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'Stand'-A poem by a guy who writes poetry


We are turning away from it
But we don't know we are turning away
There are signs shown by the body and mind
But we turn away from them too

We've been born into this
This movement
This wave
This current of time
We've been brought into it
And, ever since, we have been moved by it

Plant your feet my friend
Stand against the current
Let curiosity be the first block of your foundation
Let facts as truth build the rest

Stand in the current
Watch how it moves everything around you
See how we get swept away
Without seeing where it is taking us

For thousands of years
The current has grown stronger
The mind of Mankind forming it
See the accumulation IS the world around you
See it as the world around you

You and I are here, or were here
And in that time we too formed the current
Became the debris within
In that time, did we see the current
Or only be the current, blind, forceful, lifeless

Did we do the bidding for those who came before
Did we follow them, believe them, trust them
Or did we stand in the current and watch
Did we see the false of what had been
And of what has come to be

Were we the living dead
Keeping the old afloat
Fooled by the false
Bowing to the authority; the one who knows

Or were we the seed of the new
Were we glued to the truth
Did we stand in the current, rooted as the tree
Strong, bending, part of the current
Yet alone

We were born into this thing
This world
This way
We are here now
And so now is our time

If you are here now
It is your time
It is your world
You have no authority
And there is no authority above you
There is not the one who knows
It is for you to find out what is true

What is true
What is false

Did you stand
Or did they beat you into submission
With cruel words
Luring you to follow the old

Did they direct you with rewards and punishment
Molding you, conforming you, conditioning you
So that you will continue the world you were born into

They are afraid of the new
For the new is the unknown
Or it is the ending of the known

For them the known is secure
The known is the pillar upon which to rest
To rest and become slack, dull, indifferent

If you want the easy route, give in, be moved
Close your eyes and be pushed by the current
If you don't want to be disturbed
Find beliefs, follow the social structure
Drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, watch T.V.
Be entertained in the many man made distractions
Don't ask too many questions
Don't cause too much of a fuss
Don't bother anyone, just go along
When the anxiety comes, take medication
When the depression comes, take medication
Eat animals, kill insects
Own things for security
Own people and call it relationship
Let the truth and the false be equally ignored
Separate thinking and feeling, for this is the way of the world
And if you fit in, you will not be disturbed, you will not be outcast
Society will embrace you, for you are the reflection of itself

But if you are willing to be disturbed
If you are aware of your discontent
Demand excellence in everything
Don't fall into the groove of habit
And if you do, jump out as if on hot coals
Find out for yourself the truth, and stick to it
Find out the truth of the false
Tear down this rotten society
Think deeply on the unknown, the new, which is you
Find out the current state of things
Let facts be more important than opinions of facts
Stand up for what is right
In doing so, you will not eats animals or kill insects
Pursue education, not only in reading and writing
But too in the ways of living, of how to learn, of being
Give space to mind, in quiet places
Places where thought is the only sound...watch
Give health to body, with right eating and exercise
Give health to mind, with kindness, understanding, space

No one can tell you how to live
But listen to others and find out if what they say is true
You are your own teacher
You are your own student
Life is only found in the current
'Knowing' is a verb
Knowing yourself is a current activity...watch

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+ for the guy who writes poetry

Everybody wants to be a poet but very few actually write it.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Well said Smudge...

writing poetry requires introversion and the meddling in the spaces of one's self that are beyond the mirror :)

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness


Convicting. Good work!

"There is only one kind of freedom and that's individual liberty. Our lives come from our creator and our liberty comes from our creator. It has nothing to do with government granting it." -Ron Paul


always deserving an ear and vote.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness