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Towering symbol of Flint’s past falls to rubble with Genesee Towers implosion

Look Familiar?

FLINT, MI -- For 45 years it, stood as Flint's tallest building.
Then, just like that, it was gone.
Genesee Towers was imploded on scheduled 10 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 22.

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Demolition asymmetrical to avoid damaging the Mott Foundation

The building fell into the empty lot on the other side of the street from the historic Capitol theater.

They spared no expense when constructing the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Building.


Billy Durant, C.S. Mott and R.S. McLaughlin founded General Motors, in 1907.

Free includes debt-free!

Thought this would be about Larry

and an ED problem.

Why bring in a demolition

Why bring in a demolition crew? They should have just set a couple fires haphazardly and brought that baby down quicker and cleaner than that. Hasn`t tower 7 rewritten the book on how to take down steel framed highrises?

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The facts about this demolition are unbelievable!!!

Flint building demolition facts found here:
1. This 19-story building surprisingly did not fall symmetrically.
Was it planned that way?

2. WTC 1 & 2 were 5.8 times the height of this building. They did both fall symmetrically without supposedly any help after being hit asymmetrically in two different places. WTC 7 was 2.5 times the height of this building and it also fell symmetrically after asymmetric damage.

3. The Flint building took 15 seconds to fall?
All three WTC buildings fell twice as fast as this building.
quotes from story:

"The 19 stories of the long-vacant, 45-year-old Genesee Towers came down after demolition crews set off 1,000 pounds of explosives around the structure."

"Videos posted by MLive.com (http://bit.ly/1cejyaw ) show about 10 loud blasts going off, followed by the collapse of the building. Dust billowed out from the site of the tower, which came down within 15 seconds."

"I've never seen anything like it," City Councilman Joshua Freeman said after watching the blast.
He's right about that. 9/11 occurred much faster and symmetrically. The demolition team for the Flint Building were amateurs compared to the 9/11 demo team.

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If by symmetrical you mean...

that the building folded in half vertically, broke, and fell over in two directions, you'd have a point:
WTC7 Fold Anotated
The upper NE corner is falling towards the camera. The north face, made of steel, is folding as if a door on a hinge. That part of the building fell into Fiterman hall across the street, causing enough damage it had to be torn down. My avatar shows the west portion of the building falling to the south.
The fold began at onset:
7 Shiftannotated
That's all evidence it indeed fell asymmetrically to it's damage, primarily a top to bottom breach of the south face, and undercutting of the SW portion of the building.
An eye level view shows there was no kink:
No Kink

Undo what Wilson did

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Speed difference: 15 seconds versus 6 seconds.

19 stories versus 47 stories.

In addition, 4 stories was all that was left of two 110 story buildings. 4 stories was all that was left from this 19 story building. Something is very wrong that they are the same debris pile.

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Where oh where do you get your facts?

Here's the bottom of one of the Towers. That same pile of tangled metal and shredded everything else goes underground further than what's above ground. It's more like 10 to 12 floors, spread out over an acre. Considering all the perimeter walls splayed out to the side, and all the concrete and drywall was ground into dust by that churning mass of steel, that's not enough debris for you? The top of that pile goes on up to the right out of the picture, but not far. Look in the center for the fireman as size reference. While your looking, look for some cut-up columns. All I can find are factory milled ends.

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Pretty Sloppy Demo

Now I'm absolutely convinced the towers were done by precision military-like demo crews.

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Sloppy??? They laid it down right where they wanted it.

"Downtowners find almost no collateral damage in aftermath of Genesee Towers implosion"
""It went great – there was very little damage." Dave Lurvey, project manager for the demolition, said. "All the building protections are intact. We have reports from the field of a couple minor pebbles here and there, but all in all it went very well.""
and here's the company that did it...tell them they did a sloppy job... http://www.demolitiondynamics.com/aboutus.php

Undo what Wilson did

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That's right. Just like WTC1, WTC2, & WTC7 were laid down right.

All were laid down by professionals. There was almost no collateral damage in Manhattan as well. I'm agreeing with you.

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"Almost no collateral damage in Manhattan"

Steve, with that statement, you have erased all doubt. You have no clue what you are talking about.

Undo what Wilson did

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What other buildings were damaged with demolition of WTC7?

Compared to how this building should have fallen, the damage to the surrounding buildings was minimal.

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You said "MANHATTAN"!

That's disingenuous sir, to try and change the context of your original statement.
And for your viewing pleasure, Fiterman Hall, across Barclay St to the north, which had to be torn down due to the damage from the east half of Bldg 7 falling into it.

Undo what Wilson did

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It seems that your expertise is in technicalities and attacks.

You also seem to be fixated with WTC7, so let us focus on that building. Whether it split in two or fifty pieces is irrelevant. Did WTC7 significantly damage the surrounding buildings?

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You are the one who stated it was symmetrical.

I pointed out it was not symmetrical.
You ignored that, and complained the piles were too small. I showed you your facts are incorrect.
Then you made the ludicrous statement that "There was almost no collateral damage in Manhattan".
Then you changed the subject back to 7, saying there was minimal collateral damage there.
I showed you there indeed was collateral damage, including Fiterman Hall, which had to be torn down.
Now apparently you are saying asymmetrical collapse is irrelevant? And you accuse me of being fixated? Do you expect me to just ignore your mis-statements of fact? Do you think a grand jury will ignore them, or that you'll get away with them in court?

Undo what Wilson did

Not quite as clean a job as tower 7

But still impressive.

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A good video to illustrate what's missing with Bldg 7..the noise

of cutter charges going off.

Undo what Wilson did

There ARE evidences of explosions with Bldg 7.


You've already had numerous evidences of explosions with regard to Bldg 7 repeatedly pointed out to you. You just choose to ignore or dismiss it.

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Then show us the structural evidence...like this:

Part of the west perimeter wall. Due to it's location in the pile, most likely a key breaking point at the 8th to 12th floor. Note all separation is at the joints. No sign of any artificial dismemberment. This is just one example of the evidence you will have to overcome in court:

Undo what Wilson did

Steel from bldg 7 with holes like Swiss cheese...

...that puzzled the FEMA investigators, also the one-inch column reduced to a half-inch with its edges curled like paper...evidences of extreme heat not consistent with office fires.


In all that talk of ~breaking and separating at the joints~, don't be so quick to ignore likely contributing factors...as with the testimonies and audible evidences of the EXPLOSIONS, as well as the evidences that point toward presence of possible incendiaries.

Having a hard time responding, as lately Daily Paul pretty much brings my computer to an instant crawl.

Fyi, your image isn't showing visible to me...just a red 'x' in the upper left corner of the box where the image should be.

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Made clear in the FEMA report, the corrosion may have been

occurring prior to the events of 911. Rust? The remains certainly showed considerable rust. Rust reverts to iron at it's boiling point, much lower than that of steel. But here is the key. Every bit of structural remains were inspected, looking for any anomalies. Eutectic corrosion was indeed found in locations of the hottest fires. Two samples of the "swiss cheese" anomalies were found and retained. It was not prevalent. And in all the structural members which were inspected, none were found to have been artificially dismembered, or severed. All structural members showed they were stressed and broke at their connectors. I don't think you grasp the significance of that single fact. The grand jury will be shown photo after photo of broken connections, and not one photo of any artificial dismemberment. They will hear the testimony of hundreds of first responders and inspectors who saw no sign of artificial dismemberment. The only way you can overcome that evidence is to produce structural members and connectors that were cut.

Undo what Wilson did

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See if this, the original source shows for you.

I normally post on a share site, then upload here from there, in the event the original becomes corrupted; don't know why it doesn't show for you.

Undo what Wilson did

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And you continue to ignore there was nothing resembling cutter

charges going off at the time of collapse.

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