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I got the TSA to say they're sorry!

In airport recently, went thru security and "opted out." I'm pretty used to this process by now. The agent took my stuff over to the "pat down" area. I sat down, and he start rummaging thru my stuff, going in my bag with his stupid cloth on a stick thing. I said "hey what are you doing rummaging through my stuff?" He looked at me and said some irrational justification. I got the attention of his "boss" nearby and said "what is he doing going though my bag like that?"

The boss guy consults with another guy.....they realize that the agent is not supposed to be doing that. (They only go thru bags if something comes up in the xray like if you forget to leave your laptop out.) They told the guy to stop going thru my stuff. I said "yea you can apologize for that."

Under his breath, he said "I'm sorry." +1 for liberty.

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you're lucky they didn't f-ing shoot you, as they say

just following orders; liberty never felt so adverse to tyranny when manly words so easily justify God-like actions while we petition our grievances.

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a small victory for sure, but sometimes it's the little moments that shine brightest.

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+1 for Liberty? What the heck? Your in a police state.

An apology doesn't make it a +1 if you are getting unreasonably searched and having your 4th amendment right violated. You sound like a beaten wife justifying her husband after getting a little apology after being treated like a criminal.

That was my reaction too. I'm

That was my reaction too. I'm all for incremental progress as the only way of progress, but I don't see an apology as progress at all. A public apology from the NSA to the whole country, on their website or on TV, or a change in policy, would be something. But one guy muttering "sorry" under his breath, and likely going on to do the same thing to another passenger, with no consequences, doesn't sound like a win.

It's like someone raping me and then saying sorry and throwing me a towel.

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Just Pack a Little Punishment

..like a jar of poo.

Let them search that.

why do i think they have

why do i think they have already made that illegal?

lol, this is awesome. death

lol, this is awesome. death by a thousand cuts.

One can chase a thousand!

Don't stop now. You could follow up with a respectful letter to that same supervisor you spoke to and see what changes can be implemented. This is how change begins. Are other countries security staff putting their hands down children's pants and humiliating diplomats?

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Yea I like that attitude

maybe we could have a "national get the tsa to apologize day"

apologize for trampling on our rights

I am Ron Paul


I made sure the boss guy understood my concerns about privacy and how it should be respected. He was actually somewhat serious about it and said he would def talk to the guy about all of it.

I am Ron Paul