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Peter Schiff: Unbelievable Liberal Reaction to my Walmart Video


The reaction from the left to my recent Walmart video does more to expose liberal intolerance and hypocrisy than my video itself. It's actually so bad that no explanation can come close to doing it justice. In this video I claim that I never received hate mail before. I should have said that I never received true hate mail. I have received emails over the years from people who disagree with me, often expressing their opinions in non cordial ways. But I never received anything like what I am getting now! Go to my Facebook page and read the horrible comments for yourself. http://Facebook.com/PeterSchiff

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If Walmart stopped filing W4 forms and withholding SSI...

FICA etc...

they could pay the employees at least $10-12 per hour like I got on the farm and also like I paid an employee of mine once - daily cash money. He/I was happy to get the extra money and I didn't have to waste a bunch of time on paperwork, sending money to the IRS etc.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Yeah! The Walton brats don't retain 100 tax lawyers for nuthin!

Yeah! The Walton brats don't retain 100 tax lawyers for nuthin! They oughta just stop reporting all hires and claim only 2.2 thousand people work for em.

You know, that's going to happen on a very broad scale very soon. In countries where the tax and reg authorities are totally out of control, everything flows under the table.

Take Russia: everyone I know there works for $100 a month. That's their reported salary. Once a year they mail in their tax return cards showing $1,200, which gets the crap taxed out of it.

But they all get paid $5,000 a month in cash. And they buy and sell in cash. Including apartments and houses. They don't have access to the NLRB or DOL, but then, not having to hand over most of their paycheck to the socialist bureaucracy is worth the risk of a shady employer who may try to gip them.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

There's nothing

Wrong with wanting more money. People who do not agree with walmarts wages, should not shop at there store, yet they still do, because of there prices. I personally would pay more money to pay for a better wage of a walmart employee if they worked hard, because I want people to work instead of sitting on unemployment. I tip hard working people all the time. $20 even sometimes.

I witnessed this phenomenon on a local level...

where I live. People in my community consider themselves to be very spiritual, high-minded & compassionate but watch out if you challenge their agendas...agendas that serve a small group & not the community as a whole. These people get downright scary when confronted with plain old facts.

I understand Peters point, basic econ 101

I did not see many negative comments, although I did not page through them all. I would assume the people commenting were looking at his vid as an endorsement or a supporter of Walmart. Walmart would not exist in its current form without government policies that have fueled it's growth and profitability. I support free market capitalism and I would think Peter does to, but what created Walmart was far from a true free market.


I took it upon myself to lay some DrBatshit down on your derogatory commentators.

All rights reserved and no rights waived.

My response to Forbes:

"Euro Pacific Capital's Peter Schiff Defends His Tax Protesting Father Irwin Schiff"

I don't want to waste my precious life energy on this ridiculous conundrum we "Free" Americans find ourselves in.
So I'll keep it so simple even a Yale or Harvard graduate could follow;
"There was no IRS until there was a (privately held) Federal Reserve Bank." Got it?
"The term "World War" never existed before the unlawful, Federal Reserve Act of 1913, was passed in the dark of night, during the Christmas holidays."
The "NDAA On Steroids Act of 2013" was just passed in the same way while America was distracted by the Duck Dynasty Affair.
That makes Christmas the most dangerous time of the year for Americans' Rights.
All Americans (regardless of race, color, sexual orientation or creed) are born into the FED/IRS Complex's prison of Tax Slavery and Debt Bondage.
Yet we celebrate "Independence" every July.
July 4th is the Real April Fools Day!

Those Obama voters scatter

Those Obama voters scatter like rats when you ask them to kick in a little for the Obama voter Wal Mart workers.The only difference between the Obama voters who run away and Obama is that Obama has the power to live large off of other people's stolen (IRS) wages.
But on the bright side... The socialist, Obamanomics, redistribution model won't last long. It can't last because they always run out of other peoples' money.
Now There's Your Hope and Change!

So, what if the issue here had been the Federal Reserve?

Everybody knows that QE programs including the one just (barely) tapered and the zero interest rate, export inflation.

By working in concert with other Central Banks who have the same policies, WE notice little difference between the value of the world's well known currencies but those currencies become less valuable in third world countries where commodity prices rise (recently) and wages follow (currently) resulting in the prices for foreign made goods at Walmart going up. These price increases upset many people.

Suppose Peter Schiff had approached the same shoppers as part of a Federal Reserve hit piece, and asked them if they would accept higher world prices for the goods they buy and the naturally accompanying increase in retail prices at Walmart?

I am guessing that those people would not be willing to gladly accept those higher prices caused by Federal Reserve manipulation. So without the consent of shoppers, should Walmart keep its prices as low, ignoring higher costs, and simply forego a profit?

Solution to wage increase is

Solution to wage increase is very simple. Government should lower tax rate and the difference should be paid to workers. Less to Government, more to workers, and no loses to company...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Peter was raised Jewish

And Peter respects the truth when it comes to dealing with people.

I've come to realize that the Jew's are an easy target. Not by the Christans, but by evil. Same goes for the Muslims.

I'm with Ernie on this, Some people just want to work and contribute and be left alone, AND SOME JUST WON'T LEAVE THEM ALONE.

I'm sick of labels.

Merry Christmas to me, is a Pagan thing, but a time to remember every day for the principles of Christ.

I respect Peter because he stands up for the truth. You can't label anyone that does so unless you represent evil.

God Bless Peter, and God Bless everyone that stands up for the truth.


I tried Peter Merry Christmas

You don't even have to leave the daily Paul of all places.


ecorob's picture


Why attack the worker?

