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The Film Hated By the Rich Elite

The 1946 film It’s a Wonderful Life was hated by the rich elite.

In this film, a banker called Henry Potter is portrayed as a greedy and evil thief.

The rich elite, and the FBI, labeled the film as possible 'communist' propaganda.


I love that movie, whether it's propaganda or not.

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How is a small business man

fighting a larger corporate entity and being barely able to compete "communist"? To the contrary, it reminds me of real free market capitalism and the spirit of charity and hard work in the movie reminds me of true libertarianism.

This movie is great.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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It would take a lot of metaphors to turn the plot communist.

As you point out the story is about 'capitalist' enterprises, which would be impossible under communism. Therefore they must be metaphors. Proposal: Bailey's S&L and Potter's BANK represent communist and capitalist governments. Interest and loans are incompatible with communism so they must also be metaphors, likely for inefficient use of government funds. Bailey's government is democratic and has an efficient bureaucracy that skims little money from the people. Potter's government is inefficient for the people and siphons vast sums of money from the people to crony capitalists. When Bailey's government fails because of the trickery of Potter's capitalist government, George Bailey and the people reflect deeply about how awful things would be under Potter's capitalist system. After seeing that future, they redouble their efforts, work extra hard and restore the communist government of George Bailey. Now, George relies on Clarence to rebuild his belief in the system. But communists would never use an angel as a plot device so Clarence must be a metaphor for a Marxist advisor. That way George revives his belief in his failed system by rereading Marx and consulting a Marxist advisor.

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So is the original Wizard of Ounces abbreviated as Oz.

I don't think that they like this book either and its hidden meaning.


Well, It's STILL Hated by the Rich Elite. Get a load of this!

Go here to Infowars and try to watch the Fed parallel to "It's a Wonderful Life". You can't. YouTube yanked it! Go here:


Now try to find another copy:


Note that the original official Infowars copy is yanked and gone. As of this writing there is still one more working copy. How long will that last?

Yes, the Elite Rich still can't stand it and WILL NOT tolerate it!