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Human Math Problem: X Times Y Should Equal I

If X represents humans and Y represents production -

Shouldn't X multiplied by Y = I? (infinity)

X (humans) consume, produce and reproduce.

X (humans) x Y (production) is infinite, is it not?

Or are we being limited on purpose?

Humans will always be able to consume, produce and reproduce, right?


When the, "means of production," are taken over by the State, the Y in the formula gets ripped out of our tiny mouths like a baby bottle.

Humans are being prevented from producing and reproducing in all kinds of ways. Vaccines, crap diets rich in genetically modified foods, forced sterilization, bisphenol A, eugenics, Bill Gates, the public education system, outsourcing jobs to the lowest despotic bidder, etc.

Consumption, production, and reproduction are now bad for the planet, according to our political overlords, and are heavily associated with carbon footprints and climate change instead of a newborn baby's footprints and a diaper change.

Ideological government policies are arresting our human development by taking away our abilities to produce and reproduce.

In Ron Paul's farewell speech, didn't he say that productivity is one of the keys to our freedom and liberty?

Active and productive - Ron Paul in two words.

When the government seizes control over the means of production (think healthcare) they are trying to take the Y out of the equation and replace You with a robot, drone, or nothing at all.

There would be no Y without X.

Perhaps they want to eliminate both and have formulated their own equation that equals zero.

Eliminate the X and Y and there would be nobody left to ask why?

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