Cutting profit 5% would give every worker what you ask for, and more!!!

The "corporatists" are the problem, Peter. Not the capitalists, mind you, the corporatists. You know them. They are the ones that traded American jobs for global slave labor and raised profit margin all along the way.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Obviously you didn't watch

Obviously you didn't watch the video...

When did he attack the worker??

"They are the ones that traded American jobs for global slave labor and raised profit margin all along the way."

Are you against profits?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Peter, I love you man, but Walmart was a very poor target


I've talked to you before on the phone, you don't remember me, but I've got some important advice. I love you and all. You're a great icon in the liberty movement, but you're missing some small but incredibly critical points.

WalMart has become the largest fascist corporation in the United States, possibly tied with Berkshire Hathaway. Anyway, Walmart didn't achieve great success by good business alone. They had help from another group, the government, mostly local and state governments actually. All it takes is a cursory amount of research to understand this point, so I won't belabor it.

So, as well intentioned as your PR campaign may have been, it comes across as tone deaf. It was an incredibly bad target. Walmart is evil just as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are evil.

So the reaction you got is kind of understandable. I'll explain why:
Most people know, in their gut, that something is wrong with the Walmart business model. They don't understand the basics of economics, and certainly have never read a page of Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations", and Hayek or Mises, fugetaboutit...

So, these people, know something's hinky, then you go stand out in front of a store telling them they're wrong, but they know somewhere in their gut that they're not. They've seen all the bad aspects of creative destruction in their community (with a healthy dose of fascism in this case). Then they turn on you, because you have presented yourself as a THE MAN. You kinda did this at OWS too, bad form, bad form...

So, may I suggest a bit of constructive criticism:
Walk people to your point of view. Start off with what they have in common with you, then teach them to crawl, and once they're there, many will probably want to learn to walk and run by themselves and can be left to their own education.

Plant seeds man. Plant seeds.

well said

I doubt very much that a giant corporation, like Walmart could exist without the assistance of a giant, bloated and corrupt government.

as true as that may be, the

as true as that may be, the point still stands that people who shop at walmart refuse to pay higher prices.

and everyone seems to be neglecting the savings that walmart passes on to consumers by buying in large quantities and selling at cheap prices.

Of course, consumers will want to get the best deal

That's human nature and in a truly free economy it works to keep business efficient and that allows the greatest wealth to the most people.

Enter the central controllers, although very well intended. Then they manipulate the interest rates, print fiat currency, over ride mortgage underwriting fundamentals, handicap domestic business with regulations that destroy local economies but allow "most preferred nation trading status" to communist foreign nations that have no respect for business ethics or their own people and then they wonder what could possibly go wrong?

It's interesting that of all people, Peter Schiff who has pointed out that the USA no longer makes things anymore and has failed as a "service economy" would high light Walmart that sells foreign products. Then Peter tries to paint this as a liberal or conservative issue when it's really an issue of crony capitalism cause by government manipulation of the free market.

peter's point is that the

peter's point is that the average walmart customer refuses to pay higher prices for higher wages. he may have done it in an over-the-top manner, but the point still stands.

And Target is a very poor Walmart also!


"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


Mr. Schiff,

Please understand that the people you refer to as "Liberals" are actually Collectivists and Statists and Authoritarians. George Washington was a Liberal. The people you refer to are simply warmed over Marxists.
Other than that - excellent video!

How do we get the left leaning people to think critical?

Using fancy words and repeating big numbers is easy when that is all you know, but to think critical about the future is a must for these folks. I assume most think this way because they look towards their celebrity idols or big government leaders for answers, which may be a key point to expose the ignorance of the ones they trust.

Peter Schiff you are awesome, I dig your creative approaches to challenging the status quo mindset! Rock on........

kind people rock

I agree but ...

it seems to me that if competition was working right they couldn't get away with dropping $20 million on the CEO. It seems like this is a job market skewed by crony capitalism.

walmart is very successful,

walmart is very successful, and that success is attributed to a superb business model and leadership. could you be a successful CEO of walmart? could joe down the street? what about the best businessman in your city? state? remember, we're talking about the largest retailer in the WORLD.

Competition is not working right anymore...

Here in present day U.S.S.A., winners and losers are chosen through regulation. If you pay off the right government big-shots enough money then you win! If you promote the right policies then you win!
Step out of line..... well, just take a look at Andrew Breitbart.

I never cared for Peter Schiff

The ridiculous scenario that he gave Walmart customers was completely asinine.

The Waltons are all billionaires and Schiff thinks that the consumers would want to pay for workers higher wages? They are shopping there because they are poor in the first place. It goes without saying that nobody wants to pay more for products or even support those workes wages.

Yes, I think the workers at Walmart and other stores should make more money but it should come out of the pocket of the rich 1% who own the stores, not poor consumers.

This is ridiculous "journalism" at best.

I have Peter Schiffs next assignment, go out and ask taxpayers if they want to pay higher taxes for better roads. Let see if he gets any hate mail then. No doubt he will.

Jesus this guy is an ass.

If you never cared for Peter Schiff why are you on this site?

If you never cared for Peter Schiff why on you on this site?


Did you really need to ask the same question twice?

Did you really need to ask the same question twice?

Oh come on. 5 down votes? I was trying to be funny by doing

the same thing. Bunch of Scrooges (maybe Grinches?) here this Christmas.

"There shall be no humor on the Daily Paul!!".

I've got it.

Maybe you guys should go shoot some Christmas carolers now, before the opportunity is over.

"There shall be NO SINGING on my PORCH!".

Bah Humbug.

Yes I Did

Calm down and drink some egg nog angry commenter.