


What do you consider smart?


Where did you hear that?

Where did you hear that?

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No it is for those with connections.

Those with connections get in. The rest have to have good grades. Just because he was in doesn't mean anything in of itself.

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Seems like many of the banana republic dictators attended


Google is government.

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Which is worse - sending a bomb threat and getting caught?

Or failing the exam?

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A: Being stupid enough to

A: Being stupid enough to attempt to get out of an exam by making a bomb threat... whether you get cought or not.

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