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My Experience with the TSA

Several weeks ago I took my wife to NYC so she could see the place done up for Christmas. I would have rather gone to Colorado but when you're married these are the kinds of deals you make. We flew out of Raleigh,NC to NYC then out of La Guardia back to Raleigh.

When we got to the security line in Raleigh they were just using the metal detectors so I told my wife no big deal you can just go through. Then as we got closer they closed the line for the metal detector and flipped the switch on the microwaves (sorry body scanners) and began herding sheep (sorry travellers) through it. It amazed me how people literally walked in, raised their hands and took the radiation with a smile. When I got to my turn in line they motioned me to the death trap but I said no thanks I'm gonnna opt out. Oh, by the way, my wife's gonna opt out, too. They looked alittle surprised but nonetheless called their patdown brigade over to escort me to a special area on the other side of the machine. They asked me which stuff was mine on the conveyor belt. I pointed it out and was told not to touch anything.

When we got to the pat down spot the guy started to explain how everything was going to work. I told him I was familiar with it just go ahead. He looked a little surprised but started his massage (I mean examination). He narrated the whole time as he was doing it. To be honest the guy didn't seem like he was enjoying it too much. His eyes weren't bugging out like some of the ones I've seen in the past. Just a normal guy "just following orders." The lady doing my wife's examination seemed normal, too. They were polite and professional so I didn't feel inclined to bust their balls too much. We went on our way.

Totally different experience coming back through NYC. First off, there was literally NO ONE at the airport - we came back on a Saturday. The TSA goons were all just laughing and yucking it up near their station - wasn't a person for miles that had to go through security. The point lady motioned for me to go through the scanner and I just stood there and moved to the gate where they let you through for the patdown. She got the most indignant look on her face and said, "SIR" and motioned again to the DNA unraveller time machine. I said that I was opting out. She rolled her eyes and moved her head around in a little bob. She had a terrible attitude as she called for someone to come pat me down. I told her to get a female assist too for my wife. That's when she walked away mumbling under her breath that she don't know what be wrong with people. She started talking shit with the guy running the conveyor belt x-ray machine and he told her to keep it down. I just started at her Adam Kokesh style. Haha. Wow. So the guy came to pat me down. He was a young guy maybe Latino or something. He asked if I had ever done this before and I told him I was experienced. He almost seemed embarrassed to be patting me down. Real humble guy. After it was over I told him that the lady could talk shit all she wanted but it doesn't change the fact that the body scanners are dangerouse. I literally said to him, "There is a Harvard study you should read that shows how bad these things are for you so it's not just Brendon making this up. You really shouldn't stand near them man." He said that he was aware of the dangers and completely agreed but said that this was the TSA WAS PAYING FOR HIS EDUCATION AND THIS WAS THE ONLY WAY HE COULD PAY FOR SCHOOL AND RENT!! I felt bad for the guy, I really did. I told him that maybe he could get another job. He said it was too expensive in NYC to do anything else and the benefits here were too good for him to leave. I didn't keep going. I just felt bad for him. Overall, nice guy but trapped in the system.

Oh, they found some kind of residue on my wife's jacket so they had to congregate at their machine for a few minutes. I wanted to tell them that it was the residue of liberty that rubbed off her skin but that would have freaked them out even more. I walked over to her to talk to her and they started bugging their eyes out at me and told me she wasn't finished. I didn't respond to they just said she was done now and we could go on...they caved.

My overall observation is that the TSA knows their doing a scumbag job. Some of them love the power and really get off on it but most are just going through the motions like someone running the cash register at Wal-mart (and yes, I've done that as well). What's concerning is that the elites have created such a crappy economy that people get trapped in a job like TSA and feel that there's no way out. Sure, some of the pedifiles and criminals love the job and are lifers...but most of the workers are just sheeple like the every day traveller. They don't want to be putting their fingers inside your waistband. They just want the paycheck. The problem is NOT the TSA. The problem is that my wife and I were the ONLY PEOPLE OUT OF THOUSANDS to opt out at the airport!!! PEOPLE JUST DON'T CARE!!! If everyone opted out every time the body scanners would become obsolete overnight...but that's the problem. The general public doesn't care enough to change. How can I expect the low level TSA minion to care enough to change or question his job when only 1 person in 1000 is opting out?

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If I can't make it in a car

If I can't make it in a car or on a motorcycle, I ain't going. Besides, seeing all of the cattle lining up depresses me more than the radiation. It's the principle of the thing.

When I opted out in Denver

I told the lady checking ID's that I was going to opt out.
"Well, we won't let you go through the metal detector," she said with a sarcastic smirk, "because we don't want to substitute one radiation for another."

"You understand there is a difference between the scanner and the metal detector," I said.

"If you don't want to go through one, we don't want to expose you to the other," she repeated like a broken record.

"Whatever," I replied, and kept moving. When I got to the scanner, I told the lady who was running it that I was opting out.

"You'll have to get a pat down," she said apologetically.

"Right. No problem," I said. She called for male assistance and I stood there and waited. In the meantime I watched a family with young kids go through the metal detector which was 10 feet away from me. It was working. The hundreds of people behind me, however, had to wait in a long slow moving line for their turn at the full body scanner.

A young Hispanic man, 25 years old or so by my estimation, stopped before entering the scanner and asked the nice lady if he really had to go through it. She said he could opt out. I chimed in with a smile "the line starts here." He looked at me, then at the scanner, then at the people all around, and proceeded to go through the scanner.

The actual pat down was uneventful. I've done it many times and have never felt that the TSA person was acting over zealous or treating me with spite. That doesn't make it ok, it just means that the guys and gals wearing the uniforms are just the unthinking tools of evil, like all of the other hardware at the checkpoint. The evil is the people who dreamed up the system and insist on keeping it in place.

When I opted out in Denver

I was traveling back from the mountains with my best friend Greg. We showed up drinking water out of our gallon jugs. The line was huge so I asked the first TSA person I saw where the opt out line was...she started talking into her jacket and a couple goons moved up from the scanners smiling...they were loving it...we stuck out like sore thumbs undoubtedly...they told us we were going to have to throw our water away...I told them I planned on finishing it. They couldn't believe someone would actually drink that much non fluoridated water I'm sure...

To be continued...

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. - Alexander Fraser Tyler



The first time I opted out,

the lady told me that I was supposed to have my hands on my hips and look the the scanner in disgust.

she don't know what be wrong with people

[funny, smiling...made me laugh]

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I wasn't exaggerating either...

She was pissed that someone would even dare think for themselves....Haha priceless

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. - Alexander Fraser Tyler